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Baby bed and mattress Cost: $150.00

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Power point for life Baby nursery Girl nursery Boy nursery Baby bed and mattress Cost: $150.00 Car seat Cost: $133.99 stroller Cost: $241.00 Burp baby How to burp a baby 1 Put a clean towel, cloth diaper or receiving blanket over your shoulder or wherever your baby's head will rest. 2 Position the baby over one shoulder with his stomach against your chest and with his head resting on your shoulder. Gently pat your baby on the back and rub it in a circular motion until he burps. 4 Place one hand across the baby's chest, supporting his chin with your thumb and index finger. Lean your baby across that support hand and gently pat or rub his back with your free hand. 5'lap burp.' Position yourself so that you can comfortably place the baby's head on one thigh and his stomach on the other. Using an upward and circular motion, gently pat the baby's back until he burps Brest feeding I choose breast feeding because it the cheapest and the safest. Brest feeding hold the baby in your arms and place breast in the babys mouth. If he does not respond to you then tap his mouth with the nipple and squeeze breasts. Brest feeding Your milk glands can clog up or the milk can dry up. You can get an infection Brest feeding You breast feed for about minds every time the baby is hungry diapers I would choose disposable diapers. diapers I choose disposable because they are less expensive and more convenient diapers The only problem with disposable is that it can cause diaper rashes and the way to treat that is through a diaper rash ointment. diapers How to change a diaper: 1. lay the baby flat on their back 2. unstrap the diaper 3. remove top half and clean the babys genital areas. 4. remove diaper completely 5. apply new diaper 6. dispose of old diaper 7. wash hands Reflexes A reflex is an automatic body response to a stimulus. ROOTING Rooting causes infants to turn their heads toward anything that brushes their faces. It occurs during the 3 to 4 months period. PALMAR GRASP Palmar grasp is when you touch the infants palms and the hands will grip tightly. It occurs in the 3 to 12 month period. Moro Moro occurs during the 6 months period. Its when the baby is startled by a noise or sudden movement. Babinski Babinski is the reflex that is present at birth and occurs during the 8 to 12 moths mark. To test for this reflex, you stroke the sole of the foot on the outside from the heel to the toe. The toes will fan out and curl and the foot twists in. stepping Stepping is when you the hold the baby flat on its feet and it picks up its leg one after another in a stepping motion. It occurs during the 2 to 3 month period, after that it disappears and comes back late during the year. FTT Is failure to thrive. Their physical growth is a lot slower. sids Sids are the sudden death of infants at age one year and under. Gross motor skills Because they have stuff to touch and jump around. Fine motor skills Because you have things to touch and push and pull Self awareness Anatomy of the brain Frontal lobe Is located in the front part of the brain. Its function is: Controls impulses, Controls judgment, Language production, Working memory, Motor function, Working the memory, Problem solving, Socialization, Spontaneities, Planning, Coordination, Controlling, Executing behavior Parietal lobe The parietal lobe receives sensory input for touch and body position. It integrates sensory information from different modalities, especially determining spatial sense and navigation. It is associated with movement, orientation, recognition, perception of stimuli Temporal lobe It is used for processing speech & vision, and also leveraged for long term memory and you say the words that are stored in your brain- Occipital lobe The occipital lobes control out visual perception. The Peristriate region of the occipital lobe discriminates between colors and processes movement. Piagets theory Who- Jean Piaget What- nature and development of intellegence (cognitive development) When- August 9, September 16, 1980 Where- Switzerland Why- he believed that children needed to learn and understand one thinking skill before they can move on to another.