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    Powders and Grains 2013

    Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on

    Micromechanics of Granular Media

    Sydney, Australia 8-12 July 2013



    Kejun Dong

    Runyu Yang University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

    Stefan Luding UniversiteitTwente, Enschede, Netherlands

    All papers have been peer reviewed.

    Sponsoring Organizations Association forthe Study of the Micromechanics of Granular Media (AEMMG) University of New South Wales (UNSW)

    Curtin University (CU) UniversiteitTwente (UT) JMBC Research School for Fluid Mechanics, Netherlands

    Elsevier, publisher of Advanced PowderTechnology, Particuology and PowderTechnology

    To learn more about AIP Proceedings visit http://proceedings.aip.org

    Volume 1542

  • Effect of fabric on the strength ofgranular materials in biaxial compression Homayoun Shaverdi, Mohd Raihan Taha, and Farzin Kalantary


  • 4. GRANULAR LIQUIDS 4.1. Unconfined and Surface Flows

    4.1.1. Theoretical

    Granular force on objects and correlation length: Drag coefficient enhancement in low Froude number flow regimes

    Thierry Faug 617

    Numerical analysis ofimpact processes ofgranular jets Tomohiko G. Sano and Hisao Hayakawa 622

    Inclined granular flows on collisional shear layers James T. Jenkins and Diego Berzi 626

    An energy-based splash function for the impact of particles with granular beds Chuan-Yu Wu 630

    Impaction of particle streams on a granular bed Sida Liu, Zongyan Zhou, Kejun Dong, Aibing Yu, John Tsalapatis, and David Pinson 634

    Dissipative discrete element model applied to rock avalanches

    G. Mollon, V. Richefeu, P. Villard, and D. Daudon 638

    Jumps and bores in bulky frictional granular flows

    Thierry Faug 642

    Effect of cohesive force on the formation of a sandpile K. J. Dong, R. P. Zou, K. W. Chu, R. Y. Yang, A. B. Yu, and D. S. Hu 646

    4.1.2. Experimental

    Identification of avalanche precursors by acoustic probing in the bulk oftilted granular layers M. Duranteau, V. Tournat, V. Zaitsev, R. Delannay, and P. Richard 650

    Study of solids contact shearing and collisions in granular debris flows Gordon G. D. Zhou, Q. C. Sun, and M. L. Fei 654

    Design of protection structures: The role ofthe grainsize distribution

    Benjy Marks, Aurelio Valaulta, Alexander Puzrin, and Itai Einav 658

    Tumbling sandpiles in a fluid

    Farhang Radjai, Vincent Topin, Frederic Perales, and Yann Monerie 662

    Experimental investigation on failure mode of fine-grain rainfall-induced debris flow

    Zhao Cheng, Zhou Jian, Li Yexun, and Tian Jiashen 666


  • 4.2. Confined flow

    Mode-coupling theory for sheared granular liquids Koshiro Suzuki and Hisao Hayakawa

    Velocity and density scaling at the outlet of a silo and its role in the expression ofthe mass flow rate

    D. Maza, A. Janda, S. M. Rubio-Largo, I. Zuriguel, and R. C. Hidalgo

    Prediction of silo-vibrations using a modified lambdameter Stefan Jackel, Ralf Schunemann, Thomas Miitze, and Urs A. Peuker

    Effect of friction and cohesion on anisotropy in quasi-static granular materials under shear

    A. Singh, V. Magnanimo, and S. Luding

    Avoiding clogs: The shape of arches and their stability against vibrations

    Angel Garcimartin, Celia Lozano, Geoffroy Lumay, and Iker Zuriguel

    The influence of particle shape on granular Hopper flow G. Mollon and J. Zhao

    Microscopic analysis of Hopper flow with ellipsoidal particles Sida Liu, Zongyan Zhou, Ruiping Zou, David Pinson, and Aibing Yu

    Silo clogging reduction by placing an obstacle above the outlet

    C. Lozano, I. Zuriguel, A. Janda, A. Garcimartin, R. Arevalo, and D. Maza

    Dynamics ofrotating spirals in agitated wet granular matter Kai Huang, Lorenz Butzhammer, and Ingo Rehberg

    Visualising shear stress distribution inside flow geometries containing pharmaceutical powder

    excipients using photo stress analysis tomography and DEM simulations Saeed Albaraki, S. Joseph. Antony, and C. Babatunde Arowosola

    Pipe transport in underground mining: An experimental approach A. Janda, I. Zuriguel, J. Bienzobas, A. Garcimartin, and D. Maza

    4.3. Mixing and Segregation 4.3.1. Theoretical andNumerical

    Size separation ofbinary mixture under vibration

    Chuanping Liu, Lige Tong, Shaowu Yin, Peikun Zhang, and Li Wang

    Segregation in dense, dry, inclined flows ofbinary mixtures of grains Michele Larcher and James T. Jenkins


  • Influence of rotation on BN separation in binary particle system Ping Wu, Shuang Wang, Ziang Xie, Yuming Huang, Lige Tong, Peikun Zhang, Shaowu Yin,

    Chuanping Liu, and Li Wang 722

    DEM simulation ofparticle mixing for optimizing the overcoating drum in HTR fuel fabrication Malin Liu, Zhenming Lu, Bing Liu, and Youlin Shao 726

    Mixing behaviour of cohesive and non-cohesive particle mixtures in a ribbon mixer H. Musha, K. Dong, G. R. Chandratilleke, J. Bridgwater, and A. B. Yu 731

    Simulations on the flow segregation problem in bidimensional piles Jesica Benito, Rodolfo Uftac, Ana Maria Vidales, and Irene Ippolito 735

    Effects of size and density differences on mixing of binary mixtures of particles H. Musha, G. R. Chandratilleke, S. L. I. Chan, J. Bridgwater, and A. B. Yu 739

    Radial segregation driven by axial migration Xiaoxing Liu, Wei Ge, and Jinghai Li 743

    Formation of ordered structure and its effect on particle percolation in a vibrated bed A. H. Esfandiary, K. J. Dong, and A. B. Yu 747

    Numerical analysis of separation and mixing dynamics in multiphase granular systems Tracy Rushmer, Antoinette Tordesillas, David M. Walker, and Nick Petford 751

    4.3.2. Experimental

    Granular segregation in quasi-2d rectangular bin

    Sandip H. Gharat and D. V. Khakhar 755

    The formation ofpolygon-shaped patterns in vibrated, cylindrical granular beds G. Lu, J. R. Third, M. H. Kohl, and C. R. Muller 759

    Pattern formation in a flat rotating box Frank Rietz and RalfStannarius 763

    Segregation of binary mixtures of spheres and ellipsoids Changxing Li, Zongyan Zhou, Ruiping Zou, David Pinson, and Aibing Yu 767

    Segregation and convection rolls in two-dimensional packings Frank Rietz 771

    Patterns and velocity field in vertically vibrated granular materials

    Istafaul H. Ansari and Meheboob Alam 775

    Dry coating in a high shear mixer: Comparison of experimental results with DEM analysis of

    particle motions

    E. Serris, A. Sato, A. Chamayou, L. Galet, M. Baron, P. Grosseau, and G. Thomas 779



    5.1. Theoretical

    Evidence for a new force in dissipative system derived from Boltzmann equation: Consequence for the mechanics ofthe material point, experimental evidences and possible applications

    Pierre Evesque

    Scaling ofthe normal coefficient of restitution for wet impacts Thomas Miiller, Frank Gollwitzer, ChristofA. Kriille, Ingo Rehberg, and Kai Huang

    Asymmetric velocity distribution in boundary-heating granular gas and a hydrodynamic


    Yanpei Chen, Meiying Hou, Pierre Evesque, Yimin Jiang, and Mario Liu

    Shearbanding and inhomogeneous states in granular fluid

    Meheboob Alam and Priyanka Shukla

    Characteristics of Casimir-like forces in fluidized granular media M. Reza Shaebani, Jalal Sarabadani, and Dietrich E. Wolf

    5.2. Numerical and Experimental

    Can one "Hear" the aggregation state of a granular system? ChristofA. Kruelle and Almudena Garcia Sanchez

    Microgravity experiments on a granular gas ofelongated grains K. Harth, T. Trittel, U. Kornek, S. Home, K. Will, U. Strachauer, and R. Stannarius

    Collective granular dynamics in a shaken container at low gravity conditions J. E. Kollmer, A. Sack, M. Heckel, F. Zimber, P. Mueller, M. N. Bannerman, and T. Poschel

    Experimental study of a granular gas homogeneously driven by particle rotations

    E. Falcon, J.-C. Bacri, and C. Laroche

    Pattern dynamics of cohesive granular particles under plane shear Satoshi Takada and Hisao Hayakawa

    Effect of gravity on particle dispersion in a horizontally vibrating bed

    Kejun Dong, Kunio Shinohara, and Aibing Yu


    6.1. Interparticle Interactions

    Rolling resistance effect for sheared granular materials in the inertial regime Hayley H. Shen


  • A new contact model for modelling of elastic-plastic-adhesive spheres in distinct element method Massih Pasha, Selasi Dogbe, Colin Hare, Ali Hassanpour, and Mojtaba Ghadiri

    Wear particles: Influence on local stress and dynamical instabilities

    Viet-Hung Nhu, Mathieu Renouf, Francesco Massi, and Aurelien Saulot

    From particle to powder properties - A mesoscopic approach combining micro-scale

    experiments and X-ray microtomography S. Strege, H. Zetzener, and A. Kwade

    Unitary stick-slip motion in granular beds J. E. Hilton, P. W. Geary, and A. Tordesillas

    Finite element analysis ofthe contact forces between viscoelastic particles Q. J. Zheng, H. P. Zhu, and A. B. Yu

    Calibration and validation of DEM rolling and sliding friction coefficients in angle of repose and shear measurements

    Piotr Frankowski and Martin Morgeneyer

    Numerical simulation of interaction between two PM2.5 particles under acoustic travelling wave conditions

    Fengxian Fan, Mingjun Zhang, and Chang Ny