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This is a one of four posters I have analysed on another PowerPoint. This was my favourite one and inspired me to make some posters in response using the same simple style.

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Poster 1

I chose to pay homage to the poster by using it as inspiration to create a few of my own. I also used pastiche by using the same style/elements such as the simplicity and religiously sticking to black and white. Our film is about revenge and betrayal, their fore I wanted to show this visually. I really liked the idea of someone holding a gun behind their back because it hints at this narrative. The way their hiding the weapon suggests they are about to attack and that the person is unsuspecting. Just like the Skyfall poster the only writing is the title and it shows a suit and gun as the only mise en scene. Hiding the weapon behind their back also suggests that they are a coward and sneaky. This relates to our antagonist.

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Poster 2

One of our films main props is a gun and it is key to the plot, also guns are very iconic objects used a lot for crime film posters and they are very emotive objects visually. This meant I knew I wanted to use them heavily for all my film posters. My aim with this poster was strip a poster down to its basics. I thought I could use a gun (for the reasons stated earlier) and then have the title. I thought about having the title come out of the gun but that has been done a lot and I wanted this poster to be a bit different. Also the positioning of the gun and size would've had to change and I liked them as they were. I feel this poster is bold and interesting so didn’t need a date or actor names etc. for effect. Although in hindsight it does feel a bit empty.

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Poster 3

This poster materialised when I tried to make a poster that was more conventional and had more text on it. Again I went with a gun as the main prop, however I also added heartbeats coming out the gun instead of bullets. I did this because for a few reasons one being I thought it was a poetic juxtaposition. Guns are synonymous with taking away life and heartbeats are with symbolizing life. Also by using a heart beat it suggests the film narrative could be about life and death (which it is). Lastly I used a heart beat because I thought it could be deemed a high art style. The title is in the same big font as the others, in the middle, as it is important. Also I added a catch phrase/quote from the film, as most crime film posters have more text than just the title. This is the only poster with a text block I have made so far and I added it to make the poster seem more authentic and conventional. The production company was also added in the bottom left hand corner. In our film betrayal and friends becoming enemies are strong themes throughout, so I thought it would be a good idea to have two guns pointing at each other to poetically symbolize this.

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Poster 4

This poster I used the same pictures as the one before but I decided to have the information coming out the gun and a picture faded in the backdrop. I chose bullets because they are synonymous with crime films. I took away the quote, production company and credit block to add to the simplicity. Also I decided to make the title small and add a date like a conventional film poster.

On the 5th Poster I took away the background and added a gradient with a tint of red and added the production company back in the corner.

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Poster 5