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  • 1.Possible ideas for my magazine

2. I like the NME magazine for many reasons, I like the style of theirmagazines, consisting of a dominant main image which makes themagazine stand out. I am also a fan of the majority of the indie bandsthat a featured in the magazines. For example Arctic Monkeys, Kasabianand Oasis. These are the main reasons why their magazines are a possiblechoice for mine. 3. Institution of the NME NME was first published in March 1952 and has had a weekly issue ever since. Inthe 1970s it became the biggest selling British music magazine. Since it was firstpublished it has had 9 editors. Its current editor is its first female editor, KrissiMurison.The cover on NME always features a famous artist. Artists such as Kasabian, LilyAllen, The Prodigy and The Kings of Leon have recently featured. NME also holdsits won award show, the NME awards sponsored by ShockWaves hair gel. There isalso an NME music channel and an NME radio station. The magazine also has awebsite. 4. Front covers of NME magazinesAs you can tell from the NME front covers they all stand out as theyconsist of a dominant main image which is striking and will attract thereaders attention as they are well known in the indie music genre. Aswell as this I like the fact that the masthead is in the same position in allthe magazines, which shows consistency throughout. Finally most of thefront covers include cover lines stating what other bands/artists will befeatured in the magazine which is important to the readers beforepurchasing the magazine 5. Contents pages from the NMEThe NME contents pages all have on the left hand side of the page thedifferent bands or artists that are featured and what page they arefeatured on. As well as this I like the fact that the title of the contents is inbig and bold which stands out to the readers. I also noticed from lookingat the contents pages that all of them have a main image which makes itstand out more and look more appealing. Underneath the main image isalways a small article which links to the main image. 6. Articles from the NMEThe articles from the NME are appealing to the readers as if they areinterested in the certain band or artist they are most likely going to enjoythe article. Most of the NMEs articles consist of a gripping headline whichwill draw them into reading the article and also a main image to go withthe text. The colours used on the page compliment each other with makesthe page stand out and make it look appealing to the readers. 7. Target audience for the NME NME magazine costs 2.20From these NME stats I have found out the target audience is malearound the age of 23 and the class ABC1 as the magazine is quiteexpensive. For my magazine I want it to feature similar indie musicartists to the NME and also appeal to the male genre but instead theaverage age of 16-21. I will include similar articles to what the NME usefor example, exclusive interviews, album reviews, festival photos and gigdates. 8. SummaryFront Cover Contents Double page spread When designing my contents When designing my double pageWhen designing my frontpage for my music magazine spread for my magazine I will use acover for my indie rockI will use a similar layout as striking main image of the person themusic magazine I will take the NME, a main imagearticle is about backed up by someinto consideration imagesbacked up by some text. As text which will interest the reader. Itassociated with that genre well as this I will have whatis important to me that there is anof music. Including images will be featured in theimage as well as text so it is moreof guitars, bands at gigs or magazine and the pageappealing to the readersfestivals. numbers.