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  • 1. I did this shoot for my music magazine as I needed images for a cover, contents page and doublepage spread. I didnt take that many images as I just needed 5 images however I took enough toensure that I would definitely have 6 images that I liked and was able to use.I wanted sort of posed images for the large images in my magazine but not overly posed andthen all the little images I used was quite natural images where they are hugging and laughing.I used and edited 6 images out of the 28 that I took.

2. To get these images I borrowed a camera from college and I took all the images inside with awhite curtain background. I didnt take many pictures because I only needed 6 images howeverif I was to do this project again then I would want to take a lot more images than I have tookthis time so that I have more images to choose from as most of the 28 images I had took Iwasnt able to use.I didnt have a proper plan for my shoot, I had an idea for one image and I planned to use thisimage for my cover but when I actually went to do I didnt like how the idea came out so Idecided to use a different one and this idea was more the models than mine as there was alarge photo frame on the floor that my model picked up so we decided to take pictures withthat and I really like them ones so I used that as my cover image rather than the one I hadplanned.Final cover image Original cover image idea 3. These are all the images I took, although I got 28 images most of them are basically the same,very similar. So I could have done with taking more but I was happy with how some of theimages I took came out. 4. These are all the images that I liked so I went on to edit them and then I used in my magazine. Ichose this images because I thought that these were the ones that fit the best with the genre ofmy magazine. I thought a lot about the alignment when I was taking these pictures as I wasusing 2 people I wanted them to be in the centre of the page on most images. With the picturesI took originally I thought that they was a bit dark and dull so with my editing effects I madethem brighter as I wanted really bright images so that they would stand out. 5. Exposure time: 1/60 secondsISO: ISO-640Aperture: 3.6Exposure time: 1/60 secondsISO: ISO-450Aperture: 3.6Exposure time: 1/60 secondsISO: ISO-1250Aperture: 4.7Exposure time: 1/60 secondsISO: ISO-640Aperture: 3.6Exposure time: 1/60 secondsISO: ISO-1240Aperture: 4.1Exposure time: 1/60 secondsISO: ISO-500Aperture: 3.6 6. Originally this image had a bit too much background in it that Ididnt want and this was the case with most of the images so Istarted off by cropping it. Then I went on the adjustments menuand changed the brightness and contrast with all the images Imade the brightness levels higher than he contrast to make itbrighter and after that I just added the auto contrast effect to itto equalise it all. Then I changed the hue/saturation to add alittle bit of colour to it and I changed the lightness as well andthen the curves I used this as I wanted the background to bemore whiter as there was a bit of grey bits and darker bits in itthen I wanted the picture to be a bit more brighter. 7. These are some of the images I rejected because of particularreasons as I rejected most of the images I took but thatsmainly because they was the same as most of the others I wasusing or they was blurry. This is also the case with 2 of theseimages then the problem with the middle one is another thing Iencountered a couple of times because I took a lot of pictureswhen the models werent ready but I did this to try and getnatural looking pictures, but sometimes it didnt turn out right.