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  • 1. Understand, Visualize and Predict Customer Behavior The CRM Customer-centricity Chasm Customer Interaction Hub Illustrated Demo Customer Case Study Snap Shot Market Leading Analyst Recognition INSIGHTACTIONHome

2. Customer Analytics Maturity Model Commence at any stageReal-time Decisioning Benefit from a clear Inbound contextual RTD ACTION roadmap to success Adaptive learningReal-time Scoring Eliminate customer lists, mass-scoring Up to the second outbound selection accuracyOptimize Contacts Analytically match customers with right offer, at right time, via right channel, balanced against business constraintsPredict Uplift Predict persuadability; eliminate sure things, lost causes, sleeping dogs INSIGHT Reduce spend 40% while improving outcome 30-300% Understand & Predict Behavior Predict and define ideal target customer segments 3D visual customer data mining & automated modelingExplore Customers Uncover areas of interest and opportunities to act Ad hoc, thin-client customer data exploration for the business user(Underpinned by customer data access, generic BI & reporting tools)INSIGHTACTIONHome 3. The CRM Customer-centricity Chasm DATAINCREMENTAL CRMCRM TOUCH POINTS Right message, right time Customer Profile Dialogue across touch points Optimize engagement Line ofsight Transaction Infuse customer-specific insight into touch points Channel Lines of BusinessUnderstand past behaviorPredict future needs Hindsight Hindsight Foresight ForesightWhat| Why|Next | Change Customer Preference INSIGHT ACTIONHome 4. Optimized Customized Customer Interactions Customer We sent youCustomer completes an emailDocuments survey generatedyesterday and maileddo you haveany Thank you forquestions? updating your preferences!Offer acceptancefeedback Ideal promo:survey Unlimited PleaseText update Last day ofValueyourUnlimited reinforcement preferences Text - you saved $Xpromo this month Your BusinessThe Results Improved customer experience Increased customer satisfaction and advocacy Increased customer value, wallet share Improved customer retention Single source for customer preferences INSIGHT ACTIONHome4 5. The CRM Customer-centricity ChasmExpectation Reality We understand them Product-centric campaigns We value their business Operationally focused We deliver on our promises Information & channel silos We remember them Independent business units We strive for relevancy Customer ad fatigue We are connected Limited capacity for engagementWhat customers expect from us What we actually haveINSIGHT ACTIONHome 2011 Portrait Software - A Pitney Bowes Business Insight Company 6. INSIGHT ACTIONHome 7. Optimizing Customer Interactions MobileWeb Kiosk / EmailINTERACTIVEPROACTIVE ATM MailIVR Contact CenterOutbound InboundChannelsChannelsINSIGHTACTIONHome 8. The Portrait Suite Fulfill. Recommend. Orchestrate. Optimize. Predict. Understand. Explore. INSIGHT ACTIONHome 9. Whats it Worth? Financial ServicesTelecommunications Products held per36% increase in churn reduction customer up by 50%Customer retention up >20% 20% reduction in churnImmediate increase in customer retentionIncremental revenue up 327%Reduced marketing costs >DK100,000 PA Reduced marketing costs by >10% Churn decreased by 37.5% ROI from a single campaign Emerging Markets Increased revenue by $1.2M per month InsuranceCustomer retention up 300% Incremental revenue of 48M Immediate increase in renewalsProfitability rose 10% Uplift doubles customer retentionRevenue per customer 314% higher INSIGHTACTIONHome 10. Home Information Quality Data Quality ToolsData Integration Tools INSIGHT DATA Predictive Analytics & Data ACTION MiningCustomer Data Mining 5 Magic Gartner The ONLY Quadrants INSIGHT vendor on allDQDI Cross-channel Comms MgmtMulti-channel Comms Mgmt MCCMCCCMCDM STRATEGY Document Output Customer Service Contact CtrsThe ONLYvendor onall 4 Waves PBBI Customer Communications Management IQCCCM DOCCM PA/DM COMMUNICATION 11. Forresters View of Inbound & Outbound CMDialogueCustomer Analytics FoundationInteraction AnalyticFulfillment InsightInteraction OptimizerINSIGHT ACTIONHome 12. Overview Optimizing the Customer Lifecycle The Portrait Dialogue Difference Case Studies INSIGHT ACTIONHome 13. Choreographing the Lifetime Customer Relationship Acquire > Onboard >Serve >Grow >Retain/ReconnectOptimized Customer Relationship Revenue Value Typical Customer Lifecycle $0Suspect/ Customer ActiveBest RecapturedProspect Customer CustomerCustomer Required CompetenciesDataInsights (Analytics)StrategyRelationships/Communications INSIGHT ACTIONHome 14. Automate Customer Lifecycle Best PracticeAlways-on Customer OnboardingDialogues: Activation Opt-out Management Welcome Message Preference Management Value Reinforcement Onboarding Preference SolicitationWinbackCross-sell Value assessmentWinback Cross-sell Event-triggers Scored event- Persuadabilitytriggered offers prediction Best-next-offer Bi-directional Customer Dialogue Drives EngagementRetentionLoyalty Attrition risk detection Customer feedback Predict the savables Retention Loyalty Satisfaction Best-next-action Sentiment& offer optimization Product Bonus programs ReferralINSIGHTACTIONHome 15. Event Triggers: Choreographing the Customer Relationship Customer life cycle triggers e.g. new customer, cross-sell, contract expiration Customer life stage triggers e.g. New baby, empty nester, retirement, marriage, birthday, etc Transaction behavioral triggers e.g. Abnormal changes in transactional purchase patterns, spending habits, account deposits, etc Customer-initiated triggers e.g. Inbound interactions, online behavior External triggers e.g. Socioeconomic & competitiveINSIGHTACTIONHome 16. Portrait DialogueGet customer-centric. Get into the dialogue. Portrait Dialogue converts disparate customer interactions ACTION- into a connected two-way dialogue across all channels for ORCHESTRATE greater customer engagement. BenefitsChoreograph customer dialogue acrossonline, offline, mobile and listening channels Improve Improve Email, web, PURL, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, marketing marketing direct mail, telemarketing, online survey effectiveness Orchestrate effectiveness Multi-step, multi-phase dialogue automationCustomer Boost Connect the customer conversation across Lifecycle Best Boost departmental all touch points Practice departmental efficiencyAutomate customer event-triggersOn-boarding efficiency Improve the Embed customer insight into every interactionWin- Develop back Improve the customerAchieve real-time performance visibility experience customerUser interface designed for marketersAdvocacyLoyalty experience INSIGHT ACTIONHome 17. Improve End-to-end Marketing Efficiency & Effectiveness Plan DesignDesignExecuteExecute MonitorMonitor EvaluateEvaluate Define Your Strategy.Craft Engaging Automate CustomerKeep Real-timeTake Action: Improve Get Everyone on theCustomer Dialogues Communications Performance In View.Results. Same Page. Resource and task Define campaign flowSelect from operation LiveView: TrackmanagementDefine segmentsmodes includingdialogue response &Drill down into performance Activity planning withSelect channelsevent-triggered, budget performancedata to quickly uncover andcalendarDesign message scheduled and batchacross campaigns in resolve issues Define budget & Define executionReal-time scoringreal-timeLive-Edit mode allowsforecast Options Capture ResponseVisual indicators pushmarketers to easily suspend Define offer andCreate customer lists Automatically Routethe most relevant & update campaigns on theresponse rulesCampaign testing & Leadsactionable informationfly Understand customers deliveryto the surface Share results across groupthrough greater insight Prioritize & optimizeRe-use most effective assets INSIGHT ACTIONHome 18. A single location for direct marketing activity Keep PendingReal-time Campaigns Performance Clearly In View View Reduce time-to- Critical marketinformation Identify trouble- pushed to spots beforesurface they impact Live drill-down deadlines provides campaign level performance Focus & Unify status Planning &Campaign Collaboration Calendar Personal tasks Pending and Delegated tasks active programs Heat-mapped clearly in view information Shared view alerts to areas ofacross concern stakeholdersINSIGHT ACTIONHome 19. My View: Personalized View of Work and CampaignsOpen & RecentWork Clearly InView Reduce time-to-market Identify trouble-spots before theyStay on-top ofimpact deadlines Assigned & Delegated Tasks Visual insight into status, due date and priorityWatch Campaigns Delegated tasks Visual indicatorsprovide visibilityprovide insightinto % completeinto performance Linked seamlesslyand trend forwith MS Outlooktarget and budget Clear view into %complete Everything at Your FingertipsINSIGHT ACTIONHome 20. Monitor Drill down to Campaign Performance Monitor Campaign Performance Compare against budget and target Create any custom reportINSIGHTACTIONHome 21. Orchestration of the customer journeyChoreograph Cross-channel DialogueAcross All CustomerTouch Points Online: Email, customer web, PURL Social: Twitter & Facebook Mobile: SMS, MMS Offline:Transpromo, Direct mail, telemarketing Listening: Integrated online surveys, preference management, feedback management INSIGHTACTIONHome 22. Selected target audience(Identified in Portrait Customer Analytics)Split by channelDivide into segmentsDesignemail INSIGHT ACTIONHome 23. The Portrait Dialogue Difference An HQ -- not a dashboard Real-time scoringHQ is a central place to have allEliminate static list management and improve relevancy. Live on-demandcritical campaign planning and realanalytics ensures up-to-the-minutetime performance information atcampaign selection accuracy.your fingertips. HQ LiveView goesbeyond generic dashboards with X-channel Responsethe