Portfolio Designing Environments ENVS10004 Green 803461

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Portfolio - Henrik Green 803461 Designing Environments ENVS10004
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Transcript of Portfolio Designing Environments ENVS10004 Green 803461

  • Portfolio - Henrik Green 803461Designing Environments ENVS10004

  • Contents

    Task 01 - Site Analysis 4Task 02 - Form: Frame and Grid 5Task 03 - Form: Landform 6 Task 04 - Form: Assemblage 7Task 05 - Spatio-Temporal Narrative 8Task 06 - Superimposition 9Task 07 - Final Project 10Task 07 - Final Project 11Task 07 - Final Project 12

  • 4Temporal diagram of site use

    Spatial use of the site with legend

    The site analysis consisted of several aspects of the site, ranging from history to movement in the site. Here my contribution to the analysis, action, is presented in form of a diagram showing spatial use and one showing intensity of use during the day.

    One aspect from the site analysis which becameimportant during my continuing work was the linear movement across the site. How it mainly functions as a passageway.

    Task 01 - Site Analysis






  • 5Drawing of section A-A

    Plan drawing of model

    The notion of the frame and the grid as structural, rigid and strong became starting point of this exercise. In opposition to this idea the model instead explores a sense of flight and lightness. Great planes hover within the structure, defying the inevitable pull of gravity.

    Elevation of Frame and Grid model

    Task 02 - Form: Frame and Grid

  • 6The model plays with a mode of infinite landscape, providing no apex, no summit and no viewpoint to make the whole landscape clear. Just the stark horizon as one climbs the ramps gently lifting from the ground.

    Plan drawing of model above section A-A

    Plan view of landform model

    Task 03 - Form: Landform

  • 7The technique of disjunction is applied to the landform and spatial composition. A violence has taken place. These ramps and planes break free from the ground, hang sus-pended, tilts in the aftermath.

    Drawing of section A-A

    Plan drawing of model

    Elevation of assemblage model

    Task 04 - Form: AssemblageTechnique: Disjunction

  • 8Held by hands.Lightly, heart is ground tomolecular exchange whenever,whoevermeets anotherbecause ever there is chance.By touch.

    Spatio-temporal collage based on the narrative

    Task 05 - Spatio-Temporal NarrativeProgram: Meet

  • 9Plan drawing extracted from the collage

    The superimposition enclose the humans, lightly touches the shoulder and treats boundaries as meeting points.

    The plan above, extracted from the collage, captures these intersections and boundaries. Forms are left open to convey an open-endedness for chance.

    Superimposition collage of assemblage plan and movement map onto the spatio-temporal collage

    Task 06 - Superimposition

  • 10

    In the final project the work of the semester comestogether. The hovering planes, the summitless but elevated ground and the violent collision meets the undulated lower ground. No line of movement through the site is linear. The possibilities grow at every turn on your way. A multitude of paths touch upon each other, thenseparates. In all the design induce a chance to meet; form, surrounding, people.

    The experience collage which made way for the final design

    Partial section of final design, original in scale 1:50

    Task 07 - Final ProjectPartial section and ExperienceMaterial: Concrete

  • 11

    Full site section. The design connects to Union house,left and Melbourne School of Design, right.

    Task 07 - Final ProjectFull site presentations

    Full site plan in collage with Union House to the left. Below are three diagramsLeft: main entry points and how they look onto the site.Middle: Binomial trees growing from these points showing the rapid growth of possibilities in moving through the site.Right: Imagined movements through the site.

  • 12

    Plan view of model

    Left elevation

    The final model is a partial model in scale 1:50 here in isometric view.

    Task 07 - Final ProjectModel

    Detail of how the structure meets the ground