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  • -w Portrait of a primitive carrier

    Most diatomaceous earth-based carriers look like this under close scrutiny. But now there's Hi-Sil ABS. A pure, consistent precipitated silica from PPG. Traditional carriers for viscous liquids are made from the skeletal remains of fossilized diatomsprehistoric, micro-scopic plantsmined in California.

    Hi-Sil ABS, on the other hand, is a truly synthetic precipitated silica. PPG Industries manufactures Hi-Sil ABS under very strict process controls. So you can count on Hi-Sil ABS for con-sistency and purity. Right down to the microscopic level.

    Hi-Sil ABS is dispersible. Its pure white color allows for excellent color control. It can carry compounds of up

    to 75% active ingredients. And as an added bonus, Hi-Sil ABS offers equiv-alent reinforcing properties to the Hi-Sil 200 series of reinforcing fillers.

    In short, Hi-Sil ABS from PPG is a superior carrier. Because it's manufac-tured. Not mined. And you can get it fast from our plants in Lake Charles, Louisiana and Barberton, Ohio.

    For all the facts on how Hi-Sil ABS can improve your product, call 1-800-243-6745, (in Pennsylvania) 1-800-243-6746. Or return this coupon.

    Please send me a copy of your brochure on Hi-Sil ABS. And call me regarding my application.






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    Please return to PPG INDUSTRIES, Silica Products, One PPG Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15272 Attn: Dave Church


    Actual photo of a carrier made from diatomaceous earth, enlaraed 2000X

    Portrait of a primitive carrier