Portable Compressors MOBILAIR M 122

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    Portable CompressorsMOBILAIR M 122With the world-renowned SIGMA PROFILEFlow rate 7.3 11.1 m/min (260 390 cfm)

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    MOBILAIR M 122

    The perfect energy-saving combination: Deutz engines and KAESER airends

    The powerful combination of an energy-saving Deutz engine and the highly effi cient KAESER SIGMA Profi le rotary screw airend combines outstanding performance with considerably reduced fuel consumption. The MOBILAIR M 122 can operate at full power for an entire shift without refuelling. The water-cooled Deutz engine complies with exhaust emission regulations and is certifi ed to Directive 2004/26/EC (Stage III A) and USA-

    EPA (TIER III). Furthermore, users not only benefi t from the quality of two world-class products, but can also rely on the comprehensive KAESER KOMPRESSOREN and Deutz global service networks to ensure maximum machine availability.

    Compressor air fi lter

    Engine air fi lter

    SIGMA airend

    Compressed air treatment (Optional)

    Internal exhaust silencer(protected from potential damage)

    Diesel engine

    A look under the enclosure

    Proportional controllerwith manual wheel control*

    For added fl exibility, a manual wheel control on the proportional controller enables infi nitely variable pressure adjustment.

    Dedicated intake fi lter for engine and airend

    Optimised design and separate air fi lters considerably enhance reli-ability and service life. The fi lters can be changed on-site quickly and easily as required.

    Easy to transport

    The M 122 features a fully galva-nised Alko chassis as standard. This not only ensures long-term value retention, but also makes transportation simple a truck is not required to tow the unit.

    Maximum versatility

    The Mobilair M 122 is in a class of its own when it comes to versatility, as it can be specifi cally tailored to meet the needsof the relevant application.

    Options include air treatment components, a choice of a fully galvanised chassis with overrun brake and a fi xed or height ad-justable tow bar, or stationary versions either mounted on skids or machine mountings.

    Made in Germany

    KAESERs renowned MOBILAIR range of portable compressors is manufactured in a state-of-the-art production facility located directly next to the KAESER main plant in Coburg, Northern Bavaria. Equipped with the very latest technology, the recently mod-ernised portable compressor plant boasts TV (German Technical Inspection Agency) certifi ed sound testing facilities for free-fi eld sound level measurement, an advanced powder coating installation and highly

    effi cient production logistics. With minimal turn-around time, KAESERs highly qualifi ed personnel are able to assemble portable compressors of all sizes and equipment levels to suit our customers specifi c needs.

    *) available with 10 to 14 bar versions

    Superior power and fl exibility

  • MOBILAIR M 122 Large capacity, transparent fuel tank

    When fully fi lled, the tank carries suffi cient fuel for an entire work shift without the need for refuelling. For ease of operation, an automatic shutdown feature is activated when the fuel level becomes too low.

    Tool storage space

    The integrated tool box provides generous storage space for all tools and accesso-ries. A second tool box is also optionally available.

    Large gull-wing doors

    The M 122's user-friendly design not only ensures simple operation and outstanding manoeuvrability: the unit's large gull-wing doors also provide excellent component accessibility for unrivalled ease of mainte-nance.

    Thermostatic valve for oil temperature regulation

    The M 122s automatically controlled thermostatic valve ensures that optimal operating temperature is reached quickly and reliably. It therefore protects the compressors fl uid circulation loop from excessive condensate accumulation. This in turn signifi cantly extends cooling fl uid and separator cartridge service life and also enhances the unit's long-term durability.

    Easy to operate

    The user-friendly control and instrument panel, which can be equipped with a cover

    fl ap if required, enables all information to be viewed at a glance. Features also include

    automatic monitoring and shutdown. Manual switchover from idling to full load operation

    ensures a reliable, gentle start when operat-ing the unit in cold ambient conditions.

    Cool, clean air

    The compressed air is cooled to 7 C above ambient temperature. Accumulated condensate is able to drain away easily, as the com-

    pressed air cooler is installed at an angle, whilst the hot exhaust gasses from the engine are also used to aid

    condensate evaporation. This de-sign consequently ensures reliable

    frost prevention during the winter months.

    Filter combination

    Additional air treatment components need to be installed downstream from the after-cooler and centrifugal separator (e.g. fi lter combina-

    tions for concrete cleaning as per ZTV-ING) in order to achieve compressed air of a spec-

    ifi ed quality class. The differential pressure indicator enables fi lter status to be monitored

    quickly and easily.

    Ambient temperature

    Standard units are rated for ambient temper-atures between -10 and +50 C. A version

    for lower ambient temperatures is also available.

    Perfect performance even in extreme conditions

  • Modell M 122

    Volumenstrom (standard) m/min 11.1 10.1 9.5 8.2 7.3

    cfm 360 355 335 290 260

    bei Betriebsberdruck bar 7 8.6 10 12 14

    psi 100 125 145 175 200

    Antriebsmotor (wassergekhlt) Deutz TCD 2012 L04

    Motornennleistung kW 83

    Drehzahl bei Volllast U/Min 2300

    Kraftstoff behlterinhalt l 170

    Betriebsgewicht (ohne Generator) kg 1865

    Druckluftanschluss 3 x G, 1 x G 1

    4450 - 4835






    Cooling air

    Exhaust air

    2830 2390



    Technical specifi cations MOBILAIR M 122

    Compressed air treatment systems

    * From 8.6 bar

    System A

    Cool Condensate-free

    Cool, condensate-free compressedair (100 % saturated), for driving air

    tools and temporarily replacing stationary compressors

    System F*

    Cool Condensate-free Filtered

    Cool, condensate-free compressed air (100 % saturated), free from dirt particles and technically oil-free in accordance with applicable


    System B

    Warmed Dried

    Dried compressed air, warmedto at least 20 C, for working at

    sub-zero temperatures and with longer air lines

    System G*

    Warmed Dried Filtered

    Dried compressed air, warmed to at least 20 C, free from dirt

    particles and technically oil-free in accordance with applicable


    Fresh air

    As partial fl ow

    Odour-free fresh air connected via a separate quick-release coupling

    (Only in combination with system For system G)



    Activated carbon fi lter

    Compressed airaftercooler

    Centrifugal separator


    Compressed airaftercooler

    Centrifugal separator

    Compressed airaftercooler

    Filter Returnheating

    Centrifugal separator

    Compressed airaftercooler

    Does not provide protection against carbon monoxide (CO) or other noxious gases

    Model M 122

    Flow rate m/min


    At working pressure bar


    Drive engine (water-cooled)

    Rated engine power kW

    Speed at full load rpm

    Fuel tank capacity l

    Operational weight kg

    Compressed air connection

  • KAESER KOMPRESSOREN SEP.O. Box 2143 96410 Coburg GERMANY Tel +49 9561 640-0 Fax +49 9561 640-130e-mail: [email protected] www.kaeser.com

    KAESER The world is our homeAs one of the worlds largest manufacturers of rotary screw compressors, KAESER KOMPRESSOREN is represented throughout the world by a comprehensive network of branches, subsidiary companies and authorised partners in over 100 countries.

    With innovative products and services, KAESER KOMPRESSORENs experienced consultants and engineers help customers to enhance their competitive edge by working in close partnership to develop progressive system concepts that continuously pushthe boundaries of performance and compressed air effi ciency. Moreover, the decades of knowledge and expertise from this industry-leading system provider are made available to each and every customer via the KAESER groups global computer network.

    These advantages, coupled with KAESERs worldwide service organisation, ensure that all products operate at the peak of their performance at all times and provide maximum availability.





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    Portable Compressors MOBILAIR M 122 Flow rate 7.3 11.1 m/min (260 390 cfm) MOBILAIR M 122 Superior power and flexibilityMOBILAIR M 122 Perfect performance even in extreme conditionsCompressed air treatment systems Dimensions Technical specifications MOBILAIR M 122KAESER The world is our home