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    Ryan McGovern

    Visual Media

  • 8/12/2019 Porfolio Ryan Mcgovern


    Ryan Mcgovern

    480 S. 1rst W. Rexburg ID. 83440Apt. #[email protected]

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    Event Ad

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    Web Page

    Description: This is a webpage created to display a logo I


    Program(s) Used: Text wrangler and Dreamweaver

    Date:June 28

    Course:Comm 130

    Objectives: Learn basic HTML code, size logo for web page,

    compress multiple files in one folder.

    Process: I began by opening the text that was provided in tex-twrangler. I edited the text in it to match my logo which I also

    included in the code. I then began working with dreamweaver.With dreamweaver I was able to edit the code so that the col-ors on the page matched my logo. I changed the font to whatI wanted. I changed the the shape of the page so that it wouldhave sharp edges and shifted my logo so it was positioned cor-rectly. I then had ti get the code validated which took a coupletries.

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    Description: Black and white flier to promote the Graduate

    Leadership Conference.

    Program(s) Used: InDesign

    Date: May 10

    Course:Comm 130

    Objectives: Learn the basics of InDesign, practice using


    Process: I began by just brainstorming and creating foursketches of potential formats to use. I chose one that was my

    favorite and used that as my platform. When I began creatingthe sketch I had in InDesign I realized I would have to movethe logo and the title around as well as aligning things differ-ently to make it look better. The end result ended up beingmuch different than the sketch I began with.

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    Description: These are three different logos I designed for a

    fictional gym.

    Program(s) Used:Adobe Illustrator

    Date:June 7

    Course: Comm 130

    Objectives: Learn to design a variety of logos and develop

    skills in Adobe Illustrator

    Process: I began by brainstorming and coming up with theidea to make logos for a gym. I then spent a few minutes look-

    ing at many different logos for gym that I found online. OnceI had some ideas I began sketching as many ideas as I couldthink of. I had a few different sketches that were my favoritesso I took those and began to try and create them in illustrator.I used the shape building tools a lot for the 2nd and third lo-gos. For my text logo I had to convert the text to point type soI could make the s curve and underline fitness. I used the pen

    tool to trace a fist for the image logo I have on the bottom. Theshape building tool is what I used to create the dumbbell. OnceI had the basic designs made I began experimenting with differ-ent color schemes until I found ones that I liked for each logo.

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    Photo Design

    Description:A color poster that includes an original photo.

    Demonstrates good photography and image editing skills.

    Program(s) Used: Photoshop

    Date: May 24

    Course: Comm 130

    Objectives: Learn basic photography skills, how to use a dig-

    ital camera, practice skills in Photoshop.

    Process: I began by looking at the photos I had taken andchose the one I thought was the best that had a color scheme

    from the Visual Focus book that I could work with. I used thelasso tool a lot to bring out the brightness in certain parts ofthe photo to emphasize the colors that go with the scheme.Because it was dark when I took the photo I needed bring thebrightness out in a lot of things. It also helped to bring the vi-brant color level up. I then decided to use a quote in the designand because there is a basketball hoop in the photo I searched

    online for inspirational basketball quotes. I found the MichaelJordan quote and liked it so I put that in there.

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    Description: It is a montage poster that creates excitement

    for the NBA playoffs.

    Program(s) Used: Photoshop

    Date: May 31

    Course: Comm 130

    Objectives: Learn how to use masks in Adobe Photoshop

    while also using layers and blending images together.

    Process: I began by putting in the background which is thepicture of the NBA Finals banner and logo and cropped it. I

    then inserted a picture of a star player from each the four teamsin the conference finals. I created a mask for all for imagesof the players and used the black painting tool to remove thebackground from there original pictures. After that I added thetext and aligned the text boxes. I then inserted a picture of thetexture of a basketball court and used the gradient tool to haveit fade into the background.

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    Description: This is a brochure to promote the fitness gym

    Shredded Fitness that I made up.

    Program(s) Used: Indesign and Photoshop

    Date:July 12

    Course:Comm 130

    Objectives: Learn how to set up a two-sided document tofold together the way I want it to. Also learn how to include

    quality images.

    Process: I first brainstormed and sketched ideas until I came

    up with a logo and a basic design for the layout of the bro-chure. I then created a InDesign document and set up theboarders for where the folds would be. I then put my imageswhere I wanted them and also my logo which I created us-ing Photoshop. Then I started putting in background colorsto match the colors of the logo. Then I placed my body copythroughout the brochure where I thought it was appropriate. I

    made changes to how every thing was arranged multiple timestrying to get it to look nicer. The one constant image was theman doing the dumbbell fly in the middle of the page. I even-tually came up with a design where I used circle which I creat-ed using the shape building tool. I then added a couple moreimages, used text wrap around the main image and my designwas about ready. After that it was just a matter of getting the

    brochure to print and fold the way I wanted it to.

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    Description: Letterhead and business logo using the same

    original logo.

    Program(s) Used: Indesign

    Date:June 14

    Course: Comm 130

    Objectives: Learn to create a stationary document withenough space for the letter, use appropiately use watermarks,create a two sided business card that includes logo and all ap-propriate information using design principles.

    Process: I used InDesign for the whole process. After final-ly coming up with a logo idea I designed it on the computer.Making the shapes and text was not hard until I had to morphthe word fitness to the way I wanted it to look. After that I cre-ated the rest of my design for my letterhead. I then put togeth-er a very basic design for the front and back of my business cardusing my logo on both sides.

    After having the design critiqued I went back and made a lotof changes. I added a circles to my logo. I then gave it a colorscheme other than black and white. I changed the design of theback of the business card by having the logo hide off the pagea little bit. On the front I put the information in a circle gaveboth sides a dark blue background.

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    Event Ad

    Description:A advertising handout/poster to promote a


    Program(s) Used: Microsoft Word

    Date: May 17

    Course: Comm 130

    Objectives: Learn how to scan download and resize an imagefor a document, create an advertisement to promote an eventising design principles.

    Process: For this project we were required to use Microsoft

    Word for the whole design of this ad. Since it had to include ascanned image I began by finding one that I liked from a maga-zine. Once I had the image I scanned, downloaded, and resizedthe image for the document I was going to use it for. I came upwith the tree planting fundraising idea to go with the image Ihad. Then I wrote the informative text that was needed for theproject. After I had the text I experimented with many different

    fonts and colors until I had the ones that I thought looked thebest. After that I just made a few adjustments to where the textwas placed and aligned and that was it.

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