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  • ODAYPOMPANOPompanos Premier Lifestyle Magazine

    $3.99The Music Biz and CarsA Social Status Symbol

    What Does Your Music Say About You?Your Musical Personality

    Maria Sachs & Gwyn Clarke ReedA Parasailing Duet

    OCTOBER 2014



  • Art Hall Exhibit (Old Pompano) Music by: Beach DogsPhoto by: Pompano Today

  • Every day, people with limps, walkers, canes and wheelchairs come to an important realization - the pain is just too much. Choosing to have any elective surgery is no easy decision; even when you know the end result is saying goodbye to your pain and hello to your life. While total hip replacements have been one of the most successful surgeries since they began, deciding to have the procedure has always come with its costs, until now.

    Orthopedic surgeons at the Joint Replacement Center at Broward Health North offer an innovative new approach to hip replacement surgery - anterior hip replacement using the specially designed hana table. Patients who choose the anterior approach to hip replacement as opposed to the traditional posterior approach dont just say goodbye to the pain, they say goodbye to the restrictions as well.

    Patients receiving anterior hip replacement experience none of the precautions related to traditional hip replacement, including no post-op dislocation precautions, no restriction of post-op activity, immediate use of normal toilet height, no post-op abduction pillow (between the knees) required, cross legs as desired, no shoe lift requirements and no post-op sexual activity limitations.

    Approximately 375,000 Americans undergo hip replacement surgery each year, says Dr. Bruce Janke, Medical Director of the Joint Replacement Center at Broward Health North. With this number expected to almost double over the next 25 years due in part to the aging population, it is important that people know they have a choice in the type of procedure they undergo.

    With the anterior approach, a small four inch incision is made just below and to the outside of the groin. Two muscles are then pushed aside, giving the surgeons access to the hip socket to perform the replacement. No muscles

    at any time during the procedure are split or detached. For the patient, that results in a faster recovery, less pain, smaller

    incision, less blood loss and less scarring.

    The outcomes are incredible, says Dr. Steven Naide, Medical Director of Orthopedic Trauma at Broward Health North. Within weeks our patients are getting back to golf, tennis, yoga, whatever it is they enjoy doing

    that became impossible due to pain.

    The Joint Replacement Center is the recipient of the Florida Hospital Association 2011 Celebration of Achievement in Quality and Service award for Innovation of the Year in Patient Care. The Center is also first in Broward County to be Joint Commission Certified for Hip and Knee Replacement.

    Our experienced surgeons at Broward Health North have

    performed more than 2500 anterior hip

    surgeries using the hana table. Why

    live in pain when you can choose to

    put the fun back in your life?

    To find out more about anterior hip replacement, call 954.786.6635 or go to BrowardHealth.org/BHN


    Steven Naide, MD, Medical Director of Orthopedic Trauma & Bruce Janke, MD, Medical

    Director of the Joint Replacement Center.

    201 E Sample RoadDeerfield Beach, FL 33064

  • Pompano Today.com2 Pompano Today October 2014

    PublisherDawne Richards


    Beauty & Health EditorTrisha McMahon

    Contributing WritersMichael DiPierro, Jay Ghanem, Teana McDonald, Kevin Roth,

    Misty Schwartz, Elaine Simmons, Charlotte Sundquist


    Media DirectorJames Stafford


    Ed has been an active participant in Pompano life for many years. On these pages, Ed shares his in-depth knowledge of the community, his parenting experiences, and the latest happenings in town, every chance he gets.

    Dawne is a longtime Pompano visitor and eight-year resident. She'll share interviews with some of our fascinating neighbors, keep readers up to speed on whats happening in the City, and answer your questions, comments, concerns and suggestions as we continue to grow our magazine.

    Dawne Richards

    The Team

    Ed Phillips

    James Jim Stafford

    Jim is a professional photographer, web, and graphic designer. He is passionate about photography and art. Be sure to smile if you see Jim as we send him out to cover life in Pompano.

    Trishas work has appeared in numerous publications, from Town & Country to innnewyork.com. A sought-after speaker, moderator and radio talk-show guest, Trisha will be sharing her insights with readers and staff.

    Trisha McMahon

    Pompano Today is published 12 times annually by Pompano Media Group LLC, 3304 SE 4th Street Suite 6, Pompano Beach, Florida 33062. Print subscriptions are $20 per year. Pompano Today assumes no liability for products or services advertised herein. Pompano Today reserves the right to edit, rewrite or refuse material. Publisher is not responsible for typographical or production errors or accuracy of information provided by its advertisers. Pompano Today reserves the right to refuse any advertiser. Copyright 2014 Pompano Media Group, LLC. All rights reserved. No portion of Pompano Today October be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the Publisher.

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    Fall in love with J Lytle, The Love Artist!Read more on Page 18.

  • ODAYPOMPANOPompanos Premier Lifestyle Magazine

    $3.99The Music Biz and CarsA Social Status Symbol

    What Does Your Music Say About You?Your Musical Personality

    Maria Sachs & Gwyn Clarke ReedA Parasailing Duet

    OCTOBER 2014



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    Keep in touch! We'd love to hear from you. . . by email: info@pompanotoday.com

    by phone: 954.247.8459via the "Contact us" link on our homepage, at pompanotoday.com

    On Our Cover: We were lucky enough to catch the Doug Carter Trio performing at BaCA, in particular the incomparable Lauren Carter Posey. Make it a point to catch a live performance - this in an outstanding group of local musicians.


    October 201424


    Dudarev Mikhail - Fotolia.com


  • October! It's time to make some joyful noise!Our theme this month is "music" - and wow, are we developing a great local music scene! Check out the local scene at BaCA (on our inside front cover, and our back cover, too!) or a host of other local hotspots.

    This month, Charlotte Sundquist ponders what your taste in music says about you, and the awkward conversations that may occur when you reveal your deepest musical tastes. Read all about cars as status symbols in the music business, courtesy Jay Ghanem. Whatever you're doing, find your favorite tune and blast away - and enjoy!

    Pompano Today October 2014 5Pompano Today.com



    Dawne Richards, Publisher


    Have a great October!

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