POLITICAL CARTOONS COMICS ANIMATION. The Prince of Caricaturists Caricature - A caricature is a...

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Transcript of POLITICAL CARTOONS COMICS ANIMATION. The Prince of Caricaturists Caricature - A caricature is a...


  • The Prince of CaricaturistsCaricature - A caricature is a humorous illustration that exaggerates or distorts the a person or thing to create a sarcastic view due to the characteristics of a person or thing. Thomas Nast was the first person to be paid to create a cartoon for the public.

  • Nast used his Harpers Weekly cartoons to rebel against New York Citys political boss William Magear Tweed, and he used the Tammany tiger for this crusade.

    He popularized the elephant to symbolize the Republican Party.

    He also used the donkey as the symbol for the Democratic Party, and created the "modern" image of Santa Claus.

  • Alexandre Dumas created one of the first comics. This then was called The Three Musketeers.

  • List of the first popular comics ever!Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon Herg's Tintin Siegel and Shuster's Superman Bob Kanes Batman Jack Kirby and Joe Simon's Captain America Chester Gould's Dick TracyHal Foster's Tarzan

  • Richard Fenton Outcalt introduced a new element: the balloon, a space where he wrote what the characters said, and that pointed to their mouth with a tail. In the cover of Kirby and Simons first magazine, Captain America battled Adolf Hitler himself. A Comics Code was created in the 50s to limit and rule on what could appear in the pages of comics. Those comics with horror stories were destroyed.

  • Standards of the Comics Code Authority A Few Details No sympathy for the criminal No methods of a crime No disrespect for authority No kidnapping No comic shall use the words horror or terror The intent is to show a moral issue Scenes dealing with, or instruments associated with walking dead, torture vampires and vampirism, ghouls, cannibalism, and werewolfism are prohibited. Something to think about:What about todays comics, video games, and animation?

  • Animation1910s Emile Cohl made En Route, the first paper cutout animation. Winsor McCay produced an animation sequence using his comic strip character "Little Nemo."

    1920s Walt and Roy Disney found Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio. Walt Disney created the first cartoon with synchronized sound called "Steam Boat Willy".

  • 1930s "Looney Tunes" began when Disney employees Harman and Ising teamed with producer Leon SchlesingerMGM cartoon studio was created

    1940s Harry Smith produced animation by drawing directly onto film.

    1950s Cartoons for TV were created

  • The Years of Mickey