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Transcript of Poetry project english2eso_e_2011_2

  • Poetry ProjectEnglish2ESO E 2011

  • by Judit Echevarra

  • When I saw you,I was scared,Why ? I dont know,maybe becauseI was scared to Fall in Love with you,and now, finally when I have fallen,Im scaredto loose you.BY: LOVEPREET

  • Haiku by Claudia Puche

    The moon disappearsAnd a ray of lightCrosses the pink sky

  • SandpileIntensely warmSand dunes shift dailyTo escape the sun, but at nightHeaterCINQUAIN BY SARAH BORRS

  • Peptoni Font.

  • SkyThe light desappearsAnd a ray of lightCovers the beigeskyEmil Hristov

  • By Tatiana!HamsterGathering foodMouth puffed with lots of foodGirls are always laughingEaterStop laughing at me! You, silly girls!I want cheese...

  • By Zandalie Pizarro.CINQUAIN;

    MonkeyFurry mammalHunting the night for foodMissing sunshine every journeyJumper

  • Cactus Prickly and greenHoping for rain to comereaching spiny spikes to the sky PlantedAina Tous

  • Philline Vicente.

  • HAIKU Children growing legsSoon they will be jumping outJumping out for Joy

  • SpiderFurry, black Climbing, spinning,weaving They make an intricateweb Tarantula.Cinquain byXisco Garcia

  • Haiku by Sara Bouza Baobre

  • CINQUAI CINQUAIN:Squirrel Jumping animalHunting the fridge for foodMissing sunshine every dayScurrierCinquain by Miquel ngel Cabaero

  • Idaira SantanaBright-colored parrotCalling to me so sweetlySmiling for the sun.

  • Cactus Bristly and green Hoping for rain to fallReaching spiny branch to the sky PlantedNeus Roser

  • There was a new student named MockerWho loved nothing more than soccer.All through a wall,Hed kick a ball,So, it wouldnt fit in his locker!by: ngel Blanch

  • Guillem Furi