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  • 1. Podcasting In The Classroom Julie Barnd
  • 2. Podcasting In The Classroom:
    • What is it?
      • Podcasting is a fairly new technology
      • It is a series of audio or visual clips for people to listen to or watch
      • Has many different uses, not all of which are intended for the classroom
  • 3. Podcasting Article One Podcasting Article Three Podcasting Article Two Sources
  • 4. Students will be able to record and listen to a lesson plan that was already taught. Students can make their own podcasts so they can help themselves out and their classmates. Podcasting Article One
  • 5.
    • Students will learn to make their own podcast:
    • Generally takes 3-4 weeks to get use to assembling one alone
    • Group children together to help manage time
    • Brainstorm as a class before starting the podcast
    • Practice the recording before actually making the final copy
    • Record your podcast
    • Upload it to the program you are using
    • Post it for classmates to see and listen to
  • 6. Podcasting in the classroom can be very beneficial. Teaching students how to use them can be very helpful as a teacher. If you record your lessons during class and then a student who studies better by audio, giving them the option of going back to the lessons for studying purposes is a great way to help children out. Many children have MP3 players, so it would be easy for them to download the lesson onto their device to listen to wherever they are to get some studying in (Shelley).
  • 7. Podcasting Article Two
    • Podcasting is cheap
    • Invites broader audience
    • Lessens distractions
    • Parents can easily become more involved
    • Privacy issues
    • Interactive
    • Creative
    • Fun
  • 8. Every time a podcast is made, students and teachers, can greatly benefit from the uses of the casting. Parents can even become involved in the everyday classroom, but listening to what was going on for the lessons and in return, be able to help their student out Its a great creative outlet for students to use. Many of the funding for music and/or art are being cut for schools and teachers can purchase an inexpensive microphone for cheap and let students come up with different stories (for reading time) or develop a lesson plan that involves having the students use podcasting to break the repetitiveness of the every day norm.
  • 9. I really enjoyed all of the different aspects this website provided about podcasting. There were some things that I never even considered until reading them. It even stated some concerns that parents might have about the privacy of their children and some ways to help keep everyone involved in the podcast anonymous (Fryer).
  • 10. Podcasting Article Three
    • Helps include everyone
    • Inexpensive
    • Auditory learners greatly benefit
    • Helps provide different ways of teaching
  • 11. Children with learning disorders and hyperactivity can greatly benefit from podcasting. Students who are absent because of illness still have the option to listen to the lesson without losing a whole day of lecture. It can help get everyone involved by having the students download the lesson onto their MP3 player and listen to the lesson by themselves and then give feedback accordingly.
  • 12. I thought it was great that this website touched on the topic of inclusion in the classroom. It is obvious, and has been proven time and time again, that every person learns differently. Some people are more visual, others more hands on, and some auditory learners. Its a great way for children with attention deficit disorders or hyperactivity disorders to eliminate outside distractions by making them listen to the message and potentially have them doing a worksheet that coincides with the lesson on the podcast. (Lynne).
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