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  • 2. OVERVIEW Non-streamed webcast. Audacity is an Open source Collection of media files (audio software. or video) Digital audio editor Downloaded through the web. Released in November 2006. Does not stream off the web. Free to download and use Videos are episodic. Has a host or specific theme to it. Able to use offline.
  • 3. WHY PODCASTS? Podcasts are for all people, they allow for the viewing or listening of different topics, whether it be sports, news, gaming, or anything that interests you. They are almost always free, with a subscription to that specific cast. Using a podcast reader, you can search whatever that interests you. They are also called pod catchers or media aggregator. Podcasts have changed the view of multimedia. Making viewing content whenever you want and wherever you want. If you are interested in creating your own, podcast you can use the free program Audacity that can be used across all operating systems.
  • 4. PODCASTING AUDACITY Podcast readers have features Can be used to give that allow for automated podcasts a more finished downloading/updating so that you can plug-and-play sound Allows user to edit sounds files(pitch, volume, etc.) Multi-channel modes so that you can add different layers of sounds and effects FEATURES AND BENEFITS
  • 5. AUDACITY 1. It's free. 2. Slow down without changing pitch 3. Change pitch w/o changing tempo 4. Capture your vinyl or tapes and fix it. 5. Record sounds that go through your soundcard 6. Record yourself, mix and/or overdub. 7. Edit audio to put into your digital videos. You can add reverb or other. You can also just export audio from camcorder and remove noise.
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  • 13. Sources: audacity.sourceforge.net
  • 14. AUDIO PODCASTING VIDEO PODCASTING Educators use podcasts to share Users post video podcasts to update lessons with their students, and viewers on multiple topics such as many can be found on iTunes U. new technology, news about their Stanford is known for their posted business or company, and the latest lectures. updates on their websites. Universities such as Duke and UCLA Popular video podcasts are ones also use iTunes U to post podcasts that do daily interviews with with updates about the university celebrities. and events going on. People in the music industry also Major companies, such as the New use video podcasts to post exclusive York Times use podcasts to send content that can only be found updates on their latest changes and through those podcasts. news about the business. They Might Be Giants is just one band who is known for their THE DIFFERENT USES video podcasting.
  • 15. WHERE CAN I FIND PODCASTS? Most podcasts, no matter what type are free. Personal Blogs Many are posted onto the person or companys website or blog. PodOmatic Podcasts Podcast Alley iTunes 0 50 PURCHASE. LISTEN. VIEW.