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P UNJ AB NATIO N AL BANK Va tva, Ah m ed a b a d

SANCTIONING AUTHORITY Sc,M The propos al falls under the powers of Senior Manager (Branch) on account of total exposure of Rs.60.00 (40Termloan + 20 wc) lacs to the borrower. Reference No./Date: 1. Name of the Borrower Registered Office Controlling Office : M/S NANDI APPARELS PRIVATE LIMITED : Shop No 106, First Floor, Ambaji Textile Market Bhilwara 311001 nd : 41-46, 2 Floor, Yash Niketan Complex, Nr Khokhra Circle, Khokhra, Ahmedabad (Rs. in Lakh) GIST OF THE PROPOS AL A. Sanction of Working Capital Limits Existing 0.00 0.00 Proposed 20.00 0.00

FB NFB B. For Term Loan Purpose Cost of Project Total Debt Promoters contribution Proposed TL (our share) Unsecured Loan DER Repayment Period Door to door tenor C. Approval of ROI/ Service charges as under: Facility Existing Proposed

Part finance Machinery66.81



50.00 23.1240.00

10.00 2.28 20 Quarters 21 QuartersApplicable rate Last Year Income Earned Current upto_______ ---------year

Rate of interest Upfront Fee Processing Fee Other charges, if any





As Per H.O. Guidelines

D. Approval of other Issues, if any:


Whether fresh/renewal/ enhancement Asset Classification as on________ and last PMS score Credit Risk Rating by Bank is @@ indicating Average Risk

Fresh NA Rating Date of Score Rating Present Previous ---ABS Reasons for degradation --


P UNJ AB NATIO N AL BANK Va tva, Ah m ed a b a d

Rating from External Agency (The external rating should be mapped to the internal rating) Whether Agriculture/Retail/ SME/Others (Please specify) a) Whether Sensitive Sector Real Estate/Capital Market b) Applicable Risk weight Consortium/Multiple Banking Lead Bank PNBs Share % Date of application Date of receipt of proposal At BO/CO/HO Date of clarifications, if any, received at CO/HO Date of placing the proposal before competent authority Remarks Date of last sanction & authority/In Principle Consent Customer ID No. Activity code (as per ladder) PART I 2. a. b.

Facility rated SME No


Date of rating NA

Rating Agency


Sole Banking N.A. 100.00% 13.11.2010 13.11.2010


Borrowers Profile Group Name Address of Regd./Corporate Office

Nandi Apparels Private Limited nd 41-46, 2 Floor, Yash Niketan Complex Near Khokhra Circle, Khokhra Ahmedabad(Gujarat) INDIA Private Limited Company 01/02/2010 First time Textile Industry Manufacturing of Casual & Formal Trousers

b. c. d. e. f. g.

Institution Constitution and constitution code as per ladder Date of incorporation/ Establishment Dealing with PNB since Industry/Sector Business Activity (Product)/Installed Capacity. Directors (S/Shri)


Name and Designation

Mr. Prakash M. Goyal - Director

Mrs. Uma P. Goyal - Director

Address/Mobile No./e -mail address of Main Directors/ Guarantor Directors/ Key persons 18, Ashray Bunglows, CTM Cross Roads, Nr. Express Highway, Ahmedabad. 18, Ashray Bunglows, CTM Cross Roads, Nr. Express Highway, Ahmedabad.

Whether Promoter/ Professional /Nominee Promoter


P UNJ AB NATIO N AL BANK Va tva, Ah m ed a b a d

Mr. Mohanlal Goyal - Guarantor

1244, Bhilwara Ward No. 48, Basant Vihar, Bhilwara, Rajasthan.


If any of them, in the list of Caution Advices circulated by the Bank from time to time/RBI's/Wilful defaulters' list/Caution List of ECGC/ If any one of them connected in the past with any NPA/OTS/Compromise/unscrupulous defaulters a) If any of them, related to Directors/Senior Officers of PNB: b) i) Management Change since last sanction, if any c) i) Report on due diligence carried out in terms of L&A Circular No. 170 dated 25.10.2008 and comments on adverse features, if any ii) Concompanyation that CRs have been compiled/reviewed as per extant guidelines iii) Concompanyation that CRs have been drawn from CIBIL Database and comments on adverse features, if any



No Nil

f) Share Holding Pattern as on:

Name of the Promoters/Major Share holders Mr Prakash M Goyal Mrs Uma Prakash Goyal Totalg)

No. of shares

Amt. in Rs

% Holding

Whether Shares pledged to any Bank/FI/others If yes, Percentage of shares pledged Institution Purpose Brief history

No N. A. N. A. N. A.


4.A Facilities Recommended : Nature Fund Based CC (Hypothecation of stocks and book debts) Fund Based Ceiling Non Fund Based ILC/FLC Non Fund Based Ceiling Term Loan TOTAL COMMITMENT Existing Proposed (Rs. in lakh) Secured/Unsecured along with the basis thereof (As per RBIs guidelines) Secured

0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00

20.00 20.00 0.00 0.00 40.00 60.00


P UNJ AB NATIO N AL BANK Va tva, Ah m ed a b a d

4.B Our Com mitment and Maximum Permissible Exposure Norms Existing Proposed %age of Ban ks Capital Funds as on 31.03.10 Rs. (Rs. in Lacs) As per Exposure Norms Amount (%age)

Company Group



4. C Short Term Loans sanctioned by PNB in last 12 months, if any Nil 4. D Details of facilities provided outside consortium including derivatives, if any Nil 5.A Facilities from PNB Subsidiaries/Exposure Equity/Debentures /Derivatives/Foreign Exchange etc. : Nil 5.B Term Loans from other Banks/Financial Institutions/Other Institutions - (including Lease, ICDs, Corporate Loans, Debentures etc.) Nil 5.C Credit Rating by agencies {CRISIL/ICRA/CARE/FITCH INDIA} with purpose of such rating. Nil (New Unit) 5.D Details of Working Capital Limits from the Consortium/Multiple Banking Nil 6. Details of Group /Allied/Associate companies and the facilities sanctioned to them along with conduct of these accounts with our Bank/ other Banks and comments on adverse indicators, if any. by way of investment in exposure on account of

P UNJ AB NATIO N AL BANK Va tva, Ah m ed a b a d

As per Appendix I 7.A(i) Financial Position of the Company as on close of financial year for last three years and estimated for last year and projected for the next year New Project under implementation hence the past data is not available. The estimated and projected financials are given below. EST 2011 Gross Sales Domestic including sales incentive Export Net sales %age growth of sales Other Income Operating Profit/Loss Profit before Tax Profit after Tax Cash Profit/(Loss) 63.09 63.09 0.00 6.78 4.70 3.15 8.16 PROJ 2012 188.81 188.81 0.00 18.05 10.92 7.32 16.59 PROJ 2013 200.24 200.24 6.05% 0.00 19.18 13.05 8.75 16.63 PROJ 2014 212.03 212.03 5.89% 0.00 19.55 14.43 9.66 16.36 PROJ 2015 223.82 223.82 5.56% 0.00 20.30 16.18 10.84 16.53

Paid up capital Reserves and Surplus excluding revaluation reserve Misc. expenditure not written off Accumulated losses Deferred Tax Liability/Asset Tangible Net WorthUnsecured Loans

30.72 1.75 0.00 0.00 0.0033.03

30.72 8.41 0.00 0.00 0.0039.35

30.72 17.08 0.00 0.00 0.0046.59

30.72 27.40 0.00 0.00 0.0052.26

30.72 36.53 0.00 0.00 0.0058.10

10.0074.32 40.00 10.00

10.0065.26 30.00 10.00

10.0057.50 20.00 10.00

10.0049.70 10.00 10.00

10.0041.91 0.00 10.00

Total Borrowings (TOL) Secured Unsecured Investments Total Assets Out of which net fixed assetsNet working capital Current ratio Debt equity ratio Operating Profit/Loss %age TOL/TNW Long Term Sources Long Term uses Surplus /Deficit short Term Sources Short Term Uses Surplus /Deficit

2.50 107.35 61.80 38.731.33 2.25 10.74 2.25 15.59 8.00 7.59 0.42 8.02

2.50 104.61 52.53 46.321.59 1.66 9.56 1.66 15.13 13.00 2.13 0.24 2.36

2.50 104.10 49.65 48.451.65 1.23 9.58 1.23 12.36 8.00 4.36 0.20 4.56

2.50 101.96 42.95 52.801.78 0.95 9.22 0.95 11.53 8.00 3.53 0.20 3.74

2.50 100.01 37.26 56.341.89 0.72 9.07 0.72 10.45 0.00 10.45 0.00 10.45



(4.36 )



7A (ii) Latest Key Fig.7B. Brief discussion on Financial Indicators

Paid up capital/TN W

P UNJ AB NATIO N AL BANK Va tva, Ah m ed a b a d

The proposed unit is being financed through combination of term finance from us, contribution of the promoters. However, we stipulate that the trust fund and Donation fund as margin shall be brought in as per the progress of the project. 7.C Capital Market Perception N.A. 7.D Details of investment in Shares, Debentures, Units or investment of funds outside the business etc. (Along with comments in case of increase) Nil 7.E Nil Position of assessment of income tax/sales tax/wealth 7.F concern/partners/proprietor/promoter directors/guarantors Paid Till Date 7.G Information on litigation initiated by other banks/FIs against the borrowe r as per latest Audited Balance Sheet, if any Nil 7.H 8. A. Overall likely impact of (7.C to 7.G) on the financial position of the borrowing unit Nil SECURITY Primary tax of the borrowing Details of Liabilities not accounted for/Contingent liabilities


For Term Loan

Hypothecation of Plant & Machinery having overall cost of Amount Rs 60.68 lacs against the Term Loan given by the bank B. Collateral (Information in respect of mortgage of IP to be given only in the following format:

Security Description

Area in Sq M or Sq mtrs

Value Last sanction

Present book value

Realisable value

Basis for valuation

Da te

W hether existing/ fresh

Nil TotalNEC in respect of above IP is to be obtained from banks approved advocate and valid enforceable mortgage to be created before release of facilities . i) Equitable/ Registered Mortgage of following IP All the properti