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2. Schools flagSchools flag SchoolsSchools emblememblem 3. SenamiestisSenamiestis in Lithuanian meansin Lithuanian means the old town. The school is in the oldthe old town. The school is in the old town, and this is the reason why it gottown, and this is the reason why it got that name.that name. 4. Plunge Senamiestis SchoolPlunge Senamiestis School waswas founded in 1974. From the very firstfounded in 1974. From the very first days the teaching staff have beendays the teaching staff have been trying to attain its originality andtrying to attain its originality and peculiarity. For this reason, thepeculiarity. For this reason, the aesthetic development was chosen.aesthetic development was chosen. 5. SCHOOL YEARSCHOOL YEAR Lessons begin on the 1st of SeptemberLessons begin on the 1st of September and finishand finish atat the ending of May or thethe ending of May or the beginning of June.beginning of June. Lessons start at 8 oclock anLessons start at 8 oclock andd finish atfinish at about 2 or 3 oclock.about 2 or 3 oclock. A lesson lasts for 45 minutes.A lesson lasts for 45 minutes. 6. Now there are 830 studentsNow there are 830 students ( 6-17 years( 6-17 years old) and 80 teachersold) and 80 teachers working here full or part time. Theworking here full or part time. The teachers are responsible for theirteachers are responsible for their students academic knowledge asstudents academic knowledge as well as the traditions of the choir, thewell as the traditions of the choir, the art of dancing and folklore andart of dancing and folklore and involving the students in theinvolving the students in the activities of the art club and artactivities of the art club and art 7. THE EXAMTHE EXAM Every pupil in the tenth form mustEvery pupil in the tenth form must write a testwrite a test 8. THE CHOIRTHE CHOIR Our schools choir always participates inOur schools choir always participates in THETHE LITHUANIAN SONGLITHUANIAN SONG CELEBRATIONCELEBRATION 9. THE SCHOOLTHE SCHOOL SS BANDBAND Our school has a lot of talentedOur school has a lot of talented students and the music bands arestudents and the music bands are famous in our townfamous in our town 10. THE FOLKLORE GROUPTHE FOLKLORE GROUP 11. THE ART STUDIOTHE ART STUDIO FRESCO MADE BY STUDENTSFRESCO MADE BY STUDENTS 12. SUMMER ART PLENARIESSUMMER ART PLENARIES 13. Our school has particOur school has partic iippateated ind in many activities against bullying,many activities against bullying, smoking, unhealthy food, etc.smoking, unhealthy food, etc. 14. Our school is proud of a veryOur school is proud of a very important to us tradition annualimportant to us tradition annual meetings and activities with themeetings and activities with the students from Vadstenastudents from Vadstena gymnasium, Sweden.gymnasium, Sweden. 15. We haWe haveve a teachers banda teachers band 16. THE PUPILS PARTICIPATE INTHE PUPILS PARTICIPATE IN THETHE CONTEST ON LEAGALCONTEST ON LEAGAL AWARENESSAWARENESS 17. THTHEE ENDEND OFOF THE WEEKTHE WEEK AGAINST BULLYINGAGAINST BULLYING 18. SSchoolchool UUniformniform 19. Our school was a secondaryOur school was a secondary school. Unfortschool. Unfortuunnaatteelyly, in, in September school became aSeptember school became a basic school.basic school. 20. Thank you for yourThank you for your attention!attention!