Plastic and Metal -Sweden- (Sweden meeting 2013)

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Transcript of Plastic and Metal -Sweden- (Sweden meeting 2013)

  • Work about plastic and metal Ljungsbro skola 2013

    Good Environmental Educational Practices


  • What materials can we recycle?






  • Negative things about plastic:

    when burning plastic which is made from fossil

    oils it comes out carbon dioxide, CO2, which influence the greenhouse effect

    Another negative thing with plastic are littering

    Littering can affect animals if they eat the

    plastic and suffocate or the animals can get

    caught in the plastic and get hurt

  • 4% of crude oil goes to making plastic

  • Advantages to using plastic

    Things get cheaper, when it is made of plastic

    The cars weigh get less and that decreases the amount of gasoline, which is good

    The foodindustry can keep the food more safe with plastic and the food will not get bad

  • Here are some items that are made of plastic:

  • REUSE and RECYCLE Reuse:

    When we can use a plastic product several times.


    When we cut the plastic products down and make new plastic products.

  • Enviromental problems with aluminium

  • Aluminium : Environmental problems

    It takes a lot of energy to create aluminium from bauxit

    It takes 200 500 years to break down Aluminum naturally

    Animals can accidentally eat and cut themselves on the aluminum

  • REUSE and RECYCLE Where we found bauxit in the world

    Bauxit transports to Iceland to get melt into aluminium. Then the metal will be exported to for example Sweden

  • Its an easy metal to transport, so it doesnt require that much fuel! A part of aluminum can be recycled an infinite amount of times If you recycle aluminum, you only use 5% of the energy to create new aluminum

    Aluminium : Environmental problems

  • Products of aluminium Examples what its

    used for: Tealights, Lamps, cans etc

  • The Aluminum in the bedrock is liberated when theres acid rain. When it gets down in the lakes the fish and the plants are injured. Aluminum disturbs root growth and the function in the root.


    Passangers in cars

    We did this investegation about lunch time (13:00)