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Transcript of Planet saturn

  • 1. Researched by Jeremy and Jaylenn Team Earth Presents Planet Saturn

2. Location

  • Saturnisthe6 th planetfrom the Sun.
  • Itis the second biggestplanet in our SolarSystem.
  • The orbit is an shape of an oval.

3. Composition

  • Saturns rings are made of ice.
  • Saturn is made of liquid and gas.
  • Saturn has no surface.

4. Unique Facts

  • Saturn has 46 moons .
  • Saturns rings are made of gas.
  • Saturn is 6 feet across.
  • Saturns biggeststorm was the big white spot.
  • It was a big storm.

5. Previous Missions

  • The firstprobes to Saturn were Flybys.
  • The Flybys wentto fast and flew past Saturn.
  • The last mission was with the Cassini probe.

6. Conclusion

  • As scientists we discovered you cant live on Saturn because its made of gases of methane andethane.

7. Robot Exploration

  • Super Saturn Scanner is a robot to scan Saturn.
  • It will bring samples backto Earth.
  • We as scientists will then be able to understand Saturn better.
  • It has an orange eye so it can detect the bad things anda green eye so it can detect the good things.
  • Its head can rotate 360 degrees.
  • It also has an openingin the stomach so it can get samples withoutletting the samples fall back to Saturn.
  • The hands include a rocket packets.
  • There is a camera with a remote control for us to use as scientists.

8. Mrs. Stones classJeremy, Jaylenn, Enrique 9. Bibliography

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