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Short presentation of our work in Planet PR. We are part of GlobalCOM PR-Network so please visit both sites: as well as

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  • 1. Everyone knows that somethingcan not be done, and someonecomes, who does not know that,and doing this - Albert Einstein

2. Who we areOur strength and power is a team of professionals full of the energy, courage andpassion. For us public relations are the universe of the possibilities: we are breakingthe distance in relations, shortening distances and we believe that it is possibleeach time to reach higher and higher. 3. We checked thousands solutions - now we specialize and offer , media relations forcompanies and institutions, which provide effective and creative solutions for our actions. 4. In 2010 year, our projects have won twostatuettes Golden formats for the bestcampaign and event.In 2011 we have been awarded at theprestigious Golden Clips.We are a public relations agency, belonged toan Association of Public Relations Companies,our services are fullling high quality standardsin Poland (consistent with the Code of ZFPRBest Practices and the Stockholm Card ICCO).We are also globally acting, being a part of theinternational network of independent agenciesGlobalCOM PR-Network. 5. Most of Polish public relations companies have notfound the word moderation in their dictionaries.Planet PR is one of rare exceptions from this ruleCooperating with Planet PR is a real pleasure!Accurately prepared texts, non-standard ideas,great contact. Its nice to cooperate with such aprofessional partner.Planet PR are professionals.They are fast, they dealwith interesting projects and understand well what thecooperation with radio journalists consists in.Cooperating with Planet PR is a pure pleasure. Itmust be appreciated, all the more that it is full ofprofessionalism and nice atmoshpere.Cooperating with Planet PR is working with long-term strategy that can benetall sides involved (monthly - the company - the agency). Good communication,punctuality, ability to work under pressure of time - and we expect it and wereceive it.Jan Stradowski, FOCUSMagdalena Folta, Onet.plMagda Wojto, RMF FMPawe Wachowski, Twoja-Firma.plMEDIA OPINIONSBartosz Reszczyk, Praca i Zdrowie 6. OUR PROJECTS 7. PHYSIO-CONTROLdefibrillators Lifepak AEDAbout access to defibrillation in Poland250 publications about LIFEPAKs brand productsThe success of the brandis the success of its productsmix of education and lobbyingIncrease of saleOVER 600 press releasesHEALTHCARE 8. KENSINGTONInauguration of new product on the marketstronger position of the brand14 special energy zones in PolandOVER 300 publicationsIncrease of AC sale about 30%PRODUCT PR 9. ACCO EDUCATION CAMPAIGNCare of the Ministry of National Education3 000 SCHOOLS from Poland2 500publications300thousands Internet votesIncrease brand awareness= increase of salePRODUCT PR 10. NIGHT OF THE ROBOTS4 000 visitorsPROMOTIONALEVENTOVER 120 PUBLICATIONSPlenty photo gallery on thetechnology and photo blogs20 thousands site users 11. STARFORCE20000 PARTICIPANTSPROMOTIONALEVENTCreating a strong brandStarForce2010isoneofthebesteventsinhistoryofStarWars-David Prowse (Darth Vader)For the BEST PROMOTIONAL EVENTFirst Prize of Festival Promotion cities and areas 12. MARS146in RADIO 133 in TVPUBLICAFFAIRS790PUBLICATIONSStrengthening of positionMars Society in PolandCONNGRATULATORY LETTER FROM representatives of the governmentGOLD AWARD CLIPROVERSof prestigious competition the BEST PR CAMPAIGN in Poland 13. SATUS VENTUREBRANCHEVENTSby media relationsBuilding image of companyOrganization meetings with investorseach with full occupancyCREATING EXPERTSat this events as a mentor 14. GENIUSVIDEO REVIEWSIncrease awareness of brand- INCREASE saleIncrease interest of products1000 publications in 6 monthsIn branch mediaLOTS of PrizesYouTube270 000views on 15. ROCKWOOLFrom country and abroadIntegration the most important customersMilitary competition with special tasksVideo from the eventand comprehensive coordinationScenarioINTEGRATIONEVENT 16. MARKETPLACEWITOKRZYSKIE CZARUJEChanging image of the regionOVER 700Grand Prix of Gold FORMATSIncrease number of tourists 8,5% in 2011OVER 11 000views of TV spotPublications in media 17. PROTEUSstart of second part of projeDEFENCESECTORLocal governments and ministriesThe importance of the efficacy and safety of work74 publications in local media, national and securityMedia publicityPress conference for emergency services,The emergency services and crisis intervention 18. TALOSDEFENCESECTORCommunication in local media, security and AutomaticChallenges associatedwith protection eastern borderPromotional materials showing(Estonia, Romania, Ukraine, Poland) showing effect of the systemInternational movieThe importance security of border and efficiency of customs work 19. ul.Tadeusza Kociuszki 40/630-105 Krakwukasz Wilczyskil.wilczynski@planetpr.pltel. 516 036 036Al. Ujazdowskie 22 lok. 500-478 WarszawaWARSZAWAKRAKW