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by Juanita

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  • 1.Mercury

2. The Planet ItselfClosest to the sun, though not the hottest,Mercury is quite a different planet frommost. 3. The Planet Itself 4. Craters and Mountains Mercury is an easy target for meteoroids and comets to crash onto, hence it has thousands of huge craters. 5. Talking Time Since mercury rotatesvery slowly, time on Mercury is just a little bit twisted. 6. What AstronomersThoughtAstronomers believed that on thepoles of Mercury there waswater ice due to comets. 7. Missions to Mercury Before 2011, only one space craft - Mariner 10- had ever visited Mercury. 8. MESSENGER to MercuryInMarch 2011, MESSENGERwas sent to Mercury, many days sendingback pictures.