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  • @doc Productions, sylvain Demercastel et acacia Films PRESEnT THE DARK LINES THE DARK LINES THE DARK LINES ET BLOW T B L OW PLANET BLOW sUrFING tHe GlOBal WarmING A FILM BY sYlvaIN Demercastel PLANET BLOW THE DARK LINES STARInG : SYLvAIn DEMERCASTEL FABRICE BeaU nICK De WaNNemaeKer MASAHIRO mOtOHasHI JACK ONeIll DAMIEn caster CHRISTOPHE allarY JASOn RATBOY cOllINs 2010 @DOC - SYLvAIn DEMERCASTEL-ACAICIA FILM -2010 PLANET BLOW W W W. P L A n E T B L O W. C O M THE DARK LINES A FILM BY SYLvAIn Demercastel Preview trailer on : COnTACT Benjamin Trochu - @doc Productions : +33 (0)6 20 47 25 87 / Mathias Bernard - Acacia Films : +33 (0)6 42 59 45 12 / THE DARK LINES Sylvain Demercastel : +33 (0)6 88 84 97 94 / THE DARK LINES
  • THE DARK LINES INTRODUCTION THE DARK LINES THE DARK LINES THE DARK LINES sUrFING tHe GlOBal WarmING PLANET BLOW PLANET BLOW P L A N E T B L OW B L OW PLANET BLOW THE DARK LINES It is the bitter ending of a quest that takes us on a tour of a world that is on the brink of disaster yet continues to surf towards its own ruin. In the wake of his first independent film released in 2008, Sylvain Demercastel is releasing a second instalment of the adventures of a group of surfers (surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, etc.), who in their quest for thrills and corners of paradise across the world will ultimately become aware of their own contradictions. By introducing his own character, confronted with his own doubts, Sylvain Demercastel shows us the flip side of a surfing trip for the very first time and produces an ecological science fiction film that shocks and opens our eyes to the extent of the impending disaster. FIlm : PLAnET BLOW the dark lines directed by Sylvain Demercastel Length: 1h15 Format: Full HD Sound: 5.1 and 2.0 stereo Languages: English/French preview in Paris on 14 October at Publicis Champs Elyses released on DvD in December 2010 lIvre PHOtO : PLAnET BLOW by Julian Schlosser, Maxime Houyvet & Sylvain Demercastel Format: 196 pages Paper: 200 g / 100% recyclable - Languages English/French Available in December 2010 SYNOPSIS 2049 Paris: In the midst of an environmental and energy crisis, a jaded artist/surfer looks back on his life 40 years earlier in the form of self-critical flashbacks. From the smoke-filled rooms of his rock music world, tainted with the dark clichs of its genre, he sets out to seek a new start and makes a radical change to his life, joining his childhood friend, a professional surfer and globetrotter. We follow their trail and the story of his disillusionment, with our planet and environmental issues forming the backdrop.
  • THE DARK LINES THE DARK LINES tHe FIlm, BY sYlvaIN Demercastel THE DARK LINES THE DARK LINES scrIPtWrIter aND DIrectOr OF PlaNet BlOW PLANET BLOW B L OW PLANET BLOW THE DARK LINES n tHe OrIGINal IDea An encounter...The film is inspired by real events in Sylvain Demercastels life. Meeting Fabrice Beaux got Sylvain out of the rut he had been in since the death of his friend Pascal Sternberg (a Green party councillor) in the nanterre massacre in 2002. A need to create. A desire to talk in a variety of forms: speech, image and sound. Perhaps an atonement... n le FIlm This is where Baraka meets Endless Summer meets Soylent Green An artistic feat blending emotional images and photographic quality. 80% of the movie filmed using cameras and specific lenses obtaining a Cinema image poles apart from conventional documen- taries or surf movies. A deliberately aesthetic focus to attract. but most of all, to wake up. 2 years of work. no salary. n la BIO A film-maker, composer and photographer. But also a scout for surfing and windsurfing locations. Sylvain is a globetrotting artist who became aware of environmental issues at a very early stage. He entered the world of politics with the Green Party in 1989. A green activist and keen reader of Andr Gorz, Ren Dumont and James Lovelock, he stopped campaigning following the nanterre massacre in 2002 in which his best friend and Green councillor Pascal Sternberg was killed. Since then, he has drawn on the full range of his various talents (film-making, journalism, photography, founder and leader of the rock group Artsonic) to alert and propose a framework for interpretation, repositioning mankind as an integral part of the ecosystem, whereas many others see humans as standing apart. In this second instalment of his global Planet Blow project, he shares with us a futuristic biography in which the artistic aspect and time lapse (2049) make it possible to say things without moralising. This is only one possible future and they are only the words of one man. not a universal truth. His intention is to leave the way open for the films viewers to take on board the positive message by taking action right now. Sylvain Demercastel is currently working on the film adaptation of Planet Blow. n les PersONNaGes Fabrice BeaUX / One of the worlds top windsurfers. USA champion in 2000. Team ONeill. nick De WaNNemaeKer / Second in the 2008 Belgian Windsurfing Championship. Team ONeill. Masahiro mOtOHasHI / Japans No. 1 windsurfer. Team ONeill. Jack ONeIll / Creator of the first surf suit in 1952. He appears in the film and expresses an unusual view of our world. Damien castera / Professional surfer. Winner of the 2010 European Cup. Team ONeill Christophe allarY / Professional surfer. 5th place in the ONeill Cold Water Classic 2009. Team ONeill Jason RATBOY cOllINs / Surf legend. Team ONeill
  • THE DARK LINES INtervIeW WItH sYlvaIN Demercastel THE DARK LINES THE DARK LINES THE DARK LINES PLANET BLOW n What prompted you to make a film about surfing? P L A N E T B L OW PLANET BLOW A desire to get away from clichs and portray another aspect of surf sports. To show that surfers have a ringside seat when it comes to seeing what is currently B L OW happening acrossHourA R K L I N E S T E D planet. PLANET BLOW n Why such a radical film? Actually, it seems to me that the real-life situation is more radical than the film. After all, Im only showing things that already exist. We didnt need to add any special effects. n the film is very finely crafted. How did you pick your team? Ive been working in the arts for almost 20 years. Ive been involved in a number of projects over the years and met and established links with a lot of talented people. I only worked with people I have known for a long time and who know how to work as a team, while bringing a definite something extra. n How was shooting organised? A year and a half of shooting to fit in with climate and budget constraints and the availabilities of each member of the team. Above all, our dates were dictated by the weather, something we had to constantly juggle with. n visually, there is no sign of any budget restrictions at all Thats undoubtedly related to the teams intens