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Following on the success of 2013 - when FundedByMe raised more than €4.2 million for European entrepreneurs from its rapidly-growing membership base, which recently crossed 32,000 – FundedByMe confirmed that one of Wired UK’s top 100 European startups has launched also Asia. The company has opened up an office in Singapore, adding to the existing country list that includes Finland, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Italy and Germany.

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2. WIRED UK lists FundedByMe as one of Europes 100 hottest startups Winner of the White Bull Award Winner of Spiltans Sollos Award Winner of Swedish People Choice in the Nordic Startup Awards AWARDS 3. FundedByMe daily trac GLOBAL FROM DAY 1 4. Top 3 globally in Equity Crowdfunding 32,000 registered users Oering both Equity and Reward-based Crowdfunding Crowd-lending from Q2 2014 Over 4,5 Million raised in total so far. (95% of the total in 2013) 22 Equity campaigns closed to date and more then 500 Reward-based Average Equity campaign 100-150k. Average investment 1400 Oces in The Nordics, Spain, Italy, Singapore & Germany = Cross-border investments. 6% fee on all money raised + listing fee (adding extra revenue models Q2) 18 internationally experienced team members: 10 HQ and 8 International. Strategic partnerships: IE Business School, U-Start, Accelerace FUNDEDBYME AT A GLANCE 5. Current We charge a 6% success-based fee on money raised 500 Listing fee on Equity Crowdfunding Future Additional products offered e.g. Crowd-Lending (Q1-Q2 2014) Premium membership/VIP offerings Partnership Program BUSINESS MODEL 6. FUNDEDBYME TRENDS - 2013 Continuous growth of submitted companies Jan 2013 to dec 2013 Steady growth of members Aggregated data Jan 2013 to Dec 2013 Best week 2-8 dec 2013 7. ORGANIZATION CEO Co-Founder Daniel Daboczy COO Pontus Frohde Country Manager Finland Kristiina Pkknen Country Manager Denmark Christian Gabriel Country Manager Norway Aleksander Langmyhr Country Manager Spain Miguel Angel Trujillo Country Manager Germany Harald Schottenloher CTO Co Founder Arno Smit Developer Rebecca Meritz Developer 2 Ana Hristova Developer TBH Country Manager Sweden TBH KAM Cathrine sklint Country Manager Italy Vittorio Mauri CMO Susan Sjlund Product Manager Siam Choudhury CFO Pontus Dahlstrm 8. EXPERIENCED TEAM This international team includes people from Facebook, Spotify, Microsoft, Klarna, other startups, venture capital firms, family offices and business schools Board Experience in exit and IPO, team development and international growth Country managers carefully selected overseen by experienced COO 9. Board of Directors Johan Jrgensen, Chairman Mikael Pawlo Pontus Dahlstrm Daniel Daboczy Arno Smit Pontus Frohde (Adjunct) Anders Lindqvist (Adjunct) BOARD AND ADVISORS Advisory Board Mengmeng Du Spotify Ingmar Renzhog Laika Invest Per Bystedt Spray, Neonode Henrik Kniberg Spotify Jonas DrombergMalte Behrman Per Schtt Bengt kesson 10. March 2011: FundedByMe launched by Arno Smit and Daniel Daboczy. Version 1- Reward-based August 2011: First major success story: Flippin Burgers January 2012: First investment. Innovationsbron, cash injection from existing owners & business angel June 2012: Vinnova government grant received August 2012: First employee hired September 2012: Major pivot into Equity crowdfunding October 2012: First major business angels and board setup. First developer hired. January 2013: First Equity crowdfunding campaigns closed sucessfully March 2013: Key personnel hired - COO and CMO March 2013: Finland launches April 2013: Denmark launches July 2013: Spain and Norway launches September 2013: Singapore, Germany, and Italy collaborations launches October 2013: White Bull Bully Award winners. Wired magazine Top 100 Startups in Europe November 2013: Version 2.0 fully launched. Records on traffic and conversion broken December 2013: decision to enter crowd lending MAJOR MILESTONES 11. FINANCIALS AND DEVELOPMENT 2013 the startup year with modest revenue, building the organization and momentum 2014 sales increase and working towards break-even 2015 seen as the healthy year Eective cost structure given; Strong international presence with high quality local sta and oces Legal compliance and due diligence Re-launched and redesigned the entire platform 12. Approximately 1,2 million raised so far from management, business angels, government (Innovationsbron, Vinnova), crowdfunding and convertible loans. This has taken us to 18 employees, 8 countries and strong position on the crowd investing scene. Plan for additional funds Q1-Q2 2014 Angels, equity crowdfunding and Private Equity Used for continued growth: geographic / marketing / dev team /new products Q4 2014 VC A-round used for Capitalization for development, growth, marketing, branding and sta. Asian in depth penetration. Market penetration Also looking for Singaporean investor to invest up to 500.000 SG for major holding in JV PLANS AND HISTORICAL FUNDRAISING 13. We are a major company in the making, with global aspirations We have a unique oering: equity, lending and reward crowdfunding We are changing the world of nance. For investors and entrepreneurs We have kept steady and fast growth and over-delivered The timing is perfect We are attracting the best people - and keeping them We are trusted and regarded by investors, press and entrepreneurs We will generate positive cash ow and are highly likely to be acquired in the near future We are super focussed and determined to succeed Equity crowdfunding grew by more than 600 per cent between 2012 and 2013, says Nesta. WHY INVEST? 14. Development plan The next things to happen are: to establish our current markets, test new vehicles to increase member aquisition and growth. Focus on POD and monetization. WE ARE HERE Phase 1 Equity pivot, product 2.0, staffing, early positioning Phase 2 Monetization, conversion, establishment, KYC Phase 3 Harvesting, launch of peer-to- company lending Phase 4 Self sufficient, further growth, M&A We are here