Pipe Insulation THK Calculation

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Insulation Thickness calculation of pipe INPUT Output INPUT REQUIRED 30 303.15 40 313.15 120 393.15 80 2 k Thermal Conductivity of insulation at Mean Temp in W/m 0.038 L Length of pipe in mm 50000 D Actual OD of Pipe in mm 114.3 mm 90 For Horizontal Pipe use below formul h 9.8 For Vertical Pipe use below formula Surface ε A B Aluminum, Bright Rolled 0.05 0.25 0.27 Aluminum, Oxidized 0.13 0.31 0.33 Steel 0.15 0.32 0.34 Galvanised Sheet Metal, Dusty Pipe Surface 0.44 0.53 0.55 Non Metalic Surfaces 0.95 0.85 0.87 For Carbon Steel Pipe Consider "A" 0.53 0 C 0 K Ta Ambient Temperature in 0 C Ts Actual/Desire Insulation Surface Temperature Required Th Bare Pipe Wall Temperature in 0 C Tm Mean Temperature in 0 C (Th + Ts) Refer Ca of Insu Mater ΔT Temp. difference between Bare pipe & Ambient (Th-Ta) in Calculate Surface Heat Transfer Coefficient in W/m 2 -C IF Δ T is less than 150 0 C use below formula W/m 2 -C Refer Below Table for value of A & B
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Transcript of Pipe Insulation THK Calculation

INU1 Cutput0C0k1a30 303131s40 313131h120 39313(1h + 1s)2k 0038L 30000D 1143 mm1 90h 98W/m2C

003 023 027013 031 033013 032 034044 033 033093 083 0870S3noLe0k 2731S + 0CV 277h 2228ks 1/h 0102m20C/WLengLh of plpe ln mmINU1 kLUIkLDCa|cu|ate Surface 1herma| kes|stance |n m20C]WSurface 1hermal 8eslsLanceIor Carbon Stee| |pe Cons|der II 1 |s more than 1S0 0C use be|ow formu|alumlnum CxldlzedSLeelCalvanlsed SheeL MeLal uusLy lpe Surfacenon MeLallc SurfacesSurfacelumlnum 8rlghL 8olled1hermal ConducLlvlLy of lnsulaLlon aL Mean 1emp ln W/mCCa|cu|ate Surface neat 1ransfer Coeff|c|ent |n W]m2Clor PorlzonLal lpe use below formulalor verLlcal lpe use below formula8efer 8elow 1able for value of 8efer CalLalouge of lnsulaLlon MaLerlalcLual Cu of lpe ln mm1emp dlfference beLween 8are plpe mblenL (1h1a) ln 0CII 1 |s |ess than 1S0 0C use be|ow formu|a1he temperature must be enter |n 0kerage Ve|oc|ty of |r |n m]sneat 1ransfer Coeff|c|ent |n W]m20kInsu|at|on 1h|ckness ca|cu|at|on of p|pemblenL 1emperaLure ln 0C8are lpe Wall 1emperaLure ln 0CcLual/ueslre lnsulaLlon Surface 1emperaLure 8equlred ln 0CMean 1emperaLure ln 0C1m80k|0816m20C/Wtk 31 mmWherer1 37 mmLLk39 mm4 mmWlLh lumlnum Claddlng 031h|36W/m2C 3048m21hen use below formula Lo calculaLe PeaL Loss ln waLLsn 109728WaLLsnoLeLqulvalenL 1hlckness of lnsulaLlon for lpelor Cold surface 1s ls Lo be subsLlLuLed wlLh uew olnL LemperaLure 1dpa|cu|ate neat Lss after |nsu|at|nSe|ected Insu|at|n 1nSurface rea of lnsulaLed lpe ln m2llrsL CalculaLe Surface PeaL 1ransfer CoefflclenL afLer lnsulaLlon1hermal 8eslsLance of lnsulaLlon ln m20C/Wa|cu|ate 1h|ckness f Insu|at|n |n mm8l x k x1000a|cu|ate Lqu|a|ent 1h|ckness f Insu|at|n fr |peuse below glven formula8adlus of lpea|cu|ate 1herma| kes|stance f Insu|at|n |n m2

$Juse below glven formulaInsu|at|on 1ype Manufactur|ng rocess 1emp kange App||cat|on kecommendat|onso|ystyreneAn organlc form made by polymerlzlng sLyrene167 0C to 82 0CMalnly used ln cool rooms refrlgeraLlon plplng and concreLe reLalnlng sLrucLureAdvanLages 8lgld LlghL welghLulsadvanLages CombusLlble has low melLlng polnL ls uv degradable suscepLlble Lo aLLacks by solvenLo|yurethaneMade by reacLlng lsocyanayes and alcohols Made ln conLlnuous slab or foamed ln slLu178 0C to 4 0CMalnly used ln cold room refrlgeraLed LransporLs deep freezlng cablnaLes refrlgeraLlon plplng floor and foundaLlon lnsulaLlonAdvanLages Closed cell sLrucLure low denslLy and hlgh mechanlcal sLrengLhulsadvanLages CombusLlble produces Loxlc vapours and has a Lendecy Lo smoulderkockwoo| (M|nera| I|bre)ManufacLured by melLlng basalL and coke ln a cupola aL abouL 1300 0C henollc blnders usedUp to 820 0CMalnly used Lo lnsulaLe lndusLrlal ovens PeaL Lxchangers urlers 8oller Plgh 1emperaLure lplngPas wlde denslLy range avallable ln maLLs blankeLs loose form or preformed for plpe lnsulaLlon lL ls chemlcally lnerL noncorroslve and malnLalns mechanlcal sLrengLh durlng handllngI|berg|asslormed by bondlng glass flbres wlLh LhermoseLLlng reslnup to S40 0C Same as aboveWlll noL seLLle or dlslnLegraLe wlLh agelng SllghLly alkallne P9 Should noL promoLe or acceleraLe Lhe corroslon of sLeel provlded lL ls proLecLed from exLernal conLamlnaLlonCa|c|um S|||cateMade from anhydrous calclum slllcaLe maLerlal relnforced wlLh a nonasbesros blnder Avallable ln slab form of varlous slzesup to 10S0 0CMalnly used Lo lnsulaLe furnace walls flre boxes backup refracLory flue llnlng and bollersPas a mlnuLe alr cell sLrucLure low Lhermal conducLlvlLy and wlll reLalned ln slze shape ln lLs useable Lemp range LlghLwelghL buL good sLrucLural sLrengLh lL can wlLhsLand mechanlcal abraslon lL wlll noL burn or roL ls molsLure reslsLance noncorroslveCeram|c I|breMade from hlgh purlLy alumlna slllca gralns melLed ln an elecLrlc furnace blasLed by hlgh veloclLy gases lnro llghL fluffy flbres Made ln a verleLy of formsup to 1430 0CMalnly used Lo lnsulaLe furnace klln backup refracLory flre boxes glass feeder bowls lnducLlon coll lnsulaLlon hlgh LemperaLure gaskeL and wrapplng maLerlalSulLable for many appllcaLlons becouse of Lhe varlLy of forms 1hese lnclude cloLh felL Lape coaLlng cemenLs and varlform casLable (flre brlck)1ype of Insu|at|on Mater|a|