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Presentation for Educators/Administrators of Mediapolis District 10-30-13

Transcript of Pinterest & You

  • + PINTEREST & YOU Jennifer Woodley Communication Specialist Great Prairie AEA
  • + Hello @jenwoodley24 Communications Specialist Internal/External Communications News Blogs & E-News (The Cornerstone) Website Social Media Diva Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn , Pinterest, Google+
  • + Hello @iamDublin Puppy Tweets
  • + Social media defines the activities that integrate technology, social interaction and the sharing of words, images, video and audio.
  • + More simply put Social media is people having conversations online. DID YOU SEE THIS? OMG! RT!
  • + Social Media & You How many of you Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Google+ Pinterest Instagram Vine Tumblr Foursquare
  • + Social Media by Internet Users 67% Facebook 16% Twitter 15% Pinterest 13% Instagram 6% Tumblr
  • + Social Media Users by Gender 71% Females 62% Males 1. Facebook 1. Facebook 2. Pinterest 2. Twitter 3. Instagram 3. Instagram 4. Twitter 4. Tumblr 5. Tumblr 5. Pinterest
  • + GPAEA Uses Social Media
  • + Launched in 2010
  • + What is Pinterest? An animated video.
  • + FUN FACT Ben Silbermann, CEO &CoFounder of Pinterest born/raised in Des Moines Go IOWA!
  • + The Basics 70 million+ users Pinterest Pages are made up of boards Pinterest helps people organize the things they love through the use of pins Boards showcase your brands themes, ideas, topics of interest Follow & be followed Create guest (collaborative) boards A pin can consist of an image or video People pin quotes, styles, gifts, destination s, recipes, etc.
  • + Pins Pins A pin is an image (or video) you add to Pinterest that links back to the website it came from. Pin it from a website Re-pin within Pinterest Where do pins come from? How can you tell if a pin is quality?
  • + Boards Boards A board is where you collect your pins. Can be secret or public and you can invite friends to pin with you on any of your boards. Make boards for anything and everything! Group Boards Cover Photo
  • + Home Feed When you first log in, you land in your home feed. Collection of the pins from the pinners/boards that you follow. (also recommendations from Pinterest) Home base, if you want to find it again, click on Pinterest logo.
  • + Following Following people and boards is how you fill up your home feed with interesting stuff. Its all about what you like, not who you know! If you want to follow someone, click on Follow All on their profile or Follow Board on individual boards. Group Boards
  • + Search & Category Use the Search box to find something specific. Toggle between Pins Boards Pinners Just my pins Category Menu lets you search within specific categories. #Hashtags
  • + Copyright & Attribution ight/ Pinterest ("Pinterest") respects the intellectual property rights of others and expects its users to do the same. Pinterest buying Metadata rights to Getty Images, Flickr, etc. Remember! Give credit and link to original source
  • + Create a Pinterest Account
  • + Your Pinterest Account Profile Notifications Click on your name, then Your Boards or Your Pins Tell you when someone likes, pins or follows you. Account Settings Click on your name, then Settings to make changes.
  • + How to Pin Add a pin with the Pin It button: Select the image you'd like to pin Choose the board for your pin and add a description Click Pin It Type in the website's address Find an image on a website that you want to pin and click the Pin It button Hover over the profile menu and click Add pin Add the Pin It button to your browser Find a pin from a website: Click Find Images Upload a pin from your computer: Hover over the profile menu and click Add pin Click Choose Pin and find the file on your computer Choose the board you'll pin to and add a description to your pin Click Pin It
  • + How to RePin You can repin any pin you've found on Pinterest to your own board. When you repin, the user who first pinned the image will also get credit. A repin keeps the source of the original pin no matter how many times its repinned. To repin a pin: Hover over the pin and click Pin It. Or, open up the pin to the large view and click Pin It. Choose the board you'll pin to and add a description to your pin. Click Pin It.
  • + Who should I follow? Iowas AEAs - Mepo Schools - Edutopia - ASCD -
  • + Pinterest Hunt
  • + 1. Create a new board Click on the + by your name or go to Your Boards to create a new board. Name it "Pinterest Hunt
  • + Pin/RePin to your new board a resource for Common Core lessons ideas to keep kids reading over the summer how to organize a teacher portfolio an iPad app you can use for your grade level and subject area ideas to help middle school struggling readers ways to increase student engagement that use technology ideas to celebrate Earth Day (April 22, 2014) in your classroom ideas for using technology in the Language Arts classroom resources for "flipped learning
  • + Share your board! Share with at least one other person in the room. Invite people to your board Go to the board and click Edit Enter the first and last name (or email address) of the invitee under Who can pin? Click his/her name once it loads Note: You must follow at least one of the persons boards in order to invite him/her Repeat for any other people you'd like to add Click Save Changes
  • + MepoSchools
  • + MepoSchools&Pinterest Collaborate! Share resources within your subject area or grade level Create boards for: Parents Students Community Members About your District (link back to your website)
  • + Talk Amongst Yourselves! How can you use Pinterest as an Educator? in your classroom?
  • + Your Classroom &Pinterest
  • + Education &Pinterest Market Research Visual Storytelling/Custom Pinboards Collaboration Guest Pinners Contests Alumni/Nostalgia Educational Campaigns
  • + Overwhelmed yet?
  • + Social Media Tips for Educators Dont friend current students/parents Dont post anything you wouldnt want in the newspaper Ask your friends to be mindful when posting pictures of you Check your privacy settings Dont argue
  • + Resources & PP: Contact: Jennifer Woodley @jenwoodley24 Connect with GPAEA: Thank you!
  • + Sources Videos What is Pinterest? An animated video. Photos (subscription) Statistics Pew Internet, http://www.pewintern Public Assembly Webinar, com/watch?v=vqLM3zGsbgg &