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Pinterest tools which will automate most of your task on Pinterest or will help you to increase the vitality of your pinned posts. Check out these awesome 11 Pinterest tools. Link:

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  • 1. Make Your Pinterest Account ShineWith These 11 Pinterest Tools

2. No other social media outlet has gainedthe traction as compared to Pinterest.The company is now at a staggering $5Billion valuation, which makes it the fourthmost valued social network in the USA,behind Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.Pinterest has surpassed Twitter in popularityin the USA.The site receives over 53 Million monthlyactive users. 3. There are many tools for making themost of this network, 4. The beauty of theimages you pinmatter the moston this network,and should be thefirst thing youshould work on!http://www.shoutmeloud.comPicMonkey allowsyou to create slickimages and collagefor your website orproduct promotion.This is a featurerich andfreemium photoeditor for workingon your images.PicMonkey 5. It is a greattool for makingyour Pinterestboards morefun.http://www.shoutmeloud.comUse this toolfor addinga fresh lightof creativity toyour Pins.It allows usersto create pinsfrom Websites,quotes, text,music, Twitterhandle andimages.Pinstamatic 6. 321Share as an imageFormerly knownas Pin-a-quote,it is a handyextension thatwould allow youto immediatelycreate quotesready to pinfrom anywebpage.http://www.shoutmeloud.comThe tool isavailable as abookmarklet foryour browser,which can bedragged anddropped to yourtoolbar.These imagescan be shareddirectly todifferent socialnetworks,includingPinterest, oreven saved toyour computer. 7. Formerly knownas PinWoot,This is a greattool for findingfollowers foryour Pinterestaccount.You can alsoschedule yourpins withViralWoot,using theirbookmarklet.It also letsyou promoteyour pinsand handlemultipleaccounts ata time.A musthave toolfor everyseriousPinterestuser.http://www.shoutmeloud.comViralWoot 8. PinvolvePinvolve is what makessharing between socialnetworks much easier thanever before!http://www.shoutmeloud.comPinvolve allows you toincrease your visibility bysyncing between yourFacebook and Pinterestimages. 9. Formerly known as Pingraphy,ViralTag allows users to pickvisual content from webpagesand pin it directly to theiraccount. Its powerful calendar allows youto schedule your Pins easily byadding images, adding text andoverlay quotes beforehand. It also provides adashboard to trackyour Pinterestperformance andsuggest tips forincreasing ROI. ViralTag comes in ata steep price of$99/month.ViralTag 10. TailWind, formerly known asPinLeague is one of the besttracking tools for Pinterest.TailWind is a great tool foradvanced Pinterest analytics.It allows monitoring of growth offans, likes and actions on youraccount.You can also optimize your contentfor being published on the bestperforming time of the day.http://www.shoutmeloud.comTailWind 11. http://www.shoutmeloud.comPin AlertsPin Alerts is agreat spying tool forkeeping track ofpeople pinning yourimages or evenfrom yourcompetitors! It isalso a great tool toanalyse content thatgets shared themost. 12. Piqora 13. o Pinterest analytics is abuilt-in Pinterest tool forbusinesses.o To use this tool, allyou would need is toverify your website orhave a page with awebsite alreadyattached to it.http://www.shoutmeloud.comAnalyticso You can keep track of pins, re-pins,impressions, followers, etc allfrom their in-house analytics tool!o This is a decent tool for keepingtrack of your performance onPinterest but it doesnt highlightall of your Pinterest activity. 14. ShopInTolthttp://www.shoutmeloud.comShopInToIt,formerly knownasShopInterest isa great toolto create yourown E-Commercestore usingyour Pinterestaccount.If you arentselling anyphysicalproducts onPinterest, youmight bemissing out ona greatmonetizingpotential.80% ofPinterestusersareWomen! 15. So what are you waiting for?Read Detailed Post At Shoutmeloud.com