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In this presentation John Rampton goes over tips and tricks to optimize your Pinterest account and gain lots of traffic to your business. Pinterest is all about community, being part of a community is one of the most import thing and keys to making Pinterest work. Included is a one hour plan to get explosive traffic while not taking all your time!

Transcript of Pinterest Tips: One Hour A Week To Rock Your Pinterest Account

  • 1. Connect all your accountsand share.

2. This will help more peoplesee your pins. It will also show up in morestreams the more youshare. It will also cause your pinsto rank higher because ofsocial signals. 3. Tag other pinners in yourposts. 4. This will show up in theirnotifications (most of the timewill email them as well.) Use @username to tag theirname. You have to be friends to beable to tag them. 5. "Like" and comment onother peoples pins. 6. It's the 99/1 rule. You should be liking,sharing, pinning andcommenting on 99%of the posts and then1% of the time youare allowed to postsomething selfpromotional. Pinterest is aboutcommunity. Be partof a community. 7. Write InformativeDescription. 8. The better the description, themore engagement. Remember Use #hashtags You can even put yourbusiness or product in there 9. Top iPhone apps to createbeautiful pins. 10. PicArt Over BeautifulMess 11. Auto add a Pin to everyphoto. 12. Pinterest ImagePinner (Install this on yoursite to put a pin button onevery photo.) 13. Replace your site withyour website URL. 14. This will show you everyone pinning your images. 15. Add the price of youproducts. 16. Simply add $symbol followed bythe price in yourimage description. Will feature them inthe gifts section. 17. Pin images of trendingnews in your niche. 18. This is a great way to gainTONS of followers and lotsof re-pins. I got 650k Unique Visitorsto one article throughPinterest. 19. Postris. 20. Use this to see trends in your particular niche and gaininspiration for what people are searching and actually repinning.This is meant for Instagram but works like a charm for Pinterest. 21. ViralTag 22. Schedule out pins in advance. I like to plan things out a week ormonth in advance! Cost = $29/month 23. Use NinjaPinner. 24. This will automate following, unfollowing and liking pins.P.S. dont auto unfollow people. Dont be that guy. 25. Here is a 1 hour a weekPlan 26. Use ViralTag to schedule pins forthe next 7 days. Go to Pinterest, visit 30-50 pinsthat are popular to your nicheand comment. Next go to NinjaPinner and haveit follow people that add you. Go into Google Analytics andcheck your stats. 27. John Rampton @johnrampton