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LIS 408: User Instruction Final Project: Pinterest Instructional Presentation

Transcript of Pinterest Instructional

  • Interactive interest Workshop

    Julie Goldman 2013

  • Why Pinterest

    People come together on Pinterest based upon similar aesthetic or taste

  • Agenda

    Pinterest starters

    Pinterest content

    Pinterest strategies

  • Pinterest Starters

    What is it? Sign Up Lingo

  • What is Pinterest?

    tool for collecting and organizing things you love

    pinboard-style photo-sharing website

    create & manage theme-based image collections

    events, interests, hobbies

  • Which Account?



  • Sign Up

  • Sign Upsign up :

    pick a username

    choose a password

    add a photo

    use keywords to describe who you are, what value you offer and what youll pin

  • Link Social Networks

    do you have Facebook and/or Twitter?

    sign-in and link your accounts

  • Lingoboard: page where you organize your pins

    pin: image bookmark to original source

    repin: reposting a users pin to your own boards

    follow: subscribe to a users pins or boards

    comment: write a note about a pin


  • Pinterest Content

    Borads Pins Search Follow

  • Creating Boardsclick Create Board

    name your board

    write a description

    choose a category

    is it secret or public?

    youre ready to start pinning!

  • Creating Boards

  • What do you want to pin?

  • Food Crafts





    Funny Stuff




  • 3 Ways to Pin

  • Repinrepin a pin already in Pinterest

    click the Pin it button

    choose a board

    modify the description


  • Lets look at this in action!

  • Upload a Pindo you have a picture you want to share?

    upload an image directly from your computer

    only link to the image, not a website

  • Lets look at this in action!

  • Website Pinwebsites with will have a Pin it button

    choose the image to pin to link to the website

    similar to Facebook sharing or Tweeting

  • Lets look at this in action!

  • Pin It Button

  • Lets look at this in action!

  • Searching

  • Categories

    home feed: pins from the people and boards you follow, including your own pins

    popular: the most popular, recent pins

    everything: recent pins from all categories and all Pinterest users

  • Searching

  • Following

    people: youll see that persons pins in your home feed and you follow all their boards

    boards: you see only pins added to that specific board in your home feed

    you can unfollow people or boards any time

  • Follow People

  • Follow Boards

  • Following

  • Find Friendsfind friends through Facebook or Twitter




    find friends with their name:

    1. click your name in the top right corner 2. click Find Friends from the drop-down menu 3. your friends who use Pinterest will appear 4. click the Follow button for friends you'd like to follow

    1. type the name in the search box 2. click the Pinners tab to make it a people search 3. click the Follow button for anyone you'd like to follow

    note: your friends may not appear if they aren't registered for Pinterest or if they are listed under a different name

  • 2 Questions?

  • Pinterest Strategies

    Evaluating Marketing Tips Apps

  • Evaluating



  • For Your Business

  • Business Account!


    Go to

    Select your business type

    Update your contact name and email

    Fill in your profile

  • Business

  • Business

  • Marketing

    The easier it is for people to discover your products and content, the more

    people youll reach and inspire

  • 5 Big TipsCreate very specific boards

    Follow a lot of people

    Pin from your favorite sites

    Search pins to find inspiration

    Write descriptions and comment

  • Apps


    follow me on Pinterest!

    add your own profile!