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You've Heard of Pinterest, Correct? Everyone seems to be talking about Pinterest. So, why is Pinterest a good choice for your business? In many cases, Pinterest is driving more traffic to websites than any other social network More Pinterest followers use Pinterest to engage or associate with brands and retailers than any other social network 69% of Pinterest users found the item they eventually purchased on Pinterest Pinterest users use it to keep up with latest trends and interests The "Pin-It" button on your website gets clicked 10x more often than the "Tweet This" button. Convinced? You should be. We offer client-only classes on a bi-weekly basis with no more than 6 clients per class.

Transcript of Pinterest for Business - Making the most of your Business Pinterest Account

  • 1.Pinterest For Business Making the most of your Pinterest Presence Allyson Shoshana, Project Manager, Design Spike, Inc

2. Todays Agenda Set up your business Pinterest account ( Fill out your profile Optimizing your Pinterest boards Strategies for Businesses on Pinterest 3. Why Use Pinterest? 69% of online customers found the items they bought on Pinterest 25% of Fortune Global 100 companies are on Pinterest 70% of brand engagement on Pinterest is user generated One image can result in over a thousand webpage views Pinterest generates more referral traffic than YouTube, Google+, & LinkedIn, all combined. 4. Who Uses Pinterest? Women under 50, white, college educated Largest groups of women: 18-49 Household income between $50,000 & $74,999 (followed by over $75,000) Majority of women are rural followed by suburban 50% have children at home 5. Getting Started Head on over to Optimize your profile use your business name as your user name and fill out all profile information 6. Add Pin it button to your browser 7. Add Pinterest tab to your FB Page Tutorial 8. Verify your website Verify 9. Add Pin It button to your website 10. Use Pinterest analytics 11. Lets talk strategy 12. If You Build It. They wont exactly come, but you can help them get there! Pick a specific topic & create boards focused on that. Make your board the best on the subject. But take your time. 13. Create boards your followers/customers will be interested in. Mix it up with cat boards Make boards of things they will love Add boards for things they have a hard time finding Make a few boards about your product Combine inspiration, motivation, brand and products or services 14. Create boards with keywords currently being used on your site. Web Design Web Development Social Media Strategy Search Engines SEO 15. Promote it. Social Media, your website, blog post, newsletter. Dont be shy! Make a list your social media accounts and create a series of posts cross post when you can and when it is appropriate. 16. Start following. Stalk a little. Dont be afraid, go follow some peops. Get out there and mingle! Follow those you would like to have follow you. Set a goal to follow in groups of 10 for a few days. Like some of their pins. Repin. 17. Add descriptions to your pins And links. And hashtags. Use these links to drive traffic to your website. So just dont pin from your site. Use links. Descriptions = keywords Hashtags = more search friendly. Perfect for campaigns. Perfect for events. 18. Create boards that define your brand. Dont just pin your stuff. Pin things that define you. If youre in art, pin art. If youre in beauty, pin beauty. If youre in Spokane, pin Spokane. Pin things associated with your brand. 19. Make your board titles catchy. See Sephora slide =) Be creative. Be funny. Sexxy Fonts Brain Art Geek Code My Imaginary Well Dressed Toddler 20. Be social for goodness sakes! This is an online community. That means more than you. Comment on Pins Like Pins Repin 21. Once you start pinning, keep pinning. Make time. You control your schedule for marketing, it does not control you. 22. So what do I pin? 23. Pin product images 24. Pin Infographics 25. Pin pictures of employees 26. Pin workplace culture 27. Pin blog posts 28. Pin customer testimonials 29. Pin local images 30. Pin trendy topics 31. Pin how to 32. Get more repins and pins 33. Use about 200 characters in your description 34. Include the price 35. Use rich pins 36. Orange/Red toned images are repinned more often than blues 37. Multi-colored images are repinned more often than single tones 38. Taller images are way more repinnable 39. Your most pinnable and repinnable words. Thanks to Dan Zarrella for this. 40. Thanks!