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Our class guide for our public education Pinterest class, created by Sara McKinley.

Transcript of Pinterest Basics

  • 1. www.pinterest.comInstructor: Sara McKinley

2. Ever used one of these? 3. Did you or someone youknow collectarticles, magazinecutouts, notes, photos orrecipes and pin them to acork board like this?Maybe you still have one? 4. What is Pinterest?Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard.Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful thingsyou find on the web. People use pinboards to plan theirweddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favoriterecipes.Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people.Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things andget inspiration from people who share your interests. 5. What is a Pin?A Pin is a visual representation of a link to the original source ofinformation. For example, clicking on the picture (Pin) of the Hamand Potato Casserole takes you to the recipe on the originalwebsite. 6. What is a Pinboard?A Pinboard is a collection of Pins centered around a particulartheme. 7. Its the cork board if the digital age! Now you can save all of thatvaluable, inspiring or entertaining information on the Internet in afun and interesting way. 8. ExamplesRedecorate yourHome!Savepatterns, furniture, andaccessories that catchyour eye. Use asinspiration or evencreate a wishlist ofproducts you plan tobuy so that you canremember where topurchase them later. 9. ExamplesPlan a Wedding!Pick outcolors, flowers, cakes,clothing, gift ideas, andmore. Family andfriends could evenleave comments andsuggestions. 10. Searching for a PinTyped how to change oil in the searchbar 11. Searching for a PinFound several Pins about how to changethe oil in my car 12. Viewing a Pin When I click on the Pin, I can seeMore Pins on the Pinboardsome more information about it.this person pinned the articletoThe website source of thePin Who originally created the Pin andOther Pins from theanysame sourcecomments about it 13. Viewing a PinIf I want to look at the website or article the Pin isreferring to, I can simply click on the picture. 14. Viewing a PinIs this article on howto change the oil inmy car somethinguseful that I wouldlike to read againlater? 15. RepinningIf so, I can click the Repin button to add it to one ofmy Pinboards. 16. RepinningWhen I click the Repin button, anew window will appear where Ican choose the Pinboard I wouldlike to Pin it to (or create a newPinboard if I dont have one for ityet). I can also edit the Pinsdescription. When Im finished Ican click the Pin It button andmy new Pin will appear on theboard Ive chosen. 17. RepinningHere is mynew Pinon myDIY/CraftingPinboard.Now I canread thatarticle againwhenever Iwant. 18. SocializingThere is also a social aspect to Pinterest in that you can Like a pin(much like Liking a post on Facebook) or you can comment on aPin. 19. SharingYou can also Share a Pin with others on Facebook, Twitter or byemail. 20. Browsing PinsIf you dont havesomething specific tosearch for and are justlooking for inspiration,try browsing byCategories or seewhats Popular. 21. The Pin It ButtonNot only can you Repin what others have alreadyPinned on Pinterest, but you can also create new Pinsyourself while browsing the Internet. There are severalways to do this. For example, you can Pin things that you find while browsing the Internet by using the handy Pin It button often found on websites. 22. The Pin It BookmarkletYou can also add a Pin It Bookmarklet button toyour Internet browsers toolbar to make pinning thingsyou find on the Internet even easier when a Pin Itbutton isnt available on the website itself. 23. The Pinterest AppTheres even anApp for Pinterest be inspired andpin wherever yougo on yoursmartphone ortablet. 24. How do I sign up?Go to www.pinterest.comSign up with yourFacebook or Twitteraccount if you haveone.(or)Sign up using youremail address. 25. How do I sign up?If you choose to use your Facebook or Twitter account for Pinterest,you will sign in with your usual Facebook or Twitter username andpassword on a page like the ones below: 26. How do I sign up?If you choose to create anaccount using an emailaddress rather than aFacebook or Twitteraccount, you will create aUsername, enter your Emailaddress, create apassword, enter your Firstand Last name, and selectyour gender. You can alsoupload a profile photo (if youused a Facebook or Twitteraccount instead, your profilephoto will updateautomatically to match yourFacebook or Twitteraccount). 27. How do I sign up?You now have aPinterest account!You should see ablank page to getstarted. 28. How do I get started?You can add a description aboutyourself or a favorite quote toappear below your name byclicking in the space that says towrite a little bit about yourself. 29. How do I get started?Clicking on the little grey boxes will allow you toadd even more information about yourself if youwish, such as your personal website (if you haveone) and the location you live in. 30. How do I get started?Clicking on the Edit Profile button will allow you to do all ofthese things plus you can edit your account using thisbutton. You can change the email address that you use tolog in, change your password, your profile picture, etc. all inone place. 31. How do I get started?You can also do the exact same things by clicking on yourname in the upper-right corner and clicking Settings in thedrop-down menu. 32. How do I get started?Now I have a profile picture, a quote or description, and thestate I live in displayed. You can add to, delete or edit yourprofile again any time with the Edit Profile or Settingsoptions. 33. Lets get inspired!Click on the Pinterest logo at the top of yourscreen. 34. Lets get inspired!If you are brand new to Pinterest, you will probably see a pagelike this which suggests boards in different interest categoriesfor you to follow. Once you start following other People orBoards, you will see their latest pins here in your Feed. 35. Lets get inspired!Once you find aPin that youlike, you canlook at theboard that it ispinned to andsee if you likeother things onthat board. 36. Lets get inspired!If you do find aboard that youlike a lot, youcan Follow it tosee what otherthings thatperson Pins tothat board inthe future byclicking theFollow button. 37. Lets get inspired!You can also find friends to Follow with the Find Friends orInvite Friends options by using the main menu under yourname. 38. Lets get inspired!Once you startFollowing otherBoards orPinners(people), theirmost recentPins will showup in yourFeed. Youaccess yourFeed by clickingthe Pinterestlogo at the topof the website. 39. Create a BoardYou can createa new Board asyou find itemsyou want topin, or you cancreate a Boardby accessingthe Boardspage from youraccount menu. 40. Create a BoardIf you create a newBoard, you will beable to: name yourboard, select acategory mostrelated to the contentof the board, choosewhether or not tomake the boardSecret*, and inviteothers to Pin to theboard.*Pinterest now allows you to create a few Secret boards that onlyyou can see. This is helpful if you want to create a collection of Pinsfor a surprise party, for example. 41. Create a BoardOnce youve created a Board, you can always go back andedit the board or delete it by clicking the Edit Board button. 42. Activity & FollowersAs you start to usePinterest more, youllnotice that otherPinners will followyou and your boards.You can see who isfollowing you byclicking Followersand see who you arefollowing by clickingFollowing. 43. Activity & FollowersYour Feed willalso start todisplay asummary ofrecentActivity(Pinners thathave liked orrepinned yourpins, startedfollowingyou, boardsyouve beeninvited torecently, etc.) 44. Further HelpStill havequestionsaboutPinterest?You can find theanswers bygoing to theAbout menuand then Help.You can alsofind out all aboutthe Pin Itbutton andmore.