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  • 1.Alana Fata, Meredith Evans, Herminam Rai, Indu Shah and Matthew Edwards

2. Video 3. Agenda Application Marketing PR/Communications Fundraising Pros / Cons of Pinterest Case Study on UNICEF UK 4. Introduction What is Pinterest? Mission statement What does it do? 5. Application Marketing PR/Communications Fundraising 6. Marketing Targets a specific audience Increases social reach Identifies and engages influencers 7. PR/Communications Showcases impact Community building Dimension 8. Fundraising Engages donors Non-visual to visual Highlights ambassadors & celebrityendorsements 9. Pros of Pinterest Popularity of social media 23,525,135 unique visitors in September 2012 Represents 17.4% of social media revenue (April,2012) 10. Pros of Pinterest Visually appealing and simple to use 11. Pros of Pinterest Female market 12. Cons of Pinterest Female market 13. Cons of Pinterest Copyright issues 14. Cons of Pinterest Re-pinning loses original sources 15. Case Study: UNICEF UK 16. Effectiveness of UNICEF UK Reaches public at an emotional level through apersonalized story of poverty Targets a profitable audience Easy to learn & even easier to share Successfully connects communications & fundraising 17. Questions? 18. Thank You! 19. References