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Royal Queensland Golf PIN HI Autumn 2013

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    PIN HI Autumn 2013

    PRESIDENTS NOTES The Eastern Land The completion of the Clubhouse extension and partial refurbishment means that the Board now focuses on the usage of the eastern land. The primary objective at present is to rebuild our cash reserves which were depleted by the Clubhouse Upgrade Project. The Club has a policy of no borrowings, which is a very sound approach when considered against a background of golf participation rates, which have fallen for each of the last ten years and continue to do so. The terms of the Clubs Perpetual Lease govern the range of projects for consideration. Broadly, the lease permits any activity connected to golf, so other developments are out of the question.

    The question of nine holes returning to the Clubhouse has been examined in depth but has been rejected as it would mean a loss of some of the practice facilities and several holes, with fairways so close that Michael Clayton advised against their design as they would be incompatible with his basic course design concept of broad fairways. Preliminary work on additional drainage lines has already occurred in readiness for further development. Nine holes can be built on the eastern land, although it might be a par 35 rather than a par 36 configuration, to be operated either by the Club or externally for a period of time. Other ideas being tested are a commercial driving range with say six holes, or a golf academy operated externally but leased from the Club. It is anticipated that towards the end of the year the range of options will be narrowed to one or two for the consideration of the membership. Even so, it will be several years before any substantial works begin unless it is determined to build one or two holes per year. However, such financing might also transfer funds proposed to be used to maintain and enhance our present layout. Centenary Year 2020 Planning is underway for this event. A Committee has been established to direct that planning, which will include ideas and concepts from other Clubs centenary celebrations, as well something unique, so if you have any ideas to include in our centenary celebrations please send them to the Office. Russell Muir - Acting General Manager Russell has accepted an acting appointment for six months at which time a decision on a permanent appointment will be made. Russell began work with the Club in 1985, but resigned in 1990 to accept appointment as Assistant General Manager of the Paradise Palms Golf Club in Cairns, where he worked for five years. In 1995 Russell moved to Phuket, Thailand, as General Manager of the Banyan Tree Golf Club until 1999. From 1999 to 2001 he was General Manager of Kamala Beach Estate in Phuket (privately owned villas and apartments, some used privately and some rented for holiday stays). In 2001 Russell was appointed Secretary Manager of the Bribie Island Golf Club for three years, before returning to RQ in 2007 as the Accountant. The Club will benefit from his wealth of knowledge and experience in all facets of Golf Club management.

    Des Knight INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Captains CommuniquP2 JDPP3 Associates NewsP4 Forthcoming EventsP10 Course Managers ReportP6 Heritage and ArchivesP9 Tigers DropP11

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    COMMUNIQU FROM THE CAPTAIN Welcome 2013 Golf Calendar It has been a busy start to the golfing calendar, with several major competitions decided already. Congratulations to the Members below who have triumphed thus far:

    Weather & Course Finally, the weather seems to settling into a more normal pattern than we have seen of late. Congratulations again to our Greens staff under Marcus Price, who on too many Fridays to count have had the course looking terrific, only to have heavy rains overnight ruin bunker works and the like.

    We have now commenced the drainage investigations on the bunkers as was noted earlier in the year, and while this will take some time; the benefits should be readily visible.

    The finer weather has allowed a return to the regular dusting programme over the last two months. This important part of our maintenance regime has had an immediate effect on greens health, and this is reflected in the surfaces performances.

    Pace of Play As many Members will be aware, we have recommenced intermittent marshalling to try and assist the playing times of the day. Currently, it is not uncommon on Wednesdays and Saturdays to regularly have fields in excess of 200 Members, and recently up to 230. In reviewing the round times week to week it only takes five dropped minutes a couple of times through the sheet, and the rear end of the field regularly then has a five hour round and is trying to finish in the dark. If the Marshall approaches you, it would be appreciated if you can make an effort to catch up some of the lost ground and regain touch with the group in front of you. If you see yourself dropping behind, two of you could move to the next tee and tee off and make up a few minutes.

    We are all about enjoying our golf in a great environment, but sitting on your buggy while the group in front of you has a hole or more clear is not one of anyones favourite pastimes.

    New Events on the Calendar A couple of new events have been added to the calendar this year to provide a bit of fun and to add to the great social atmosphere that we have.

    The first will be the RQ Putting Championships. This fun event will be open to all Members and Associates. The competition will be run on Fridays 7th and 14th June to determine the 2013 Putting Champion. Details are available on the website and the new balcony might be the place to relax and watch events unfold for those not participating.

    The second is the Long Drive Championships. Whilst we had a run at this last year, we have decided to create a couple of categories and a few conditions and again try and make this a fun social occasion, and also see perhaps some amazing long drives. This is scheduled for Friday 19th July at 4pm.

    Reversal of the Nines Recently there has been some discussion from Members as to whether we would revert to the original layout of the course. Upon a written request from one of the Members, the Match and Greens Committee revisited the discussion. Upon research and several discussions with our Course Architect, the layout was endorsed by the Match and Greens Committee and provided to the Board. The Board at its April meeting endorsed the decision of the Match and Greens Committee to play the course as it stands today. Our Course Architect Mike Clayton has no issue with the current order of play, and supported the decision to continue play the course as it is listed 1 through 18.

    Trees During the off-season a couple of trees received significant damage due to storms, the first being a fig behind the 4th. This tree has had one main branch removed and we are currently monitoring its progress to see how it reacts over the next couple of months. The second tree struck by lightning was the Elephant Ear tree on the right hand side of the 5th, opposite the large fairway bunker. We have a replacement tree earmarked and will undertake this replacement later in the year along with other tree works.

    American Cup Geoff Wallace Governors Trophy Maurice Kluge Sir Leslie Wilson Cup Brad Anderson & Darren Bertwistle Father and Son Trophy Mark & Jake Stanton AIF Cup John Duncan Returned Servicemens Trophy Peter Lauder Sir Manuel Hornibrook Memorial Trophy Jake McLeod Autumn Cup Rod Halligan

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    Increase in Handicap Anchor On 14th May Golf Australia increased the Handicap Anchor from 4 to 5. This will only affect those currently sitting on their anchor. At this stage, we are still expecting the implementation of the Slope system to be around September this year.

    Turf Nursery Work has commenced on our next project now that the Wash Down Bay has been completed and is working above expectations.

    A turf nursery is being established alongside the service road to the maintenance area. Two large plots will be grown, being blue couch for fairway repairs, and green couch for greens repairs. The benefits here are twofold. Firstly, we will not need to use green couch from the spare greens for repairs in the future. Secondly, the turf we will take up from the turf nursery will have been grown using the recycled water. In the past, for any decent sized repair work we have shipped in turf. In many instances we have then struggled with the turf as it has been grown off site and usually watered with very clean water and doesnt handle the sodium content in our recycled water.

    In closing I would like wish everyone continued success and enjoyment for the remainder of the 2013 golfing season.

    Ralph Heading


    We are now well into the swing of the 2013 JDP season and great improvements are being seen in our young golfers. Richard Gompels has taken over the curriculum organiser role and has introduced several exciting innovations, ably assisted by David Cardillo, and Chris Berndt.

    On the Range The emphasis in the Bronze group has been the development of core stability and balance necessary to play golf with exercises also to develop hand/eye/ball coordination. A variety of golf type games have been used for this purpose with the aim of keeping the children occupied and entertained while learning.

    The Silver group has been involved in a mixture of more advanced stability/balance exercises, together with golf skills coaching, and an introduction to management of the playing of golf, including etiquette, and the basis of scoring. The presence of three Professionals with the Silver group has allowed closer supervision of swing development plus allow