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Prievara Tibor www.tanarblog.hu [email protected] EVOLUTION VS REVOLUTION

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Prievara Tibor


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What is it we expect from school?

Should get accepted to …

Prepare for ‘Life’

Students not overstressed

Earn a decent living

Find out what talent there is

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Just a few questions …

I use ICT tools in my classes.

I use ICT tools for preparing for classes.

I would need more tools, hardware etc. to use ICT.

Students know a lot more about computers.

ICT is not really useful in what I’m teaching.

School in Finland is fun for students.

I use ICT as an add-on in my classes.

I feel I am a 21st century teacher!!

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What do the visionaries say?

We need a vision!

Let’s see how a guru talks about this!

- Linearity (conveyor belt)

- Success?

- Organic development

- Revolution NOT Evolution

Vision 1: http://bit.ly/Jm59KD

Vision 2: http://bit.ly/Kh1Czn

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21st century skills

NOT evolution, revolution (courage to change)

Self-regulation, collaboration, knowledge-building, real-life problems, ICT

Individual learning paths

NOT one size fits all, different contexts w/ different solutions

Self-regulation, new forms of assessment

Learner autonomy(flipped classroom)


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Step-by-step 21st century teaching

Virtual classroom

Extended classroom

Individual learning paths

Continuous assessment

ICT integral to the process


Differentiated instruction

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In practice? What about ICT?

Differentiated instruction: Skydrive

Feedback: Virtual classrooms, OneNote

Lesson planning: 21st century skills

Collaboration: Google Docs, Ning, Titanpad, etc.

Assessment: gamification

Page 8: Pil revolution eng

Gamification – (mis)conceptions

Gaming in the lesson?

It’s only for serious gamers

You need computers 24/7!

The whole lesson is but a great game!

Instant intrinsic motivation

Page 9: Pil revolution eng

That is to say…

Gamification – but not as magic

ICT attitudes vs. practice

ICT without ICT

Not just a bit different … it’s a whole new world

Different solutions for different contexts.

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All’s well that ends well … well

Thank you for bearing with me!

Prievara Tibor

Madách Imre Gimnázium


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