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PIE International + PIE BOOKS is based in Tokyo, was established in 1985. We started publishing specializing books for graphic designers, and have expanded our area to wide-range, putting importance on the quality of visual image as Graphic Design, Advertising, Japanese Culture, Photography, Children's book, and Comic. Please take a look at our latest catalog!

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  • Graphic Art CollectionFall 2012 - Summer 2013

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    Shop Image Graphics in NYFood, Fashion, Living

    New York City has been at the forefront of new trend in art and design and it is a place where artists and creatives from around the world gather. Many shops in NY like an artistic boutique, an organic cosmetic store, a contem-porary caf, etc., are full of cutting-edge original designs. In the wake of the tragedy and with the economic downturn, with little in the way of news thats cheery, peoples values have changed. There has been a growing trend toward buying things that are truly good, and only as need-ed. Natural products, environmentally-friendly packaging, making use of the internet in an attempt to go paperless, service and store policies also appear to be pivotal to generating positive feelings in customers.

    Loosely grouped under the three cate-gories of food, fashion and living, this book introduces retailers who have successfully created unified images that ex tend f rom store inter ior to graphic communications, such as shop cards, f lyers, direct mails, menus, shopping bags and more. The distinc-tive and sophisticated shop-making examples in this book must be the good resources not only for graphic designers but also for shop owners.


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    P.29Shop Image Graphics in Scandinavia

    Shop Image Graphics in Paris

    Design / Graphic / Shop Interior & ExteriorSize: 306mm 230mmPages: 192 Pages (Full Color)Bound: Hardbound ISBN: 978-4-7562-4256-3Release date: July 2012Price: 9,800

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    Cool Japan DesignInspired Graphics of Japanese Manga, Animation and Game

    COOL JAPAN - the Japanese pop cultures that make a strong impact to interna-tional interest, such as video games, manga, animation and so on. Originally, these contents were just for the limited fans. Growing the market, they are improved to well-designed graphics not only for the maniac but also for the general audience. This book features many kinds of book designs, shop tool designs, advertising designs, CD/DVD jacket designs, and novelty designs with Japanese manga, animation and video game characters.


    Special Feature (Hatsune Miku & Graphic design work)

    Total Design

    DVD, Blu-Ray, CD Package

    Book Design

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    P.26 P.17Heroes & Heroines Girl, Illustrated

    Art / Illustration & Design / MangaSize: 257mm 182mmPages: 224 Pages (Full Color)Bound: Softbound ISBN: 978-4-7562-4257-0Release date: August 2012Price: 3,600

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    GENGAOtomo Katsuhiro Original Pictures

    Otomo Katsuhiro is one of the most respected and influential Japanese art-ists/storytellers in the history of mod-ern comics. He has also worked exten-sively in animation including hugely successful adaptation of his own epic manga, Akira, which is widely con-sidered to be a pinnacle of the form - a work of astonishing power and vision-ary scope, with unsurpassed artistry. This book is a catalogue for his initial exhibition, GENGA, which included his original drawings from his debut to the present, held in Tokyo from April 9 to May 30, 2012.The book contains full-size illustrations of almost all the works featured in the exhibi t ion, as well as prel iminary sketched, production drawings, and the domestic advertising pieces that rarely seen outside in Japan. The book also contains interviews and conversa-tions with some of the most famous Japanese film directors and manga artists, such as Akira Kurosawa, Sogo Ishii and more. Accompanying booklet includes the English translation of the interviews.

    Art / Illustration & Design / MangaSize: 364mm 257mmPages: 256 Pages (Full Color)Bound: Softbound + booklet (16 Pages B/W) ISBN: 978-4-7562-4273-0 Release date: April 2012Price: 4,800

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    Cats in Ukiyo-eJapanese Woodblock Print of UTAGAWA Kuniyoshi

    UTAGAWA Kuniyoshi (1797-1892) is one of the great masters of the Japanese ukiyo-e style of woodblock prints and painting. Born in 1797 to a silk-dyer, he helped his fathers business as a pat-tern designer. His drawing talent from an early age attracted the attention of the famous pr int master Toyokuni Utagawa, and Kuniyoshi became one of his apprentices in 1811. The range of Kuniyoshis preferred subjects included many genres: landscapes, beautiful women, Kabuki actors, mythical ani-mals, and cats. More than any other Japanese artist, Kuniyoshi depicted cats humorously and satirically, with great accuracy and careful observation. This book is a collection of Kuniyoshis works that features cats. It will attract ukiyo-e lovers, cat lovers, and also pro-vides valuable inspiration to designers or illustrators.


    Art / Japanese CultureSize: 210mm 148 mmPages: 196 Pages (Full Color)Bound: SoftboundISBN: 978-4-7562-4287-7Release date: October 2012Price: 2,200

    Limited editionWith Kuniyoshi cat print cotton towel produced by Yamamoto Jin Shoten, a long-established fabric item manufacturer in Kyoto.ISBN: 978-4-7562-4298-3Price: 2,750

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    Yokai MuseumThe Art of Japanese Supernatural Beings from YUMOTO Koichi Collection

    Yokai are a class of supernatural mon-sters in Japanese folklore. In the Edo period (1603-1868), many artists, such as Hokusai Katsushika and Kuniyoshi Utagawa, created their works of featur-ing Yokai inspired by folklore or their own ideas. Yokai have attracted the artists and have been a common theme in art works until these days because of their unique forms and their mysteri-ous behaviors.This book is a visual collection of art works of Yokai in Japan since the Edo period. The works are not only paint-ings bu t a lso wood b lock pr in t s , scrolls, ceramics, kimonos, childrens playthings such as board games, and more. This would be an attractive book for Yokai beginners /maniacs, and would be also a valuable source for designers and illustrators.All items that are featured in the book come from personal collections by Koichi Yumoto, who has the largest Yokai art collection in Japan. He com-ments on the history of Yokai and explains about the items in the book.

    Mythical Beasts of Japan


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    Art / Japanese CultureSize: 257mm 182mmPages: 304 pages (Full Color)Bound: Softbound ISBN: 978-4-7562-4324-9Release date: March 2013Price: 2,800

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    New Titles

    Katsuji Wakisaka, a Japanese textile designer, started his career as the first J a p a n e s e d e s i g n e r t o w o r k f o r Marimekko, the Finnish textile compa-ny, in 1968. Surrounded by the beauti-ful nature of Finland, he developed an aesthetic for organic shapes and bold colors. After coming back to Japan in 1980s, he started SOUSOU, the appar-el brand whose projects are created based on Japanese tradition. These days, Wakisaka starts his day with a walk and takes inspiration from the landscape of his hometown, Kyoto. After returning to his studio, he paints everything from seasonal changes in nature to traditional Japanese pat-terns. Many of his textile designs for SOUSOU begin as postcards, which serve as initial drafts for his designs, and he mails each one to his wife. He is prolific that he has made more than 10,000 postcards until now.Most of the contents of this book are his textile designs and products for Marimekko and SOUSOU. Behind-the-scene sto-ries of how he is active in his SOUSOU brand, his interview, and his episodes for his designs are also included.This is a title for designers, textile lovers, and those who are interested in Finnish and modern Japanese designs. Even those who do not know Wakisaka will enjoy and be inspired by the book.

    Katsuji Wakisaka: Japanese Textile DesignerMarimekko, SOUSOU and 10,000 Postcards to His Wife


    Art / Illustration & DesignSize: 210mm 148 mmPages: 192 Pages (Full Color)Bound: Softbound ISBN: 978-4-7562-4268-6Release date: August 2012Price: 2,200

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    Most people may think of 60s fashion as hippie or Mod fashions. But 60s fashion is actually much more compli-cated and varied. With carrying down of fancy and elegant style from 50s, its developed with a variety of stylistic changes. This chunky book brings out retrospective 60s fashion classified by items and scenes: hairstyle, knit wear, dress, bags, par ty style and more. Readers must reaffirm great tastes and spirit of 1960s when you turn the page, and the book will be a great source of ideas not only for readers fashion but also for graphics or textiles designs.

    60s Fashion Style


    Art / Design / FashionSize: 189 mm 149mmPages: 416 Pages (Full Color)Bound: Softbound ISBN: 978-4-7562-4291-4Release date: September 2012Price: 2,400

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    New Titles

    Maija Isola (19272001) was the first full-time designer hired by Marimekko. Her most famous print, Unikko, has become the most recognizable icon of the Marimekko Company. Her early work was inspired by nature, and her first prints were created through a pho-tographic process whereby actual plants were projected onto a screen. As she matured, her designs became bolder and less detailed, containing large areas of color. Her travels also played a role in her designs; she spent time in Yugoslavia, Italy and Algeria, incorpo-rating stylistic elements from these varied cultures. These experiences gave her a vast palette from which to draw, and this range is clearly evident in her far-ranging designs. Most of the contents of this book are her textile works but also her lifestyle is featured. This is a valuable title for all sort of designers, textile lovers, those who are interested in Northern