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Transcript of PIE International + PIE BOOKS Catalogue 2014SS

  • Graphic Art Collection Spring / Summer 2014

  • New Titles


  • New Titles


    Yurio Sekis Designs and Patterns

    This is the second comprehensive col-lection of design works by Yurio Seki, whose patterns are used not only for textiles but also for interior products and product packages. This book also fea-tures her extensive design works includ-ing towel, notebook, honey package as well as various craftworks. The tutorial pages of her craftworks will help craft-lovers make their own works. In addition, the book contains 16 sheets of papers with her colorful patterns on them.

    Profile of Yurio SekiYurio Seki is a Japanese graphic design-er who draws warm, mellow, brightly colored designs, and whose portfolio includes magazine art direction, book-binding, package design, CD jackets and logos. In 2001 she launched the Salvia brand, and since then has unveiled a myriad of textiles, apparel, interior goods, books and more, all using her designs inspired by the desire to create little things that make life more fun. Her colorful and heart-warming design is influenced by her life in Sweden where she spent a year working and creating her own works.

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    Maija Isola



    Art / Illustration & DesignSize: 210 x 148mmPages: 192p (Full Color)Bound: SoftboundISBN: 978-4-7562-4502-1Release date: January 2014Price: 2,200

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  • New Titles


    Keisuke Unosawa Paper Folding Designs

    This is the first comprehensive collec-t i on o f des ign works by Ke i suke Unosawa, whose representative project is the well-known pop-up greeting cards for The Museum of Modern Art, New York (MOMA). His simple, stylish, and surprising designs are eye-catching and appealing to many people in the world. This book presents his commer-cial works as well as selected private works. The inclusive items are adver-tisements, greeting cards, logo designs, store displays, package designs, and more. All templates of his paper designs are available so that users can enjoy creat-ing seasonal greeting cards or gif t packages.This book also should be an excellent resources for package designers and graphic designers of all levels.

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    DesignSize: 257 x 182mmPages: 248p (Full color)Bound: SoftboundISBN: 978-4-7562-4426-0Release date: November 2013Price: 3,800

  • New Titles


  • New Titles


    LIFECYCLINGThe Story of 16 Inspiring Homes

    As every birds nest is unique, we have a multitude of individual li festyles. Since we surround ourselves with a lot of things and stuff, how do we fig-ure out a way to choose what is impor-t an t in o rder f o r us t o l i ve we l l ? LIFECYCLING, a web magazine creat-ed by a Japanese interior brand IDE, introduces people who are passionate and picky about these things and stuff in their attractive nests. This title turned the contents of the web magazine into a book with 16 persons examples. Most of them are living in Japan, but 4 of them are from Los Angeles to make the title fresh and impressive.With the interviews of these people from various aspects, this book pres-ents tips and ideas that are useful to enhance readers lives. And it also con-tains a lot of beautiful photographs which show their unique but harmoni-ous lives. We can grasp their sense of aesthetics - how they choose things and have fun with them. This book helps readers to get inspired in a creative way for a better life in near future.

    Lifestyle / InteriorSize: 255 x 190mmPages: 208p (200 in color)Bound: SoftboundISBN: 978-4-7562-4407-9Release date: October 2013Price: 2,400

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    Traditional Japanese Patterns and Motifs

    Many motifs in use todays Japan origi-nated in China, India and other Asian countries, however, they were adapted to Japanese tastes in the ninth century. The Japanese aesthetic sensibilities continued to develop through Momoyama and Edo periods (1568-1868) owing to both Japans rich natural environment with delightful seasonal changes and the Buddhist awareness of the evanescence of human life. The traditional motifs presented in this book are organized in terms of designs derived from natural forms (plants, ani-mals natural phenomena, man-made objects) and more abstract, symbolic designs (geometric, stylized and auspi-cious motifs) with many visual examples such as kimonos, ukio-e (woodblock prints) and table wares. Whether realis-tic or abstract, they offer a host of inspir-ing designs and an insight into a long-sustained, living tradition at the core of Japanese culture.

    Art / Design / Japanese CultureSize: 210 x 148mmPages: 196p (Full Color)Bound: SoftboundISBN: 978-4-7562-4424-6Release date: August 2013Price: 2,800

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    Japanese Style MaterialsReady-to-Use Objects, Lines, Frames and Background Patterns (with DVD-ROM)

    Elements between the Sea and the Sky of JEJU

    This is a resource book including mater ials of t radi t ional Japanese motifs, paper, textiles and patterns which are re-designed to suit modern designs. All data is on an at tached DVD-ROM with JPEG, PNG and TIFF in part. Designers can arrange them vari-ously into their works whenever they need fresh, Asian inspiration. On the other hand, general users can also enjoy using the materials into their handmade stuf fs such as greeting cards, wrapping paper, envelopes, zine and whatever they like.

    Bae Bien-U is the leading photogra-pher in Korea and also is Professor of the Department of Photography, Seoul Institute of the Arts.He s tud ied Pho tography bo th in Korea and Germany in 1970s and 1980s, and he became one and only pho togr apher who cap tu res t he sceneries of complete nature such as forests, flowers, mountains and ocean in silent presence.This book presents more than 50 of h i s pho togr aphs and shows t he breathtaking beauty of Jeju island, south of Korea wi th revealing i ts rough nature.

    Clip Art / DesignSize: 150 x 148mmPages: 176p (Full Color)Bound: Softbound + DVD-ROMISBN: 978-4-7562-4431-4Release date: November 2013Price: 2,000

    PhotographySize: 260 x 295mmPages: 124p (Full Color)Bound: HardboundISBN: 978-4-7562-4486-4Release date: February 2014Price: 3,800

  • New Titles


    Asian Creatives150 Emerging Talents in Art, Design, Illustration and Photography

    Designs and arts created in Asia or by Asian designers have become a dynamic and hugely exciting sphere of interest, and some of them are universal ly acknowledged and appreciated by designers of other areas and by all kinds of companies that are seeking for new talents to offer job. This book showcases the graphic designs, photographs, and illustrations of Asia. From China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Japan - introducing over 150 creators who are expected to gain attention in the upcom-ing generation in the world.This is a must-have reference tool, not only for established advertisers and designers, but also for those studying the graphic arts, and professionals who need a breath of fresh air into their cre-ative lives.

    Art / DesignSize: 257 x 186mmPages: 320p (Full Color)Bound: SoftboundISBN: 978-4-7562-4438-3Release date: December 2013Price: 3,800

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    Shop Image Graphics in Tokyo+

    About 90 unique shops and restaurants in Tokyo and their design-related works are precisely introduced in this book. Today, all design works such as shop interior, logo, plastic/paper bag, cata-logue, flyer, furniture, utensils etc. can be the media for communication with customers. Therefore, attractive and conceptual shop designs are absolutely essential for successful shop operation.A plenty of examples for shop images in Tokyo are available in this book, and at the same time, they provide fresh ideas for professional designers and shop owners. Good things come in small packages; independent ly-operated cafs and small shops in some provincial cities far from Tokyo also attract many people recently. Some examples of this book are from such category as Hot Local Design. Readers dont have to travel throughout Tokyo or Japan for seeking useful designs, but simply open the pages and find them there.

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    Shop ImageGraphics in NY


    Design / GraphicSize: 306 230mmPages: 192p (Full color)Bound: HardboundISBN: 978-4-7562-4454-3Release date: March 2014Price: 9,800

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  • New Titles


    SpecialBonusPoster(515 x 728mm)



    Otomo Katsuhiro is one of the most respected and influential Japanese art-ists/storytellers in the history of mod-ern comics. He has also worked exten-sively in animation; from his own, huge-ly successful adaptation of his epic manga, Akira, which is widely consid-ered to be a pinnacle of the form - a work of astonishing power and vision-ary scope, with unsurpassed artistry.This book, as the second title of Otomo Katsuhiro published by PIE International, exclusively features more than 150 posters, all of which use Otomos great illustration works. In addition, all post-ers are finely finished by professional graphic designers, so that this tit le presents a variety of great hybrid works of Otomos illustrations and pro-fessional graphic design works.Roughly half of inclusive works are the posters of his movies such as Akira, STEAMBOY, SHORT PEACE and so on, while the rest of the works are con-sist of various advertisements: atre Ki