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  • Content
        • Photovoltaics in Bulgaria
        • Economy of Bulgaria
        • Geography of Bulgaria
        • Legislation
        • Technical conditions for the connection


  • Guaranteed period of purchase
  • In Bulgaria, there is a purchase of electricity produced in the photovoltaic power stations guaranteed for 25 years


  • Guaranteed purchase price
  • Price per 1 kWh in Bulgaria 0,464 inc. VAT since 01.04.2010
  • In Bulgaria, there is 35% higher sun radiation than in midl Europe


  • In Bulgaria, there is no permit needed for the construction of photovoltaic power stations up to 5 MW of output


  • Exchange rate development which is fixed on Euro as of 10.01.2006


  • Budget deficit of Bulgaria
  • The Bulgarian Ministry of Finance announced that the Bulgarian budget deficit for 2009 was 529,5 BGN M or 0,8 % of GDP.
  • (


  • Development of inflation in Bulgaria

Development of inflation in Bulgaria 9.

  • State dept of Bulgaria
  • State dept of Bulgaria was 3,4 Mld. Euro at the end of 2009, public debt decreased for 0,5% when compared to previous year


  • Taxes in Bulgaria
  • Value income tax of legal persons in Bulgaria is only 10%.

11. BULGARIA 12. 13. Distribution companies in Bulgaria 14. Distribution companies in Bulgaria EVN Austrian distribution company EON German distribution company EZ Czech distribution company 15.

  • Investor applies for the connection
  • In application he defines the subject which is submitting the application
  • He attaches the Certificate of Land Ownership
  • Indicates which PTV output he wants to install


  • Based on application respective distribution company issues preliminary opinion
  • It implies information about maximum connectable output, location, exact place of connection and technical conditions of connection


  • Following the issue of preliminary opinion the investor is obliged to obtain all the necessary permissions and opinions of involved institutions
  • After their receipt the investor request the respective distribution company for the conclusion of preliminary contract on connection


  • Documents necessary for the conclusion of preliminary contract on connection
  • Standpoint of the distribution company
  • Admissible reserved capacity of connection
  • Detailed territorial plan
  • Environmental permissions
  • Standpoint of the regional inspectorate of health protection
  • Standpoint of authority of water resources protection
  • Categorisation of land, opinion on possibility of constrution
  • Decision of Ministry of Agriculture
  • Written opinion on the detailed territorial plan and preliminary contract with the distribution company


  • Preliminary contract on connection is a binding document fulfilling all legislative conditions necessary for the conclusion of the contract on connection.
  • After its conclusion the investor can apply for the Building permission. However, he must also attach projects for the building permission.


  • After granting the building permission the investor concludes the contract with respective distribution company.


  • After granting the building permission the investor can commence construction works and the final building approval he concludes the contract on purchase of electricity with respective distribution company.


  • Following conditions must be met to connect PVT power station to the network :
  • Connection must be conducted in accordance with Par. 3 3 of Notice Nr. 6 as of 9.6.2004 on connection of producer and consumer of electricity through transfer network IDB Nr. 74 as of 24.08.2004
  • It is imperative to meet the conditions stipulated in the Notice Nr. 14, as of 15.06.2005 on the technical rules and norms, for designing and use of facilities and appliances for the production, transmission and distribution of electric energy.


  • Requirements for the appliances which must be attached to the central:
  • All building components for connecting of the facility (photovolt. Modules, invertors, commutators, etc.) must comply with EU standards and the respective Bulgarian requirements. Before conclusion of the Contract on connection there must be documents for the approval of compliance submitted
  • Invertors must be connected to the three phase system symetric-sinusoid incoming voltage
  • Outgoing voltage from invertor to the network must comply with EU standards EN 50160 as well as norms defined by the Government commission for energy and water regulation. Furthermore, it must comply with qualitative requirements of electric appliances (June 2004) and Chapter VII. of Head VI. of Regulation Nr. 6 as of 9 June 2004 on Connection of producers and consumers of electricy through transmission and distribution network


  • Measurement of electricity
  • Is realised in modules Measurement from GRU of power station with one indirect, static, three-phase energy meter for active and non-active energy with measurements in four quadrants which must have apossibility of storage on factory profile for active and reactive energy for the 15-minute-period during 62 days
  • Energy measurement for production and consumption of all objects and properties must be realised with one measurement


  • Service zones
  • There must be terminal disconnectors installed on the borderlines of the lands
  • There must be GPRS connection provided for the communication with monitoring system and management of recluser with CUM
  • Apossibility of access to facility of photovoltaic central to EON BG staff must be attained
  • Before conclusion of the Contract for employment the documents for legalisation of service zone for wireline 20 kV as well as documents on compliance for the built power station must be provided


  • Service zones
  • Before start of the 72-hour-check all newly built facilities must be included into the scheme of the respective centre for the dispatch control of facilities as well as remote controlled facilities and must dispose of functional communication with operational basis in compliance with CUM
  • The constructor is aware that in case of oversupply of energy or other obstructions of the power station to the network,it can be regulated or temporarily disconnected from the network
  • In accordance with Act on power supply and production of electricity it is subject to issue of licence. The licence is not requested for the appliances up to 5 MW of output.