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  • 1. Photosynthesis Taylor Funk

2. Photosynthesis is The process through which plants make their own food. This food is a special type of sugar called glucose. The plants take carbon dioxide and water and use the energy from the sun to create glucose and the oxygen we breathe. 3. Time to fill-in your notes! 1. The purpose of Photosynthesis is for plants to make their own food. 2. Their food is a special sugar called glucose. 4. The plant breathes in CO2 and absorbs the energy from light. C O O C O O 5. Energy from the Sun Remember that light is actually made up of colors. In the color prism are red, green, and blue wavelengths. 6. Blue and Red light get eaten (absorbed) . Green bounces off. The plant uses those different colors of light for different things. It absorbs and stores the red and blue, but the green bounces off, giving the plant its color. 7. Inside the plant: The Chloroplasts Cells of Chlorophyll Where the reaction happens! A Chloroplast Chloroplasts are one organelle in a plant. Organelles are like an organ in a human body, like a liver, kidney, lung, etc. 8. Inside the Chloroplasts: Chlorophyll Like a jar catches lightning bugs Chlorophyll stores the blue and red light energies. Chlorophyll is a chemical inside the chloroplasts. Some chemicals in the human body are blood, enzymes, saliva, etc. 9. Once the Chlorophyll captures the light, the reaction can occur. Chloroplast Chlorophyll 10. Check for Understanding What is the name of the ORGANELLE where Photosynthesis happens? What is the name of the CHEMICAL that captures the energy from the light? 11. Time to fill-in your notes! 3. The organelle where photosynthesis happens is a chloroPLAST. 4. The chemical inside the chloroplasts that stores the light energy is chloroPHYLL. 12. Photosynthesis: the ingredients C O O C O O CO2 O H H O HH H2O Water Carbon Dioxide C O O C O O C O O O H H O HH 6 CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) + 6 H2O (Water) 13. Time to fill-in your notes! 5. The ingredients of Photosynthesis are carbon dioxide and water. 14. Photosynthesis: powered by light! Light energy Just like we use gasoline to power our cars Plants use the light energy stored in the chlorophyll to power photosynthesis 15. Time to fill-in your notes! 6. Photosynthesis is powered by light. 16. Photosynthesis: the products C6H12O6 Glucose Glucose is a special kind of sugar that plants make. Glucose is the plants food source. O O Oxygen O2 O O O C6H12O6 (glucose) + 6 O2 (oxygen) 17. Time to fill-in your notes! 7. The products of photosynthesis are glucose and oxygen. 18. The Equation The equation is like a sentence in a book or a math problem. It quickly sums up what happens during photosynthesis. 6 CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) + 6 H2O (Water) powered by light C6H12O6 (Glucose) + 6 O2 (Oxygen) 19. This is what you really need to know! Work on these questions with your buddy- dont use your notes. What are the INGREDIENTS for photosynthesis? (Hint: There are 2!) What POWERS photosynthesis? (Hint: Its like the gas in our cars) What are the PRODUCTS of photosynthesis? (Hint: There are 2!) What is the main purpose of photosynthesis? Why do plants need to do it? (Hint: Which product is the MOST important?) 20. Answers Carbon Dioxide and Water are the INGREDIENTS of photosynthesis. Light energy POWERS photosynthesis (bonus points if you remembered that its the blue and red light!) Glucose and Oxygen are the PRODUCTS of photosynthesis. Plants have to perform photosynthesis to get GLUCOSE, because GLUCOSE is their food! 21. References All pictures are from either Microsoft Office Clip Art or were created using a composition of shapes available in Microsoft Office. I knew about Photosynthesis from science classes all through grade school, but when I needed to double-check a fact, I used: Rader, A. (2010). Photosynthesis. Retrieved from: osynthesis.html