Photoshop Lighting Techniques

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Transcript of Photoshop Lighting Techniques

1. P a g e | 1Experminenting with photoshop lighting techniquesTechnique 1 & 4 Spotlight/ adjusting spotlightThis is my image pre-processing. It is a depth of field picture of a batteryThese are the render settings I chose with the spotlight technique, with the resultantimage above. 2. P a g e | 2Technique 2 Omni LightsThese are the settings I chose for an omni light fill, with the resultant image above.Technique 3These are the settings I chose for Directional lighting, with the image above beingthe result.Technique 5 Add/delete lightThese arethe settings Ichose formultiple lightsources, withthe result onthe right. 3. P a g e | 3Technique 6 texture channel in lighting effects.These are the settings I chose, with the result on the right.