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2. THE BRIEF: The subject/theme of this assignment is photographs of Clothing and Poses. And for thisassignment I will display a set of 12 photographs based on the theme Also we will also examine researched work on other photographers (Assignment 1) aswell as examine the strategy I used in photographing. So to develop more understanding about the content, I will evaluate the whole projectincluding the following stages: 3. STAGES: Initial ideas Research Planning The result Evaluation 4. INITIAL IDEA: My initial idea came when I was examining students clothing in SouthBirmingham College. And so, when I finished observing them, I started visiting some sitesfrom , which gave me an idea to produce similarphotographs around the college. So I took some test shots on a Thursday. And eventually, I photographed extensively around the collegefacilities (SBC hall ways, class rooms, cafeteria, student launch e.t.c).Then later on , I decided to take more photographs over the next fewweeks. Audience: the target audience for this project are the students fromSouth Birmingham College. 5. PRIMARY RESEARCH:PHOTOGRAPHER Andres Hernandez:Andres Hernandez was born in Medellin, Colombia August 6th1977. He specializes in commercial and fashion photography.Andres devotion for photography made him famous for not onlyhis outstanding photo retouching and design skill but also morewidely for his personal style and talents as a photographer.Some of the photos he has taken are as follows : 6. HIS PHOTOS: 7. HIS PHOTOS: 8. HIS PHOTOS: 9. CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF HIS PHOTOS: Critical Analysis:1. The pictures displays the subject in a clam state.2. The pictures makes use of distinctive colour balance and levels.3. The clothing or outfit goes well the background design.4. Observing his photos, the editorial is well established. 10. SECONDARY RESEARCH: Visited websites: Google Image: Fashion Shot: Miami and Newyork photography: 11. PLANNING: Seeing I attend South Birmingham, I had a good knowledge of the areas in the collegee.g. The Cafeteria, The student lunch, class room, reception e.t.c. At the end of the day, I didnt really come up with any strategy of selecting areas in thecollege premises. But mostly, my major focus was approaching and asking the studentsfor permission to take pictures of them. Also to improve my style on photographing the student, I printed off different kinds ofhuman poses. In order to make my photos more detailed, I gave students the choice ofselecting what kind pose they liked. 12. EQUIPMENTS : I decided to photograph in the afternoon because of the following reasons:To improve my chances of meeting different students in the college.More student turn up in college at 12:00 pm.To have enough time to photograph and edit the pictures.Clothes : Jeans, sweaters, cote, T-shirts and jackets. Equipments : Memory stick, Nikon camera and USB. Software Adobe Photoshop (I edited the levels, unsharpened the pictures and adjust thecolour balance of the pictures). 13. PHOTOS: 14. PHOTOS: 15. PHOTOS: 16. RESULTS: 17. RESULTS: 18. RESULTS: 19. RESULTS: 20. EVALUATION:Does the product fulfil the Criteria set?Yes, the product fulfils the criteria set I was looking for. Because of the following reasons below (how and why):1.It is simple and straight forward.2.It grabs the attention of its target audiences.3.It has legal permission for the shooting (environment, students,research of interest).4.It covers all the aspects of effective camera shots.