Photography History: Art

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Photography History: Art . By Sam Loftus. First photograph. 1839, luwi daugri, with a 4 minute shutter speed. It only captured one person how we will never now who that man was. Why art has movements?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Photography History: Art

Photography History: Art

Photography History: Art By Sam Loftus

First photograph1839, luwi daugri, with a 4 minute shutter speed. It only captured one person how we will never now who that man was.

Why art has movements?A art movement happens after a big event like world wor one artist frived of events like this.

NaturalismWas people taking pictures of people moving. normal stuff in nature. But artist didnt like it. But look like paintings.

Pictorialism and the linked ring: during the later 19th and 20th centuries all over the globe started by Henry Peach Robinson, to break out of the usual basic image with coursed artist to link themselves to the romanticism art of the time and this pictures look like painting, to me them were a little plain and basic but thats just my option. But as camera technology grow the pictures improved in quality. beauty not fact pictures.

The photo secession1902, Mr. Stieglitz he decided to do a photography better. That it should be its own art form (mechanical and scientific) not like a painting. Shape is important. Ended the just before world wor 1.

Modernism and the bouhose World wor one changed every thing, its destructive power of it changed the face of art. A different world. Started in Germany. Edweard Muybridge all naturel.

Constructivism(Russia and Bauhaus(Germany)The real birth of modernism an was manipulated in a dark room. Making in to funny shapes and seeing what the viewer saw. Making constructive images was art. Bauhaus was where abstract/ less straight forward to what it is. Photogram was started ( a negative of the real image).

SurrealismIs atill a reachion to world wor one. These pictures where of what want there, Surreal. Opposite of realty.

F.64These pictures of the pure and every thing in view not close up to every think using a aperture of f64 (smallest aperture) meaning every thing who be in focus. Used for shape and art. But all natural things; Flowers, human form, peppers and shells.

Photo-journalismPhoto-Journalism is a form of journalism which use was for the image to tell a story for the audience and is is usually printed in a news-paper. This was a time of the world can know and see. Only in black and white you made the audience, also a whole new job line was open to the photographers of the news papers to bet there competitors.

Social documentarySocial Documentary is when a person is in front of the camera and is being natural, this was for weddings and special events, so more people could remember the moments in time.

AIt was developed at the beginning of the 1940s in New York City after World War II. But the first real Abstract Art was painted earlier by some expressionists, Kandinsky in 1900s, and its been a strong moment ever since and will carry on till the next disaster happens.