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4 hrs Photography crash course for fine arts and architecture students

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  • 1.What is a CameraCamera VS Human eye

2. What is a EV or Exposure values incamera ? 3. You are required to take a Photograph experiencing Exposure Value withinyour studio space. 4. WB or White Balance White balance (WB) is the process of removing unrealistic colorcasts, so that objects which appear white in person are renderedwhite in your photo. Proper camera white balance has to take intoaccount the "color temperature" of a light source. 5. Composition Rule of Thirds Balancing Elements Leading Lines Headroom Symmetry and Patterns Viewpoint Framing Depth Cropping Eye placement pyramid compositions 6. Framing 7. Depth of field 8. Camera Levels Eye Level Low Angle High Angle Under Shot 9. Slides 10. You are required to take some Photograph experiencing. Exposure Value White Balance Composition(Framing + Depth of field) Camera sngles Lights 11. Adobe Photo Shop