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  1. 1. AOK: ART in Photography By: Anjana (Angie) Kokar (Presenter), Christina Pasquarello (Assitant).
  2. 2. Photography is the process, activity and art of creating still or moving pictures that can evoke thought
  3. 3. Black & White Photography Color Photography Infrared Photography Digital Photography
  4. 4. Portraits Landscapes Nature Abstract Photoshop Light Still Life and many more.
  5. 5. Symbolizes the great depression Captures the mood of depression, angst, sadness through her facial expression Her position as well as the tears in the clothing. An immigrant struggling o feed seven children this image Changed peoples conception on immigrants As it made the front cover of newspapers across the nation Authors intention was to evoke the emotion of the viewers Seeing immigrants in a new light
  6. 6. This photograph is well known to signify the end of Word War II. People in cities across America went out into the streets to salute the end Of the war. The image captured evokes the excitement felt that day. Capture the reaction and mood of knowing the war is over The sailor that day kissed every woman he saw in the street He was slapped by this particular nurse
  7. 7. The photographer evoke emotion through capturing the innocence of the girls eyes, the vibrant colors are also what make this picture so eye-catching. (as you can See the color picture has a bigger affect than the black and white). The photographer Living in Afghanistan rarely got an opportunity to capture Afghanistan woman. This pic A hidden passage in to the life of Afghani woman that was rarely allowed.