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This was a presentation someone did about me and my photography at the University of

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  • 1.Cesar Augusto RodriguezA Visual Artist

2. Geographyand politicskept my bodyisolated but my mindseye wasalways seeingwhat could be msall, or just beyond. 3. As Cubans we hadto leave everythingwe had forever and the only memorieswe can take arememories. 4. I crystallize ideas and create images that grab viewers by the hearts and minds.I am a storyteller 5. Catherine Edelman Gallery The Chicago ProjectWave (2007) Proa (2007) Rocks (2008)Thinking (2007)Church (2007) Boy Running (2007) 6. Fred2010. Chicago.One of my favoritephotographs that I have evertaken is of an old man prayingin church. Like every Sunday, Iattended mass at my churchand noticed an older mansitting behind that looked sosad. I could not help but takinga photograph of him.Chicago Art Source Gallery 7. The Boxer2010. Chicago.A Russian boxer he stoppedin the street and asked totake a picture.Chicago Art Source Gallery 8. 2010. Chicago.Homeless man playing with hisdog and holding him in a veryaffectionate manner.Probably his only family.Chicago Art Source Gallery 9. Old Barn found driving from Miami to Chicago. Chicago Art Source Gallery 10. Cowgirl 11. 2008. Boy shot in Chicago studio and background shot in L.A. Photo will be published in Off the CoastMagazine in Maine 12. Dreams2008.Boy model shot in astudio in Chicago with alarge format film camera.Background shot in LosAngeles. 13. 2009. This photo was part of a promotional campaign for a resort in Milwaukee, WI. 14. Chicago River 15. ElianSuenos en Papel 16. El Heroe.Tornado.Suenos en PapelGrowing up, I alwaysheard stories thatif you cut a tornadowith a machete orshoot a bullet into it,it will disappear. 17. Suenos en Papel 18. Squares2010. Santa Monica, California. These two women were walking along the Santa Monica beach doing somespiritual ceremony. 19. Broken 20. 1. The camera is not asimportant, but to have a goodeye is key.2. Learn the technique withoutgetting too hung up on it. Simplylearn the basics and go fromthere.3. Learn by experimenting.Find a unique style, somethingthat makes your photographsdifferent than the billions ofpictures out there.4. Decide whether you want to doFine Art, Commercial, Editorial orAdvertising photography.5. Look for who your potentialclients are (Galleries, AdAgencies) and bug the heckout of them until they payattention to you. 21.