Phonics: The Terrible Eek

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Phonics: The Terrible Eek. Spelling Pattern Focus : Initial Diagraphs th, wh, ch, sh Word Pattern Focus : Suffixes –y and –ly Suggested Word Wall Words : whether probably especially something doesn’t. The Terrible Eek. PREDICT. Words You Need To Know…. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Phonics: The Terrible EekSpelling Pattern Focus: Initial Diagraphs th, wh, ch, shWord Pattern Focus: Suffixes y and lySuggested Word Wall Words:whetherprobablyespeciallysomethingdoesnt

  • Words You Need To Know

  • completelyAdverb (describing word)In every way or detailIn wholeAll

  • mealNounFood eatenFood prepared for eating at a certain time

  • replyVerb to answer in words, writing, or action

    Noun something said, written, or done in answer

  • motionNounMovement or action

  • weightNounThe amount of heaviness of a person or thing

  • humansNounMen, women, childrenpeople

  • noun

    roofing material

    made from plant stalks or leaves (reeds or palm fronds)thatch

  • triumphantadjective (describing word)

    feeling or acting proud because of victory

  • haughtilyadverb (describes action)showing great pride in yourself while looking down on othersarrogantsnobby

  • batteringpoundingadverb or adjective describing word from the noun batter:repeated and heaving pounding or hitting