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  • 1. 2020 PETROBRAS STRATEGIC & BUSINESS PLAN PETROBRAS Strategic & BusinessPlan 2009-2013 Opportunities for foreign suppliersHouston, May 5th 2009Paulo Srgio Rodrigues Alonso D.Sc.OTC 2009 Materials Engineering Manager 1

2. 2020 PETROBRAS STRATEGIC & BUSINESS PLANDISCLOSUREThe presentation may contain forecasts about future events. Such forecasts merelyreflect the expectations of the Companys management. Such terms as "anticipate","believe", "expect", "forecast", "intend", "plan", "project", "seek", "should", along withsimilar or analogous expressions, are used to identify such forecasts. These predictionsevidently involve risks and uncertainties, whether foreseen or not by the Company.Therefore, the future results of operations may differ from current expectations, andreaders must not base their expectations exclusively on the information presentedherein. The Company is not obliged to update the presentation/such forecasts in light ofnew information or future developments.Cautionary Statement for US investorsThe United States Securities and Exchange Commission permits oil and gas companies,in their filings with the SEC, to disclose only proved reserves that a company hasdemonstrated by actual production or conclusive formation tests to be economically andlegally producible under existing economic and operating conditions. We use certainterms in this presentation, such as oil and gas resources, that the SECs guidelinesstrictly prohibit us from including in filings with the SEC.2 3. 2020 PETROBRAS STRATEGIC & BUSINESS PLANPRESENTATION OUTLINEMain objectives;PETROBRAS Overview;Strategic and Business Plans Highlights: E&P; Downstream; Petrochemical; Gas and Energy;Critical Goods and Services and equipment quantities;PETROBRAS Strategies for purchasing goods and services;Register Requirements for Foreign Suppliers;PROMINP Governmental Program and Local Content;Conclusions. 3 4. 2020 PETROBRAS STRATEGIC & BUSINESS PLAN MAIN OBJECTIVESTo provide a broad overview of PETROBRAS maininvestment programs, included in the Strategic andBusiness Plan for the period 2008-2012, aiming to expand the basis of selected goods and services foreign suppliers interested to come to Brazil andregister with the Company in order to participate inthe projects Vendor Lists. 4 5. 2020 PETROBRAS STRATEGIC & BUSINESS PLANPetrobras Overview 5 6. 2020 PETROBRAS STRATEGIC & BUSINESS PLANA WORLD-CLASS, PUBLIC, INTEGRATED ENERGY COMPANY Among its peers, Petrobras has the: 4th largest Proven Reserves; 6th largest Refining Capacity; 5th largest Oil & Gas Production;6th largest Market Value. STRATEGIC VISION: TO BE ONE OF THE WORLDS FIVELARGEST PUBLICLY TRADED OIL PRODUCERSProduction30,000Target: 202025,000Reserves(mmboe)ProductionXOM20,000Target: 2013 BP Production15,000 Target: 2009 PBR10,000 CVX RDS COP TOT 5,000 2,000 2,500 3,000 3,5004,000 4,5005,000 5,500 Production(mboe/d)2007 (SEC) reserves and productionSource: Bloomberg and Company Reports (2007 SEC Proven Reserves Data, 9M08 Oil & Gas Production data, 2008 RefiningCapacity data and 2008 Market Value data)6 7. 2020 PETROBRAS STRATEGIC & BUSINESS PLAN DOMINANT POSITION IN A LARGE AND GROWING EMERGING MARKET 2007 Total Oil Consumption by Country (mmbo/d)20.7 7.9 Brazil is worlds eighth- largest oil consumerTotal Oil Consumption mb/d (index) 160 BrazilOECD World 150 140Brazil oil consumption growing at 2.4% p.a. 130 120OECD oil consumption growing at 1% p.a. 110 100 19981999 20002001 20022003 20042005 20062007 19901991 19921993 19941995 19961997Source: BP Statistical Review 2008, PFC Energy 7 8. 2020 PETROBRAS STRATEGIC & BUSINESS PLAN HIGH-POTENTIAL PORTFOLIO IN ONE OF THE WORLDS MOST EXCITING PROVINCES...Kashagan Sakhalin II Sakhalin IKurmangaziThunder Shah HorseDeniz AzadeganKhurais AnaranRoncadorMarlim AgbamiAlbacora AkpoIaraJupiter Dalia KizombaTupiCarioca Girassol, Jaz, Rosa82% of our total crudeproduction currentlycomes from CamposBasinDevelopment of the Santos Basin sub-salt play will drive our long- term production growthSignificant light oil and gasdiscoveries have been made Circle size indicatesin the Espirito Santo Basinestimated reserves 8 9. 2020 PETROBRAS STRATEGIC & BUSINESS PLANStrategic and Business Planshighlights9 10. 2020 PETROBRAS STRATEGIC & BUSINESS PLANVISION 2020 AND CHARACTERISTICS Vision 2020We will be one of the largest integrated energy companies in the world and the preferred choice among our stakeholders Vision 2020 CharacteristicsOur operations will be notable for:Strong international presence;World scale prominence in biofuels;Operational excellence in management, technology and humanresources;Profitability;Benchmark in social and environmental responsibility;Commitment to sustainable development.10 11. 2020 PETROBRAS STRATEGIC & BUSINESS PLAN AND A CAREFULLY CRAFTED SPENDING PROGRAM TO SUPPORT THAT VISIONInternational Investments US$ 15.9 billion Business Plan 2009-20135% 1%US$ 174.4 billion8%2%2%2% 3%E&P7%7%5.63.0 RTC 11.82.8 3.2 G&E Petrochemicals Distribution 43.4104.6 (*)25%59% Biofuels Corporate 79% (*) US$ 17.0 billion allocated to ExplorationE&PRTCPG&EDistribution Corporate 11 12. 2020 PETROBRAS STRATEGIC & BUSINESS PLAN CENPES Total Area:114.000 m2CENPES Expansion and Building:75.000 m2ExpansionDataprocessing integrated Center: 137 Laboratories Total Area: 190.000 m2 30 Pilot plantsBuilding: 114.000 m2Partnership with over 120 universities and research centers in Brazil, and 70 Institutions abroad Investments in TechnologyTechnological programs2009-2013US$ 4.0 billion25%1.0 BasinDeep andHeavyFrontierUltra-deep Enhanced ModelingOilPre-salt Refining47%Areas Waters Oil1.9Recovery 5%0.2 0.923% OptimizationRenewableFuelEnergy Climate E&P Downstream&Transportatio Natural GasEnvironment Innovation andChanges Reliability n Bio Fuels G&E Corp.(Cenpes)12 13. 2020 PETROBRAS STRATEGIC & BUSINESS PLANE&P Business Segment 13 14. 2020 PETROBRAS STRATEGIC & BUSINESS PLANE&P: FOCUSED & DISCIPLINED INVESTMENT Total Investments Total Investments of US$ 104.6 billion in E&P through2013, of which US$ 92 billion will be spent in Brazil12% 13%Expected Costs of Production* 140 Production costs (US$/bbl-2008)17%120Deepwater andUltra-deep water 100 Oil Gas to Coal to80Shales liquidsliquidsR Arctic60Heavy CO -EO EOR 58%oil and bitumen40 OtherExplorationDevelopment20 ProducedMENA conventiPetrobras expectedonal oil maximum break-even costSantos Pre-saltInternational 0100020003000 4000 50006000 70008000 9000 10000Reserves (bn bbls)* Source: IEA Outlook 2008 14 15. 2020 PETROBRAS STRATEGIC & BUSINESS PLAN PRE-SALT PROVINCETotal area of the Province: 112,000 km2Area under concession: 41,000 km2 (38%) ESPIRITO SANTOArea not under concession: 71,000 km2 (62%)MINA GERAISArea with Petrobras interest: 35,000 km2 (31%) SO PAULO RIO DE JANEIROPARANTested wellsCampos HCExploratory BlocksPre-Salt reservoirs 15 16. 2020 PETROBRAS STRATEGIC & BUSINESS PLAN SANTOS BASIN PRE-SALT CLUSTER50 kmRio de Janeiro Major discoveries include: Tupi, Iara, Carioca, Guara, Jupiter, Parati, BM-S-10 BR 65%BM-S-11 Bem-te-vi and Caramba BR 65% Multi-billion barrel reserves potential Good oil quality: medium-lightBM-S-8BR 66% Seismic activity and appraisal wells underwayIara Recoverable resources announced:Parati Tupi 5-8 bn boe in Tupi and 3-4 bn boe in Iara Carioca Bem-te-vi Guara Three production systems by 2014:BM-S-21BR 80% BM-S-24 Tupi, Iara and Guara AzuloBR 80% Caramba BM-S-9 BM-S-22 BR 45% BR 20% 16 17. 2020 PETROBRAS STRATEGIC & BUSINESS PLAN ESPRITO SANTO PRE-SALTUTG Cacimbas Linhares Rio Doce Cango Pero Infrastructure in-placeMG UPGN Lagoa PardaP-34 at Jubarte field, first pre-salt production: 24 66 km excellent results, prod. up to 18 k b/d Aracruz 25 MM m3/dTerminal Barra do RiachoCamarupimFPSO Seillean started in dec/08 as pilotCanapu system of Cachalote (CHT) field Golfinho FPSO Capixaba will move from Golfinho field VITRIACarap to Cachalote/Baleia Franca (BFR) in 1H10 Vila Velha FPSO Pipa II will start in 2H10 as Baleia AzulSul-Norte Capixaba UTG Sul Capixaba Sul Capixaba Gas pipeline(BAZ) pilot system GuarapariGas pipeline 12 a 24 160 km7 a 15 MM m3/d 12 83 km4,5 MM m3/d Baleia Azul first definitive production unit byAnchieta 4Q12PresidenteKennedyMarataizes CHTARGNatural gas production transported via pipelineBaleia Franca JUB OSTNAURJ Baleia Azul ABACXRPRBCatu 17 18. 2020 PETROBRAS STRATEGIC & BUSINESS PLAN MAJOR OIL PROJECTSMarlim SulModule 2 SS P-51 Thousand bpd180,000 bpd Anticipation of24/jan/09 Baleia Azul2800 FPSOMarlim Leste Marlim SulEspadarte FPSO Cidade de 100,000 bpd NiteriSS P-562,680 100,000 bpd260026/feb/09 Module 3Roncador 100,000 bpd2,580 Badejo Tupi Pilot FPSO P-62 FPSO Cidade RioTupi TLD FPSO Cidade de Module 4 das Ostras100,000 bpd2400 FPSO BW Cidade Angra dos Reis2,430 15.000 bpd100,000 bpd de S.Vicente31/mar08 30,000 bpdJubarteRoncador2200 FPSO Frade 2,250FPSO P-57 SS P-55 Marlim Leste180,000 bpdModule 3 100,000 bpdFPU P-53 180,000 bpd 180,000 bpdCachalote e2000 2,050 Baleia FrancaPapa-Terra30/nov/08FPSO CapixabaTLWP P-61 & Parque das100,000 bpdFPSO P-63Conchas150,000 bpd 1,8551800 CachaloteFPSO Esprito FPSO Seillean Guar 1 Pilot Santo25,000 bpdFPSO1600 16/dec/08 100,000 bpdPre-Salt Projects100,000 bpd1400200820092010 2011 20122013PN 2009-2013 18 19. 2020 PETROBRAS STRATEGIC & BUSINESS PLANCIDADE DO RIO DE JANEIRO FPSO(CAPACITY 100 .000 BPD),PRODUCTION ON 06/01/07 AT ESPADARTE FIELD19 20. 2020 PETROBRAS STRATEGIC & BUSINESS PLANPIRANEMA FPSO (CAPACITY 30 .000 BPD),PRODUCTION ON 10/10/07 20 21. 2020 PETROBRAS STRATEGIC & BUSINESS PLANP-52 DECK MATING 21 22. 2020 PETROBRAS STRATEGIC & BUSINESS PLANP-52 - BRASFELS SHIPYARD- ANGRA DOS REIS 22 23. 2020 PETROBRAS STRATEGIC & BUSINESS PLANP-54 - MAU JURONG SHIPYARD- NITERI 23 24. 2020 PETROBRAS STRATEGIC