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  • I I ' ' ' i

    I II

    !I ~\'1

    I I I

    ~ inferencing Name ___ ~_.t_e_r ____ c_h~A ________ __

    Walk by Water Jade is walking along the edge of

    the water. She shivers a little and 1

    buttons her sweater. The last star fades ::-- ( '~ out as the sun peeks over the horizon. The saltwater spray tickles her face. She licks her lips and notices they taste salty. She never tasted salt on her beach walks back home.

    ~TZ. ====-=-:-:--=-~~'-- -

    A starfish washes up by her toes. A little farther, she spiesp sand dollar and several shells. Jade puts the .:'~ . starfish, sand dollar, and many beauti-ful shells in a bucket. She has never ~ -r found these saltwater beauties on her freshwater b-;;ch.

    She sits down on the shell-crushed sand and lets the water lap at her feet. She can't wait to see what she will find

    ~ Circle answers and follow directions.

    ( What time of the day is it? dawn Highlight clues that helped you decide.

    2. Where could Jade be? Florida

    during her seven-day stay. Jade's heart-beat q_uickens as she sees dolphin . fins cutting the surface of the water. She jumps up to get a better look.

    Jade sees her mom and dad walk-ing toward her. Mom calls that it is time to eat. Jade waves,_ then runs to her parents. Th~y leave the warming beach .. Breakfast is waiting in the cottage. --------- - -

    I noon aftempon evemng


    Michigan Arizona

    What made you choose this state? -------------------------------

    2.~ How long will Jade be at this cottage? /1 ./ a day a We~k a month a year

    ~- How does Jade feel about seeing the dolphins? ex~ited

    I Choose two words that describe Jade: sad cunous Instructional Fair TS Denison 42

    bored angry

    happy bored

    IF8718 Reading Comprehension

  • (

    A Very Important Day

    Grammar Skill Singular and Plural Possessive Nouns

    In each sentence, underline each possessive noun form.

    I. Nelia's family in the Philippines had never seen snow.

    2. ~amily was going to the courthouse.

    3. The Patels' neighbors and children were invited to breakfast . ..__,.. 4. Eugeniis whole family took the subway downtown.

    5 . . .G~s hands were full of wet snow.

    6. Mrs. Soutsqs laughed at little Kiki's. reaction to snowflakes.

    7. The family's restaurant was closed for the day.

    8. Passengers' bundles fell to the floor when the driver ---=----

    had to ~top.

    9. The judge's voice was loud and clear in the courtroom.

    ------1 0. The~' voices could be heard sa }ring the Pledge of Allegiance.

    On the line at the right of each noun, write the correct

    possessive form.

    ~Q/ ~t-t e~ ~ \> ~/~ I I. relative 16. sister 12. woman W o \ln .._V\'

  • Name --------------------------------


    Re with e

    Rewrite each sentence, replacing the underlined

    words with a singular or plural possessive noun.

    .A Very Important Day .

    Grammar Skill Singular and Plural Possessive Nouns

    V. Nelia heard the voi_c~ of the annou:g_cerjtelling about the snow. ; . !Vt\\~ ~~~ .. ~ T~ -Q\~-;;;;t_Qf'S vo\c_Q -t-ei\ 1\V), f\. 0()~+ \,e ~'fl ~

    i.. The sis~t:;l woke him up. I( '/ ''T~~ l- ~~\t\ ~ ~,~~l}t;L 5fer vvo'Ae h ~M vVf ,j Niko, the brother of Kiko, helped her sweep snow off

    Lf; Everyone in the family of the Leonovs had waited for the big day. ' J f;~ f'/ ovte ~ ~ -'-' f,e Le ~'(\ r;(~ I~ f (}_ V>1 ( 1~ ~ fl\,c_ wU\[ -h1 DdCAf fr th. d 'ft fr fr' , d f Yi .. . own om e w1n ow came a gr om a 1en o UJin. ~'tj,h fkl~ h -111h.Joy va 'h r rl' 1 f t:""J .o. ")('!I;~

    -~ r' \ e fl~ ( 6'. Becoming a citizen was the goal of an immigrant. ;;--{ A (_ 9@ (_ e V'f) \ ~ }L ~ G-r;, t--OVJ r ~) d'f& ~VV\; Vv\ ~) !Jf I J

    7. Everyone heard the examiner call out each of the names of

    the Castros. r evvr'ionr_ ~d . ~ ~~rrrr1-v c_(iV~ rf wr . ~ rJf -r0L ~as +ro l/7 Vlii\(Ylt .

    8. All the people in the room could hear the words qf the judge. d ~ (JL iA-fl +tc peof ~ m ~~ . raotO Cii\N{ d ~X-- ~ur .

    --}1/\J ;4 cl-BS

    140 Theme 2: American Stories

  • ..


    Correct Sentences Run-on Movies are fun to watch do u like them too?

    Movies are fun to watch. Do u like them too?

    Movies are fun to watch .

    Write these sentences correctly. Add capital letters and end marks. Write each run-on sentence as two sentences.

    1. do you like old movies

    !b --J {)~ n Y\( 2. some old movies were made without sound how funny the actors look

    SotllQ: 0 t d i o \lie~ ~~ n ~ Q '4' ().\ ~~~tl.,

    3. my favorite movie star of silent films is Mary ~ickford r

    Mi fa;..\[or-~-te, flju {e 0~r u 5 t 1e t _,, P \'cV\-ft)r C(0

    4. did directors of old movies use more than one camera

    Did d \ rechn-f a otci Mu~le ~

    - ~-6.

    -2-- -7. do y u know about special effects explain them to me, please

    fJ Yo'-" , . a-but + Snect. 1 e{? {,? 21 ri ~~ -1-- V\ll e; .lev\ ~e ~

    8. computers can create unusual pictures have you seen any

    l I? 0t* rrs CCAV) c r'p~te (J~ h Zi 7 v I H {kArP~-- \ (Af I~ " ~

    f\._(1 (continued)

    WORKBOOK PLUS .... Grade 4: Unit 5 Capitalization and Punctuation (Use with pupil book pages 166-167.) Skill: Students will capitalize and punctuate sentences and wil l correct run-on sentences.


  • Boss of the Plains

    Structural Analysis Suffixes -er, -or, and -ist

    u Write the word from the box that matches each clue. Write only one letter

    on each line. Remember, the endings -er, -or, and -ist each mean "someone who." If you need help, use a dictionary. To solve the riddle, write the numbered letter from each answer on the line with the matching number.


  • Boss of the Plains

    Name --------------------------~------

    Spelling The /lr/, /ar/, and . far/ Sounds

    The /ir/, /ar/ /A I When you hear the /ir/, /ar/, and /ar/ sounds, think of these patterns and examples:

    ( '

    Patterns Examples -~ .

    ~~~ l '>eg '!)er gear, cheer lor~ I sbm'p I ar ~~1 air stare, hairy ThEA,g].le. l~g patterns for the vowel + r sounds in the

    starred words are different. In heart, the /ar/ sound is spelled ear. In weird, the /ir/ sound is spelled eir. In scarce, the /ar/ sound is spelled ar.

    Write each Spelling Word under its vowel + r sound.


    ~ )~'tr/ Sound / 0'-- : ~ r r1! !

    120 Theme 2: American Stories

    ~~~ 2. spear

    3. sharp

    4. stare

    5. alarm

    6. cheer

    7. square

    8. hairy

    9. heart*

    I 0. weird*

    I I. starve

    12. charm

    13. beard

    14. hardly 15. spare

    16. stairs

    17~ year

    . 18. charge

    19. dairy

    20. scarce*

  • !.J

    I ..

    1 ~reading for details t~ame . ~t feK _ C 0v..

    .. _,_:. -.. - ._-. _ . -- _ .. - _ B'6()k: otter _ : __ . - . . - : '

    0 , ~ ' , :


    ' ' ' ' , 1:: ' ' I ' ' ' ', '' .' ' , . ' ' , : ' ,'

    ~- .. ~


    BUCK! Choose your favorite six books from our huge

    catalog of great titles. Write the four-digit code for each book in the spaces on the form below. You will be billed 99 for each book, plus tax and postage and handling. Here is the deal: *Buy six titles today at this incredi-ble price, then you only have to purchase six additional books at regular club prices. You have one year to make your purchases. Enter your selectio"n numbers here:

    - - --I -='""=c._-=-=-:::::::-' -- - -----____ , ____ , ----~~


    Order a seventh book today at only $3.99 and you only have 5 JQ_ore_to go!

    Offer expires I I /30/0lf

    Name -------------------------------Address ------------------------------City, State, Zip _______________ _

    __ bill me __ payment enclosed

    Credit card number: ----------*We reserve the right to substitute titles if the one ordered is out of stock. .

    Instructional Fair TS Denison 24 IF8718 Reading Comprehension


    i I


  • .i )

    l& reading for details Name _ p:.._e_.fe_t __ c_~_(}.... ___ _ . ~ Refer to the advertisement to complete this page.

    I. What product is this advertisement trying to sell you?

    mov1es tapes boJ s stocks

    2. -- yYhat is the greatest number of books yo~ can purchase with this form? __ _

    3. After you buy the first six books, how many books do you need to buy?____,_ __

    4. How long do you have to buy them?---------------

    . ) 5. 99 is the price for ... all six books . each of the six books. i I

    6. Decide whether each statement is true or false. Write T for true and F for false. Then, go back to the advertisement and highlight where you found the answer.

    You are guara~the titles you select. You can orde n !Jl-o_re_book for $3 99-.-_.

    The offer is good though December.

    You can send the payment or have the company bill you.

    ~ Write given or not given to describe whether the advertisement gave you this information. Highlight where you found the answer.

    7. How much is postage and handling? ---------------

    8. What is the average price of a book at "regular club prices"? ______ _

    9. What is the telephone number to call for more information? ______ _

    I 0. Write two or three sentences telling what you think about this offer. Do you think I it is a good deal? Explain your answer. ---------------

    ' .I

    i I i i i '1

    I ,I

    i :i ')

    I ' ' 1 . .

    i 11 - ' Instructional Fair TS Denison J .:l