Peter Spiller, DIRAC Kick-off meeting Peter Spiller Design Study Group DIRAC kick-off meeting...

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Peter Spiller, DIRAC Kick-off meeting Peter Spiller Design Study Group DIRAC kick-off meeting 13.4.2005 SIS100

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Transcript of Peter Spiller, DIRAC Kick-off meeting Peter Spiller Design Study Group DIRAC kick-off meeting...

Plasmaphysik aus BeschleunigerperspektivePeter Spiller
SIS100 in FAIR
SIS 100 Project Overview
Device TRs
R&D phase Construction phase
Importance of the year 2008 !
Demonstration of the U28+ operation in SIS18 bevor series production of SIS100
Peter Spiller, DIRAC Kick-off meeting
TR Estimates - R&D Phase SIS100
Total Investments [M€]
SIS100 : Subtasks and Participants
Beam Diagnostics: Digital signal analysis electronics for BPMs
GSI, CERN, TU Darnstadt, Company Itech, FZJ
Magnets: Fast ramped super conducting magnets
GSI, Company BNN, JINR, Company ACCEL
Peter Spiller, DIRAC Kick-off meeting
R&D goal :
Materials for Accelerator Components and Structures e.g. Collimators, with Low Desorption Coefficient
Beam Losses caused by vacuum instability
Peter Spiller, DIRAC Kick-off meeting
Rf Gap Switch – Minimization of Cavity Impedances
R&D goal :
Development of a high power Rf gap switch for inductivily loaded cavities with a low impedance, for high image currents
SIS100 Rf Systems:
Only the Rf system required is visible for the beam
Options : MOSFET, IGBT, High Tc Superconducter
Preliminary parameters of a semi-conductor rf gap switch
switching time
1 s
Peter Spiller, DIRAC Kick-off meeting
Damping of coupled bunch oscillations induced by unwanted higher order modes.
Longitudinal feedback system consists of a dedicated RF kicker, which applies an energy correction, an electromagnetic kick, to a passing bunch.
Damping of longitudinal oscillations around the synchrotron phase. To damp all the dipole mode oscillations, the kick force must change it‘s phase from a passing bunch to the next bunch. Thus half the bunch frequency is nessesary for the bandwidth of a longitudinal feedback kicker. Complex interaction during high current operation with broad band MA loaded cavity impedance
Longitudinal Feed Back System
R&D Goal :
Prototype longitudinal feedback system for damping of higher order mode bunch oscillations
Peter Spiller, DIRAC Kick-off meeting
High Current Beam Dynamics
under Space Charge Influence
(„Impedance Acceptance“)
Longitudinal Beam Dynamics : Simulation of high intensity beams including interaction
with realistic properties (e.g. impedance) of Rf systems
Definition of optimized Rf manipulations for single bunch
generation and compression
Digital Signal Analysis Electronics for BPMs
Transition from analoge (different dedicated systems) to a digital (single), fully programmable BPM electronics for e.g.
a) high resolution beam position measurement (large beam fill factor) on the ms scale and
b) broad-band, turn-by-turn position measurement
Tests of the new electronics hardware in CERN PS
R&D goal :
4-channel 250 MS/s 12Bit analogue board with sufficient memory and a set of high performance algorithms implemented on the digital board
Peter Spiller, DIRAC Kick-off meeting
Fast Ramped Superconducting Magnets
Nuclotron Cable Nuclotron Dipole in Cryostat
Reduction of AC losses during ramping by improved iron yoke design
40 W/m > 13 W/m Bmax= 2 T, dB/dt= 4T/s, f= 1 Hz
Window frame magnet with superconducting coil
R&D goal: Mechanical and Structural R&D – New Coil Layout – Prototypes for Dipoles and Quadrupoles