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Success stories for pets who were once abused

Transcript of Petalk success stories

  • Tigers Story PETalkTiger was one of the many animals struggling to survive in a hoarders home. Not only was he not fed, not washed, and not cared for, he was under the house. She was rescued, and the hoarder was taken into custody. There were a total of 18 animals in the base-ment of the house. Tiger was nursed back to health in the shelter and put up for adoption one year later. Tiger now lives with the Hampton family. He is big-ger and healthier than ever. The two little Hamptons create excitement for him.

  • Links Story Link was a street dog that was put out of his home and left for dead at two years old. Someone called animal cruelty services to come pick him up after they spotted him in their backyard. Link was dirty but very healthy. He was ready to be adopted within two weeks. The newlywed Williamss fam-ily takes Link on long walks and care for him very much. He is happy and growing strong.


  • Kinos Story Kino was born on the street. He was living in a garage with his mom and siblings. He was rescued at two weeks old and nursed till he was one; Jennifer Molly then adopted him. Jennifer is a single woman who lives on her own and needed a friend. Kino and Jennifer do everything together. They are a pair that cant be separated.


  • PETalk Noels StoryNoel used to live with the sick James Coven that passed away. Noel was still living in the house after they passed. The eldest daugh-ter Gina found her and took her in as her own dog. She is happy with Gina, but she still misses her old owner.

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    Balis StoryBali was born in a shelter. Her mom and siblings were all adopted, while she was moved from shelter to shelter. It took four years for her to nally get adopted by a little girl in need of a best friend. Dianna adopted her dog with her mother and father at four. Now Bali is living life and growing with Dian-na. They are happy and learning new things together.

  • PETalk Spots Story Spot was rescued from an abusive owner very recently. When he was put in a shel-ter he was very ill and unhealthy. He is now being nursed back to health. He has yet to reach his full state of healthiness, but he is close. He wont be ready for adoption for at least two months, but we are just happy that he is safe and away from abuse.

  • Written and Designed by Shayna Bell Pets from Anti Cruelty Society