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  • 1. Peru project Coat of Spanish 1Benjamin ClareArms Ms. Cruz Perusflag

2. Peru, which is almost 500,000square miles, has a population of29.5 million people. Peru is broken upinto 25 regions plus Lima.Spanish is the mainlanguage in Peru. 3. Capital: LimaThe Population ofLima is more than8 million.Lima Cathedral 4. Lima is located in the valleys of theChillon, Rimoc, and Lurin rivers, inthe central part of the country, on adesert coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean. 5. The geography of Peru is divided up intothree basic regions: the Amazon Basin, thecoastal region, and the Andean mountainranges.Each region has its own unique climate andsupports a unique flora and fauna unlikeany of the other areas. 6. Peru is on the Pacific coast of SouthAmerica entirely south of the equator.Amazon Basin lies in the east of Peru andmakes up about 60% of Perus territoryThe region has many rivers including theAmazon River and is covered with tropicalrainforest. 7. The west of Peru along the Pacific coast isin the rain shadow of the Andes andfeatures deserts, beautiful beaches andfertile valleys.The Andes Mountains reach over 20,000feet above sea level. Rain varies widelyfrom 8 to 60 inches per year in themountains and the seasons are divided intoa dry winter and wet summer.Nevado Huascarn is the highest peak inPeru at 22,205 feet above sea level. 8. Costal Region AndesMountainsCoastline Amazon BasinCostal RegionDesertrainforest 9. What to do in Peru Hiking in the Andes Visit Cusco (Inca ruins)The Andes is the worlds Cusco was the site of thelongest continentalhistoric capital of the Incamountain range. This Empire and was declaredrange is 4,300 miles long, a World Heritage Site in120 miles wide, and1983 by UNESCO. (United Nations Educational, Scientific,13,000 feet high.and Cultural Organization) 10. Huacachina also spelled, Huacca China, is a small oasis surrounded by giant sand dunes. This oasis town exists only to cater to the tourists and is located very close tonearby Ica. . Huacachina Oasis 11. The Amazon River is the second longestriver in the world and by far the largest bywater flow. 12. The civilization at Machu Picchu is an existing proof of the last remains of the Incan tribes. It was elected as one of theSeven Wonders of the World in July 2007. 13. Colca Canyon is a canyon of the ColcaRiver, in the Andes mountain range, insouthern Peru. It is more than twice as deepas the Grand Canyon, but the canyonswalls are less steep. 14. The Plaza de Armas is the center of thehistoric section in Cuzco. The original plazawas built by the Incas and was known asthe square of the warrior. 15. Grilling Meat, Fish & Bananas Fruit in the Market Rice Fields & Mango Trees 16. Aji de Gallinaceviche arroz chaufa 17. Sunnyfoggy 18. Perus climate has two main seasons wet and dry though the weather varies greatly depending on the geographical region. Temperature is mostly influenced by elevation: thehigher you climb, the cooler it becomes. 19. Independence from Spain: August 14, 1879 20. President: Alan Garca Elected for 5 year term. 21. Prime MinisterJos Antonio Chang Appointed bythe President 22. Perus government is a constitutional republic.Perus government palace 23. Under the current constitution, the President is the head of state and government. He or she is elected forfive years and cannot seek immediatere-election for at least one fullconstitutional term. 24. Culture Dancing 25. Weaving 26. Architecture 27. The national flower of The national bird ofPeru is the Cantuta. Peru is Andean Cock-of-the-Rock. 28. The currency of Peru is the Nuevo Sol. It is subdivided into 100 cents calledCentimos in Spanish. 29. The currency code for the Nuevo Sol is PEN.The current exchange rate is 1 USD = 2.6701 PEN 30. Fishing: Peru produces about 10percent of the worlds fish supply. 31. Mining: Peru ranks fifth worldwide in gold production (first in Latin America), second in copper, and isamong the top 5 producers of lead andzinc. Maras Mines 32. Others: textiles, metal mechanics, food industry, agricultural industry,manufactures, chemicals,pharmaceuticals, machinery andservices.