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A la brasa / barbecued Its a way of preparing food in Peru using the warmth of the barbecue in an oven or a grill. The most popular dish prepared this way is barbecued chicken. The chicken is first seasoned and marinated and then cooked in an oven that has a motor mechanism which cooks several pieces of chicken at the same time. The chicken bodies are strung on a metal bar that turns around cooking all the chicken in a regular way at the same time. It comes with French fries and salad. A la chalaca / the chalaca way A way of preparing food based on a sauce made of very fine chopped red onion, tomato, rocoto (a large green chili pepper), lemon extract, and parsley. Choritos a la chalaca is an example of this style. One of its ingredients is cooked corn removed from the cob. The name is related to chalaco which refers to Callao (Perus first port). A la chorrillana / the chorrillana way Dish that is based on a sauce made of red onion, tomato, aj amarillo (a type of green chili pepper) and spices. Fish is generally prepared the chorrillana way. However, you can also use other types of meat. The name is related to one of Limas district, Chorrillos, which is close to the sea and which is popular for its boulevard. Its the cradle of fishermen. A la criolla / the criollo way Its a way of preparing food whereby you season onion, garlic, and aj (chili pepper). The name originates from criollo which refers to a mixture of what is native to Peru; especially that what originated on the coast, inherited from the Spanish. A la nortea / the northern way Prepared according to the way they prepare food in Northern Peru or

prepared with ingredients that come from that area as, for example, loche, chicha de jora and cabrito. A la parmesana / with parmesan cheese Its a way of preparing food that uses Parmesan cheese as its main ingredient. Its a result of the Italian influence in Peruvian cooking. The most symbolic dish is conchitas a la parmesana. A lo macho Name of a dish thats generally made of fish with a tasty sauce of different types of shellfish and aj (chili pepper), among other ingredients. a lo pobre / the poor way Contrary to what its name says, this dish stands out for its richness. Its meat with egg, papa (potato) and pltano (banana) all fried. And with rice on the side. Aceituna de botija / botija olives Aceituna de Botija is a certain type of medium to big-sized black olive with purple flesh. It has a strong and pleasant taste. Its preserved in a brine and its the main ingredient in dishes such as pulpo al olivo (octopus with olive). Its also used as garnish with papa a la huancana, aj de gallina, and other dishes. Acholado A type of pisco that is made of two or more varieties of pisco grape, generally a combination of aromatic and nonaromatic grapes. The aromas vary according to the variety used and every pisco producer gives his/her special touch to his/her pisco according to the combination and the type of grapes used. Adobo A dish prepared with pork macerated with different types of ingredients and spices. Its cooked and the result is a

very juicy stew. The adobo is prepared in different parts of Peru and people prepare it with different ingredients. The basic recipe always includes chancho (pork), aj (chili pepper), garlic, pepper and other spices. The meat can also be tenderized in chicha de jora, vinegar, or wine.A dish prepared with pork macerated with different types of ingredients and spices. Its cooked and the result is a very juicy stew. The adobo is prepared in different parts of Peru and people prepare it with different ingredients. The basic recipe always includes chancho (pork), aj (chili pepper), garlic, pepper and other spices. The meat can also be tenderized in chicha de jora, vinegar, or wine. Aeropuerto / airport An original recipe from the ChinesePeruvian cuisine known as chifa. Aeropuerto is a combination of rice and Chinese noodles with vegetables and meat. The rice is sauted the traditional chifa way. The other ingredients are added afterwards. The result: a tasty and rich dish. By extension, aeropuerto also refers to a generous dish that combines different ways of making food. Aguadito / watery A Peruvian dish that basically has stock and rice, like a rich soup. You can prepare it with meat, poultry, fish or shellfish. It also has different types of vegetables and aromatic herbs. Every region has its own type of aguadito. Each one brings its own characteristics to the recipe. Aguaymanto A small round yellow-golden fruit similar to a very small tomato. It has small seeds. Its juicy and tastes slightly sour. Its used, above all, to make sauces, desserts, marmalades, macerates with liquor and cocktails. Its covered with a

calyx of light-colored leaves. It can be used as garnish because of its attractive form. Other names: capul, tomatillo, uvilla. Aj / chili pepper A spicy hot vegetable. Its degree of spiciness depends on the variety. Its one of the main pillars of the Peruvian cuisine and its not only used in seasonings, but its also an ingredient in tasty huancana sauce and the salsa criolla. Together with limn (lemon) and cebolla roja (red onion) its the main ingredient of the cebiche. There is a wide variety of chili peppers in Peru like the aj amarillo, aj colorado, aj limo and aj mirasol. They have different sizes, colors, forms, and textures. They are also used differently in Peruvian cuisine. Aj is also the word that describes a stew, as in aj de gallina, one of the most famous Peruvian Creole dishes. Aj amarillo / yellow chilli pepper One of the most popular and most used chili peppers in Peruvian cuisine. Its long and yellow, and pretty spicy. Its used with a variety of typical Peruvian dishes, like aj de gallina, tiradito al aj, escabeche and causa. Its also used in numerous sauces like salsa criolla and huancana. Aj arnaucho A small round chili pepper. Its color goes from yellow to red and it looks like a pepper. Its spicy and tasty. Aj colorado Its a processed and dry aj panca. Its used to color and give taste to seasonings and stews. Other names: aj especial. Aj de gallina A creamy stew prepared with cooked chicken, seasoned with aj (chili pepper),

milk, and bread crumbs to give it consistency. Some recipes include cheese, pecans or nuts. You usually eat it with white rice, papa (potato) cut in rounds, hard-boiled eggs, and olives. Aj limo A small chili pepper that comes in a variety of colors (from yellow to red, green to purple). Its very aromatic and its got a special spicy taste. Its the main ingredient in Peruvian cebiche, and because of its coloring its also used as garnish. Aj mirasol Its the aj amarillo previously sun-dried. Its taste is stronger and enhanced after this process which diminishes the spiciness. Its used mainly in seasonings and stews. Aj panca Its a dark red chili pepper. Its less spicy than aj amarillo, but its very tasty. Its generally used dry. Its also used a lot in stews. Ajonjol / sesame seeds A very small edible seed rich in oil and soft taste. In Peru, its used especially in desserts, breads, and regional sweets. Because of its texture, its used in sauces. It compliments salads and other dishes. Al mortero A way of preparing food whereby you squash or crush food in a mortar (a kitchen aid used to grind, its similar to a big glass), giving the food a soft and country-style texture. Al olivo A way of preparing food whereby the main ingredient is a sauce or seasoning with aceituna de botija or black olive. The most famous dish is pulpo al olivo.

Albilla An aromatic type of olive that is used in making pisco, especially the acholado type, in combination with other varieties. Its berries, which range from light green to yellow, make big bunches. The pisco made from this type of grape has a good structure, is full-bodied and tastes velvety when you drink it. Alfajor A biscuit made of two pieces of shortbread, baked or fried, filled with manjar blanco (toffee pudding made with caramelized milk), honey, marmalade or another type of sweet. The traditional Peruvian alfajores are filled with manjar blanco or chancaca honey (honey made from molasses). Characteristics vary according to the place where its made, like king kong, a favorite dessert in Northern Peru. Algarrobina Sweet extract from the fruit of the algarrobo tree, similar to honey, dark in color with a typical taste and aroma. Its used in desserts, drinks and sauces, as well as in the classic cocktail with the same name. It also has pisco among its ingredients. Its a product typical of Northern Peru and its very popular in the department of Piura. Algarrobo A kind of tree that grows on the coast in Northern Peru where the weather is always warm. Its branches have capricious shapes. People were familiar with it in Pre-Inca times and its fruit was already used in that time as food. The fruit of the algarrobo has the shape of a pod and is processed to make algarrobina. Anticucho / kebab

A barbecued skewer traditionally made of beef heart, previously marinated in aj panca, garlic, vinegar, oil, and a number of spices. Its served with choclo (corn on the cob), papas (potatoes), and an aj (chili pepper) sauce. New versions of the anticucho have meat, poultry, fish and shellfish. Arequipa A region in Southern Peru that has coastal as well as mountainous areas which was founded during the Conquest. Arequipas land is fertile and good for agriculture and livestock farming. It has a varied cuisine and we find ocopa, rocoto relleno, cuy chactado, and chupe de camarones among its most representative foods. The Arequipa cuisine likes to use rocoto very much. Arroz con leche / rice with milk Creamy Creole dessert made of rice, milk, and sugar, perfumed with cinnamon, clove, vanilla, orange skin, liquors and other ingredients. You can also add raisins and dried fruit to it. Arroz con pato / duck with rice A typical dish from Northern Peru mainly made of rice, tende